Global Warming Activist Freezes To Death

Every now and again the intense irony of an event catches my attention and I can’t  just let it sit.

Such is the case with James Schneider, who was filming a documentary on the devastation in Antarctica caused by global warming.

His frozen body was found by a ski plane piloted by Jimmy Dolittle, no word on if Jimmy is a Doctor or not.

And no I did not make this up.

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Global Warming Activist Freezes To Death

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7 Responses

  1. ya i think that’s why the dumba**es decided to call it *climate change* instead.

  2. Even if its all bullshit is it so bad to have clean air and water and not waste resources?

  3. Hey my point was is climate change happening, it is no doubt about it, but from that perspective it is and always will be. How much have we as human beings contributed to this climate change, that we have contributed is not arguable what is arguable is the degree to which we have contributed.

    The post wasn’t about climate change though it was about the irony of a global warming activist becoming a human pop sickle while making a film about global warming.

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