DirtyD aka Michael Storm In Deep Shit

They are hangin him with 36 second degree felonies

I have a copy of the license that was presented to him and its clear that defense won’t work, the girl on the license looks nothing at all like Kelsey.

I baffles me why anyone would risk shooting a girl that would be perfectly legal to shoot in a few more months, that’s just the height of stupidity.

34240cookie-checkDirtyD aka Michael Storm In Deep Shit

DirtyD aka Michael Storm In Deep Shit

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3 Responses

  1. I notice that he was released on bond as of 3/17/10. I hope he doesn’t have any more kids in his movies now that he is free to make them again (if only temporarily).

    Now what happens if the feds come in and charge him with section 2257 violations (if the girl is under 18, isn’t that an automatic violation)?

  2. 18 U.S.C. 2257 is a record keeping law. Actually shooting someone that is underage would fall under other existing law, not 2257.

    The Feds have the luxury of sitting back and watching what the Florida prosecutors do, taking notes, and waiting to see what comes out during trial before deciding if they want to toss their hat into the ring. I’ll guarantee they’ve already talked with some of the people involved, but you won’t see them act until they’re ready to drop the hammer. The Feds always play it close to the vest. They won’t show their cards until they have to.

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