Cornetta Charitable Foundation Raises $1400 with Dunk Tank Event

As promised, on Saturday December 15, 2007, John Cornetta again did what he

said he would do and in 45 degree rainy weather he went outside and raised

$1,400.00 for Johns Creek to build Fire Services. Along with Mike South who

stood in for Mayor Bodker the two were hit with flour over

20 times with Cornetta getting hit about 4 times less therefore Cornetta was

declared the winner. South said” playing the mayor was very tough for me to

do, I had never been that big of a putz my whole life. I’m sure glad that is

over” While the two were out in the elements raising this money, tragedy

again struck Johns Creek .
All money generated is to be donated to The Cornetta Charitable Foundation

and earmarked to be donated to the City of Johns Creek to assist in the

development of civil services. The chairman of the Board of Advisers for the

CCF, Pastor Michael Cole of Cathedral of the Holy Spirit at Chapel Hill

, will have final say so over where the money goes if the city of Johns Creek

should once again reject the money.

For Cornetta Charitable Foundation press or donation inquiries please

contact Kate Cook at [email protected] or call 770.458.4386 x 105

16240cookie-checkCornetta Charitable Foundation Raises $1400 with Dunk Tank Event

Cornetta Charitable Foundation Raises $1400 with Dunk Tank Event

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