Congress to the Rescue

Ok I was not the first person to notice this bill. Someone brought it up to me the other day. He didn’t have much information on it, just said something about models getting their own class of visa. Apparently the US has been experiencing a model shortage as of late because the techies are taking all of the visas. This has become a serious issue obviously. Congress is concerned.

Of course, if Congress is paying attention to it and actually acting on it in any sort of reasonable time frame it must be an issue that no one really cares about outside of the very small minority it would affect. This seems to be the case with our dwindling model population. The fashion industry is reeling and the rest of us are only paying attention to Victoria’s Secret models and the subsequent reality shows they “retire” to.

I’ve gone off subject again. So early on too. It’s a shame.

Anyhoo. I was sitting at Starbucks again today reading the Economist and trying to ingest enough caffeine to make my way back home, when, lo and behold, Gisele Bundchen stares back at me from between the glossy pages of the magazine. It’s not that I’m not used to seeing her on glossy magazine pages. That perfect bitch won’t leave me alone at the nail salon. It’s just that I don’t associate Gisele Bundchen with the Economist. She’s more of a Cosmo girl, or US Weekly, or People. She should be convincing me to buy lip gloss, not futures.

Then I had to know why her picture was there so I read the article. “Beauty and the Geek”. Sure enough, the geeks are hogging all of the H-1B visas and the models are pissed because they can’t get in the country. Now Congress is ready to make it right and create a visa especially for models. My first question: Do nude models count? Can we bring some gorgeous Russian chicks over here on this new visa and get some high quality porn out of them? I think it would only be fair.

Well the article winded down with one last sad burst of optimism: “The visas for models bill is still far from becoming reality, and the comprehensive immigration reform is a distant dream. Luckily though, supermodels like Gisele Bundchen are in the clear. They are eligible for O-1 visas, given to those with ‘extraordinary ability,’ like Nobel laureates.”

I think someone should let Sylvia Saint know.

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Congress to the Rescue

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  1. Yes, I support this. Given enough time, without any techies, I’ll have to go to Starbucks in order learn anything. With more models in the country, given articles like that one, at least I’ll have a reason to stay.

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