Carmen Luvana Writes

Well letting u know that i saw your post about the signing or kayden kross , and mainly wanted to thank you for the wonderfull compliments you said about me in the post.

Yes 2008 Will be my last year in the adult industry, And for the time that i have left in the industry (2008), you will only see me work and do apperances for who has been like a family to me witch is Adam & Eve. They are many reasons why i am leaving, the main one is i am already 26 and have been in the industry for 6 years, i DO NOT want to be known for the girl they are tired of seeing and that has been in the industry way to long,

i have always believed that a girl should retire before people instead of praising her, they will start complaining about how old she is etc etc. I have done what i needed to do and is now time for me to do even better, witch is invest my money wisely so i can live confterball witch i have been doing and will continue to do. For 2008 I will still do allot of projects with Adam & eve but it will be my last year, so 2009 Carmen Luvana will be 100% gone.

So I will make the best of what i can in 2008, So go ahead mike post this and tell everybody….(You see i was right)…LOL

About kayden kross i dont know her, but by looking her up she seems and looks to me as a beautifull , sexy and classy girl witch is what Adam & Eve has been looking for. I am sure they will do great for each other (Adam & Eve and Kayden kross)

Happy holliday

Carmen Luvana

Thanks doll baby and you know I wish you the best and I completely understand and respect your decision.

You left a big mark in this biz at a time when few could do so, you did it was class and with poise and you did it without embarrassing yourself or your company.  You were a true asset to adam and eve and one that will probably never be replaced. And you shouldn’t be replaced you are one of a kind and I am glad I know ya.

You are the BEST Carmen

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Carmen Luvana Writes

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  1. Last year for Carmen is great for her and hers.. Its good to see someone make what they want out of themselves and then move on happy and content….

    A few of us know where to go to have a few drinks with the Carmen team after 2008, and be sure we will make time to do that.. I still love my old home town….LOL

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