Brazzers Shuts Down Production

Brazzers has joined Wicked and Vivid in shutting down production until the HIV thing gets weeded out.

I have a suggestion for eveyone in the biz

Ask yourself this:

If I tested positive tomorrow for HIV and it was confirmed would I come forward on my own.

If the answer is no please get the fuck out of porn NOW.

42390cookie-checkBrazzers Shuts Down Production

Brazzers Shuts Down Production

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3 Responses

  1. @MikeSouth1226 Really I think people really don’t care if some company stop production. Big Deal! Who’s the dumb fuck that caused this shit?

  2. Mike, I agree with your sentiments completely.

    I would also add that the only danger to the “controlled” adult performer population is from OUTSIDE the population – meaning the civilian population. If all porn performers only had sex with other porn performers – meaning a completely tested community – there would be no mechanism for the introduction of new disease into the population.

    So it’s up to each individual to have safe sex with the people OUTSIDE the adult talent population – and they should take this responsibility as protecting not only themselves but the entire population.

    Like you said regarding the other, if people don’t agree with that, then I would also like them to leave the adult talent population and re-enter the “roll the dice and hope” civilian world.

    – Eric John

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