Brazzers Hits A New Low

It seems that Jules Jordans Daddy Brazzers has reached a new low, if you can believe that.

Yup they have a tube site INSIDE the Brazzers pay area, and guess whose content is on it?  If you Guessed Digital Playground, New Sensations, Digital Sin, Elegant Angel, Devils Films, JM productions, Wicked, Vivid, Evil Angel, Jules Jordan Video, First Time Video Girls,  HomeGrown, and pretty much everyone else in the biz, congrats you guessed right.

Like this one stolen from Digital Playground


These assholes are the lowest of the low, I hope Pink Visuals burns them a new one.

And Jules Jordan…Fuck YOU you little douchebag, for putting money in these guys pockets so that they can do more of this shit, you are almost as low as they are.  Almost.

31720cookie-checkBrazzers Hits A New Low

Brazzers Hits A New Low

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4 Responses

  1. How many times do I have to explain it to you? Beautiful women represent certain human virtues. The reason why men want to have sex with them is because they want to experience their own virtues by having them reflected back at them in the most intimate and undoubtable way possible.

    Porn is a way for men to feel like they have those virtues when they may not (and usually don’t). They get to fake having their virtues reflected back at them by being able to, in a less-focused mental state, say to themselves “I must have those virtues. Why else would that beautiful woman – who is a symbol of virtue herself – want to expose me to her sexuality?”

    Anyways, if you’re willing to cheat when it comes to your deepest estimate of yourself, of course you’re willing to cheat when it comes to acquiring the means to perform that cheat. Those are tube site users.

    Their operators are no different. If you’re willing to cheat in your estimate of yourself – by thinking that beautiful women aren’t symbols of beauty, but rather commodities, and so that makes you stronger than the average guy – then of course, sooner or later, you’re going to be willing to cheat when it comes to maintaining the symbol of your “superior strength”: your income stream.

    You know all this. You just evade it because your Libertarian “principles” (ie: political positions entirely disconnected from a deeper philosophical root) is the only thing keeping you from hating yourself entirely. That’s why you’re so vociferous in your condemnation of Brazzers.

  2. I agree Mike. It’s just a same that performers only get an scene fee for their services i.e. have sex on camera provided you have an up to date AIM test and at best they get paid $1600 bucks and that would be for double anal or something like that, or fees that warrant a much higher rate– just simply mean more guys for the scene or for your buck so to speak… And to think how many performers shoot for Brazzers for a lousy scene fee. I mean, it’s a joke… And there’s the issue as well, with the recession… and the amount of work that’s out there! I mean, what choice do the performers have? Besides, stripping and escorting. And all the performers deny escorting… It’s a real joke. It’s a lost cause. Ever since any idiot who can buy a camera calls themselves a director and then calls it Gonzo. I just got to laugh…

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