Boston Tea Partys

OK…I know I haven’t contributed in a while and I apologize.  I have been reading the blog and am enjoying the stream of consciousness articles by Kayden Kross, the ongoing adventures of our fearless leader Mike and all the rest.

I am writing as I have been alarmed by a new tactic the Right Wing Republicans have been quietly organizing; called Boston Tea Partys.  An acquaintance called me over the weekend to ask about some facts in a story I wrote about about the Wright Brothers and their main rival to invent flight, Dr. Samuel Langley then Director of the Smithsonian Institution.  Langley and the Smithsonian were granted close to $100,000 in the early 1900s, and failed publicly and miserably while the Wrights spent about $1000 and flew into history.

This guy wants to use this story to prove Government waste with big spending programs in 2009 with a One hundred year old story.

These “Tea Partys” are plotting to withold taxes and create other acts of sedition and insubordination.  Now I am not a big fan of taxes, but pay mine as a responsible citizen.  These are people with money who are trying to increase the burden on the rest of us.

They also blame the current recession on Bill Clinton, and the Democrats while forgetting that it was their idol Ronald Reagan, and then the Congress led by Newt Gingrich who deregulated everything, which has led us to where we are.  Here’s another one; they also promote the fact that Obama got where he is all due to affirmative action.  Hmm….let’s compare Obama’s speeches with George Bush’s and see who is even literate.

I don’t actually trust many politicians, but I detest these folks who got rich while Clinton was President who are now attempting to piss all over the Constitution.

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Boston Tea Partys

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  1. BTW Dan we are planning a trip to Knob Creek for the big event in October…you should go with us, lots of us going…your SO is, of course welcome as well.

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