AIMs Bankruptcy Filings

OK It’s been bandied about for ages but I now have the documents on AIMS Bankruptcy,  ALL of them.  Theres a ton of info in there so I am posting the filings on separate links


As you can see when you peruse these, the source of AIMS bankruptcy had NOTHING to do with AHF or any lawsuits  when you look at the debts of BOTH the monies owed to the testing labs is greater than everything else combined.

In the case of the for profit

Labcorp is owed 21,364.00

Labwest is owed 129,967.00

In The case of the non profit

Westcliff Labs is owed 465,651.00

Labwest is owed 47,276.00

Now here is what everyone and I mean EVERYONE should be asking themselves….Where did that money go?  AIM collected the money the day the tests were done, all of it in cash, credit or debit cards.  What did AIM actually DO with the money that was collected cuz they damn sure weren’t using it to pay the testing labs.  Talent…APAC…that was YOUR money…maybe someone should ask the lying blowhard Ernest Greene, see what he has to say about that…. AVN, both of whom keep insisting that it was the legal fees generated by AHF.  That is simply not true as you can see.

That actually brings up another interesting point…theres some legal fees and a lot of them are  lawyers listed in both those filings for the same amount…How exactly does that happen ?

It’s also evident that AIM was pretty entangled with The FSC…Imagine that…I think they call a gathering of thieves a “cabal”  as in The Free Speech Cabal…

I encourage you all to read over these documents…They are a real eye opener.



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AIMs Bankruptcy Filings

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  1. Hell, you don’t have to be a performer to wonder what the fuck happened to the money. I will take Jilted at his word that Sharon Mitchell didn’t steal the cash but there are a few other hands in the till here that could have. I would like to have seen a police investigation into this matter but it is too late now as most of the records are gone unless Jilted has a copy of what is necessary to do a forensic investigation. I had seen most of these bankruptcy filing papers over the past couple of years but seeing them in one place is sort of an eye-opener for those that had not seen them up to this point.

  2. “,,,,Client(Aim) shall collect payment at time of service on behalf of provider(Westcliff). Provider shall issue every 30 days a detailed invoice of services provided.”
    Instead they listed every dollar ever collected from performers as a
    “donation” to AIM, when in fact a chunk of that money was to PAY for lab tests. The lab never got any patient contact information, and therefore could not bill the patients(performers) directly, so our agreement was for AIM to collect payment on behalf of the laboratory. Too bad all of AIM’s copies of these contracts disappeared along with all the medical records, and credit card records of all the performers.

    PS,,,,Labcorp purchased Westcliff and Westcliff continued to operate as Labwest until the merger(buyout) was complete.

  3. Lets do some math.
    Total debt of the nonprofit AIM, $722,000.00 of which $512,000 is owed to the labs.

    Now lets look at the for profit AIM. The total debt is $350,000, but if you notice there are several of the SAME debts that are listed in the non profit AIM bankruptcy. The very same, Bank of America, City National Bank, Karen Tynan, Hooper Lundy & Bookman, Ken Mcguire, Landigger Baron. Certainly BOTH AIM entities did not owe these debts, so when you subtract these amounts from the for profit AIM their total debt is $200,000,,,of which $150,000.00 is owed to the labs.

    Total debts, $922,000.00 of which $663,000.00 is owed to the labs. Maybe Julie Meadows can investigate this.

  4. Lawsuits….it’s true…and these docs show a nice example of how folks eh em crooks act when their asses are gonna get burned with lawsuits.

    Take a peek at page 27 non-profit filing….
    $600 paid to The Bankruptcy Law Firm PC on 7/15/10 & 3/29/11 then 4/11/11 a new firm is paid…..

    So lawsuits…2009. Patient Zero as an individual was repped by two attorneys from ACLU and Jeffrey Douglas is all over media accounts patting FSC on the back for providing assistance and pro-bono services to fight OSHA. AIM prevailed against Cal/OSHA soon after they closed doors for good in April 2011…no word on if AIM prevailed against patient zero allegations that her name was released in June news reports. (Courthouse news 7/21/09 ‘Porn Actress Says State Intruded on Privacy’ by Elizabeth Banicki) FSC is all over media in July & August 2011 patting ACLU on the back saying nada about patient zero suing AIM for leaking her name to media in June 2009.

    2010. Dezi & Daughter Lawsuit filed in June…one month before first pmt to bankruptcy firm and several months before October HIV incident.

    “California Department of Public Health officials have notified the San Fernando-based health clinic that serves the porn industry that its application to operate as a community clinic has been denied, according to department officials.”
    “Clinic officials had applied for a license in June after authorities told them they needed one to continue operating, said Al Lundeen, a department spokesman. He said the clinic was notified of the state’s decision Tuesday.” (

    yep June 2010 the State of California notified AIM of the licensing tid bit but mums the word till they are shut down in December.

    Reopen as for Profit….very interesting that all assets were transferred from NPO to profit structure…skipping over all the regulatory irregularities of this transfer….notice the debts listed and how they are listed in both filings.

    if non-profit AIM passed on the liabilities with the assets they no longer have either…if profit AIM assumed both then why is non-profit listed as co-debtor on many but not listed on others included on non-profits filing?

    at this point it wouldn’t surprise me to learn that folks grabbing the cash and running also orchestrated leaking performer data to pwl in magic trick slight of hand intended to distract.

  5. also curious how 2 million annually turned into 487k for 4 months(pg 24/44 non-profit 138746.50 plus 348331.50 pg 25/45 profit) dropping from 170k monthly to 122k w/o fundraisers left right and everywhere.

    drop in revenue still doesn’t explain or justify non-payment of service bought with testing fees…would only explain if/why the lab bills were lower with reduced demand

  6. ps…left out part about how odd it is that Profit AIM never Sued non-profit AIM or vice versa which is pretty standard when crazy stuff happens.

  7. Mike: If you know, what’s happened to Sharon Mitchell in the last 3 years since the bankruptcy filing. There has been no news about her that I’ve read. Given that $2 million a year was flowing through there, her salary – which looks to have been about $100,000 a year – is modest. And, sure beats blow jobs at $800 a pop.

  8. AIM paid 50 for each HIV/pcr test and 25 for the gonn/chlamydia combination test. At least that is what they were supposed to pay. What they did is nothing more than theft of services. They led performers to believe they were paying(oops donating) for medical services, and they never paid for those services, which they had signed contracts detailing the agreement between them and the lab. Why legal action regarding this theft was never taken is beyond me.

  9. I am just as interested as to what happened to “Dr.” Mitchell. I do know that she claimed on the AIM website to have married some sucker (oops, I mean guy) a few years before the “charity” went belly-up. I doubt she had/has many patients in her “private” psychology practice since she didn’t (as of the AIM bankruptcy) have a doctor listed on her private practice’s website (which has since been taken down anyway) to prescribe psych meds for her patients (a Ph. D. psychologist — although in her case just barely — may not prescribe medications in California, she would need an MD or DO on-site to do that). With her history running AIM into the ground I doubt any doctor worth his salary would risk prescribing for her “private practice”. If I recall Jilted (who is in a position to know, his info is in comments here but I will make it just a little harder for certain detractors to obtain by not giving that info in this post) said that Dr. Hamblin came close to losing his medical license out of the AIM aftermath so I would bet that and his having to pay big bucks to a bankruptcy attorney (it is all in the paperwork) to clean up “Dr.” Mitch’s mess means that bridge was likely burned to the ground before the ink was dry on the check he wrote to the AIM bankruptcy attorney. AIM — the gift that keeps on giving at least to Jilted (all the grief he gets from people like me on sites such as this one and that is just the legal-to-give variety), LabWest (to the tune of $21K ordered to be paid by them to the bankruptcy court for “preferential payments”) and Dr. Hamblin (skating on thin ice with his medical license probably largely due to “Dr.” Mitch’s incompetent leadership at AIM means he likely lost the ability to get one of the high paying medical jobs at a place like Cedars-Sinai and likely leaves him with high-stress and lower-paying jobs like the ones at publicly operated hospitals such as San Francisco General). Yeah, I said it — maybe “Dr.” Mitch didn’t steal the money but it was her incompetent leadership that allowed others to do it (I can’t prove it was her in this case but in cases like this where the director is known to not have stolen any of the cash forensic accountants and police look at the bookkepper with check signing authorization first, second, third and fourth).

  10. Mitchell’s PhD came from the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality which is an unaccredited school that is a diploma mill. In other words, a worthless degree. Also, two things about AIM that I always wondered about, I saw footage of Mitchell taking blood from patients. Did she have any kind of training or certification in phlebotomy? Also I remember Mitchell allowing a sex scene to be filmed at AIM. A medical clinic used to film porn?

  11. Also curious to Sharon Mitchell post AIM …last item I stumbled on directly linked to her was 2012 interview that was re-quoted and parsed in about 20 publications. Given the number of forums and events she could capitalize on it seems she has opted for a life of privacy that trumps curiousity on my end.

  12. That is why I put “Dr.” in quotes, Dodogoodman. She did honestly advertise her “private practice” online, I assume she isn’t stupid enough to try that one without the proper licensure so I guess the diploma mill she went to is “good” enough for the State of California to license her as a psychologist. She also claimed to have some sort of certification in addiction counseling at one time. I know I won’t be going to her for counseling anytime soon.

  13. Say what you want about Mitch’s education, the fact is she knew her shit regarding std’s, std transmission, and HIV. There was always a licensced doctor at AIM, Mitch did not make medical decisions. She may have often overstated her role, but the testing, and treatment of patients was always handled professionally. AIM never was, and was never intended to be a primary care facility.
    Mitch was always an easy target, actually she was the only target, being that she is the only one who ever did anything about the std situation in the industry. A thankless, dammed if you do, dammed if you dont job. No mattter what she ever did peopple attacked her for it.

    Even Mike, at times, made incredibly wild accusations, like in 2004 when he questioned the timeline put together during the DJ incident. At the time, like many others, they claimed that Mitch should have gone further back in the timeline, but what thesesame people did NOT KNOW was that the lab had all of the previous specimens, going back months, that were retested and a very difinitive time line was established. Mitch’s timeline was perfect, but that didnt stop the detrctors,who had no evidence to support their claims, from spewingthier outright incorrect information.

    Now, where did my fucking money go? APAC members, arent you interested to know where the cash out of your pockets went, or is the FSC telling you to keep quiet on this issue? Why was CASH out of performer pockets going to Karen Tynan,,,,oh wait, didnt she help form APAC?

    Doesnt one of the “A”s in APAC stand for “Advocacy”? How much ADVOCATING have they done in regards to the hundreds of thousands of PERFORMER dollars that were misappropriated from APAC members over the years? HUNDREDS of thousands of dollars, taken directly out of performer pockets, and spent on everything except what it was intended for,,,,and APAC, like the good little FSC lapdogs they are, says NOTHING!! LOL,,,,,or they could prove me wrong, which I highly doubt they will, but maybe, just maybe there is one member who is sick and tired of this baloney organization who will call them out on their silent complicity with the FSC.

  14. Jilted, I didn’t claim she was stupid, I said her management style was incompetent. In this case that is a big difference. I concede that for the most part Mitch knew her stuff when it came to VDs and how to prevent them. I will also concede that she knew how to draw blood from even a turnip. For all the lofty goals Mitch had in running AIM her lack of management ability caused one of her underlings to be able to steal almost a million dollars from AIM and its supporters over the last year or so of its existence. One of the first things we taught (and were taught) in business school is to set up the business so any one (or two) people do not have the authority to make orders, sign checks and do the bookwork. An alternative for very small organizations is for two people (usually the CEO and the board treasurer) to be required to sign each check before it is sent out in payment and sign for each withdrawal at the bank. If Mitch had done that important step then AIM would likely still exist today and we would not be having this conversation. It would have helped if AIM would have had errors and omissions insurance for items such as the Grandmaison lawsuit as well but I think if someone hadn’t been stealing from AIM left and right it could have withstood even a completely adverse judgement in that case. That is what I mean by Mitch being incompetent. I can guarantee you that if I had been running AIM these oversights would not have happened but then again I have actual experience in business and business education instead of a dime-store fake doctorate from a diploma mill (we can safely ignore the fact that I have legitimate degrees as well as it doesn’t directly affect how I would have run AIM, everything I would have needed to know in running the financial affairs of that organization I first learned in my sophomore year high school accounting coursework, I had the experience necessary to do so certainly by the time I graduated HS).

    BTW I have a likely suspect in mind as to who stole the money from the bankruptcy paperwork but I don’t dare give the name directly as I don’t think that person would take kindly to being outed before all of the evidence is in and supposedly in this country a person is innocent until proven guilty by a jury of 12 of his/her supposed peers in a “kangaroo” court of law.

  15. @mharris

    Saying Sharon Mitchell in and of herself ran AIM into the ground assumes she set up AIM vs. well documented facts that she was solicited by FSC to take over what they set up. This was around the time she completed some sort of drug counseling certificate as a way to cope and recover from a horrific assault. Once she was on board at AIM she pursued her PhD by taking classes vs. a diploma mill which charges $ without offering any education to support the paper purchased.

    Accreditation means the coursework has gone through the US educational accreditation process which can take ten years or more for an unaffiliated institution. Many institutions offer high quality education through this process so it seems a bit harsh to assume her education was inferior or irrelevant to the job she was tasked to perform.

    Historically degrees were limited to academics & clergy then extended to practical applications as an alternative to apprenticeship. Today the most rigorous degrees all require practical experience to gain certification because books & lecture halls can’t replace the school of hard knocks via life and hands on learning coming full circle to all but clergy and academics relying on apprenticeships or lifetime learning (apprenticeship) in family trade.

    Records show AIM with a five member BOD which included the physician(s) jilted already mentioned. As director Mitchell was the day to day face and having human limitations delegated many of the things you are assuming she is responsible for.

    Until I’m done reading all the docs and lawsuits there is no way I’d assign blame to any individual for the ultimate demise of AIM. I will say that the licensing snafu and closure by the state with pending lawsuits ultimately caused the demise regardless of fiscal misdeeds.

    Given the number of people quoted as claiming responsibility for creating and securing the APHSS/PASS database for continuity sake it would be a stretch to heap the blame on what documents are describing as a glorified hands on office manager position.

  16. Jilted, I find it interesting that you are now admitting that APAC is a “baloney organization” because just a few weeks ago you were saying not to give up or write APAC off..even writing this post stating they aren’t a worthless organization…. Lol

    I have been saying all along that APAC isn’t for the performers.. It’s run by the FSC. It’s all about the AGENDA. It’s a way for Dianne Duke to keep tabs on the talent. Using any info she gets to protect her own ass and the production companies asses. I’m not even associated with this industry in any way and I figured all that out.

    And lol it will be a cold day in hell before “a member” who is sick and tired of this organization will call them out… From what I gather most of the talent in this industry are a bunch of cowards who are Too afraid to speak up about ANYTHING.. Let alone APAC. .and the board members of APAC are FSC they are certainly not going to talk…. Which is why the industry heads will continue to take advantage of, use and abuse these people.. (Hey, if I was a scumbag I would probably do the same thing because these people are easy targets) and the talent can only play naive or victim for so long before it becomes obvious that they are just afraid and stupid…anyway, nothing will ever change and I mean NOTHING… Unless someone from the outside comes in and forces change upon them.. But quite frankly .. I don’t think anyone really cares one way or the other…

    And what really surprises me is the fact that most of the talent aren’t even smart enough to see that APAC is a joke. the dumbest member of the public would be able to figure out that APAC is a bullshit organization just by looking at the website… Let alone the fact that APAC has done NOTHING for the talent since they were formed…CLUE! Lol I am embarrassed for you guys… 🙁

  17. I am not claiming that Mitch was purposely running AIM into the ground. However, she either didn’t have the knowledge required to run a charity or just didn’t give a damn about separation of duties. No sane manager allows the bookkepper to essentially handle all financial affairs (the earlier mentioned check signing, ordering/purchase approval and bookkeeping functions) which is what seemed to happen here. Even in a small organization like AIM these duties could have been separated at least with Mitch signing the checks, one of her medical staff approving purchases and the bookkepper keeping the books up. The most important of these is to separate the bookkepping from the check signing and ordering (although I don’t recommend this approach) so if employees really weren’t available Mitch could have done the check signing and ordering and the bookkepper keeping the books, not a perfect solution but it probably would have prevented the demise of AIM. As I said earlier another (preferred for small organizations without employees to separate accounting functions) option is to have a two signature requirement on the checks (in this case Mitch and either Dr. Hamblin or the board treasurer would have been a good option) and Mitch could have approved purchases with the bookkepper maintaining the books.

    I understand that AIM was being sued at least three times when they closed but with a possible increase in charges for testing and separation of accounting functions they could have survived. It is obvious from the bankruptcy paperwork what happened, they had the income (over $2 million a year) but the money was being siphoned off for other purposes by an insider. The licensing snafu didn’t help but they should have been able to survive a two month closure out of savings (expenses are reduced substantially during such an incident) if the charity had been run properly in the first place.

  18. @mharris

    Didn’t take issue with ‘intent’ took exception with building a farm yard out of the haystack with a lonely needle of fact that too many won’t bother trying to discern.

    Here is where you assigned blame for not only AIM demise but questioned a practicing physicians license.

    “With her history running AIM into the ground I doubt any doctor worth his salary would risk prescribing for her “private practice”. If I recall Jilted (who is in a position to know, his info is in comments here but I will make it just a little harder for certain detractors to obtain by not giving that info in this post) said that Dr. Hamblin came close to losing his medical license out of the AIM aftermath so I would bet that and his having to pay big bucks to a bankruptcy attorney (it is all in the paperwork) to clean up “Dr.” Mitch’s mess means that bridge was likely burned to the ground before the ink was dry on the check he wrote to the AIM bankruptcy attorney.”

    As for Dr. Hamblin just checked CA and he has no record of any….
    Administrative Disciplinary Actions, Court order, Misdemeanor conviction, probationary license, felony conviction, Malpractice judgement, Hospital disciplinary action, License issued with letter of public reprimand, Admin Citation issued, admin action taken by other state of federal gov., nor any Arbitration awards.

    So…looking at documents it might be fair to say he had a rough patch concerned about the civil lawsuits and AIM’s clinic license but any concerns you have that he jeopardized his license are unfounded as he is still practicing, has rights to hospitals and is Medicare accredited.

    Reading the documents it’s also clear Sharon Mitchell’s role no where near resembles the tale you’re telling.

  19. Lurk, Sharon was the executive director of AIM. That means with non-medical matters the buck stops with her. She handled the day to day business of AIM, Dr. Hamblin just put up his name and reputation for the for-profit iteration of AIM, wrote prescriptions and gave medical exams. Hell, Dr. Hamblin lived in Point Reyes Station in northern Marin County (which is about 35 miles north of San Francisco) — about 500 miles from the AIM offices which were located in the San Fernando Valley near Los Angeles — he sure as hell didn’t spend his time at AIM with that commute, they were probably lucky to see him two days a week! If she (and the board of directors) had put into place separation of duties in financial matters AIM would still exist today as whomever stole from the organization (I have a good idea who did it but until I have ironclad proof I won’t name names) would not have been able to do so. It is clear from the bankruptcy paperwork that someone stealing large amounts of money caused the demise of AIM, the $250K (of which approximately $70K was eventually repaid by donors) that was claimed to be needed for legal expenses in the year before its demise wasn’t enough to bring the organization to its knees like it was. AIM was taking in $2.2 million a year, expenses for lab tests were about $1.3-1.4 million. That leaves $800-$900K for other expenses. After medical supplies, salaries and benefits there should have been a profit of $200K or so yearly, over two years $180K in added expense would not have taken down AIM if it had been run correctly. Jilted said Sharon didn’t steal the money and I tend to believe him but her lack of skill in running AIM was instrumental in its demise. You have a background in banking, Lurk. You know how to read financial statements and bankruptcy papers just as well as I do. I think you can read between the lines and understand what I am saying.

  20. @mharris

    The Executive Director works at the pleasure and direction of the Board of Directors.

    Read the documents…several MD’s were either payroll or contracted and her ED position was essentially a glorified title for hands on office manger because of the BOD.

    Why aren’t you asking how Ernest Green with no medical training became the BOD chairman emeritus? Or anything else that can be verified.

    The records show at least half a million dollars that got gone near the clue who, how, where, or what other money’s went missing. Yes I do have a banking background which is exactly why I avoid speculating without clearly identifying it as such. I also value my reputation making it much easier to respect others reps.

    No need to read between the lines to see the trend of negative speculation and conjecture based on opinion and personal experience/expectations. Good thing folks aren’t relying on your word or Sharon Mitchell and Dr. Hamblin might be chasing your ass for defamation.

  21. Lurk, I have no idea how Ernest Greene became chairman emeritus. I assumed that it was an honorary position given to him in honor of the time he put into AIM. His wife was also an active board member, BTW — so it is possible that he was there volunteering along with his wife all those years. I do have to say that unless the board met multiple times a week someone had to be making the day to day decisions. Sharon Mitchell claimed to be that person, from her title and history with AIM I have to assume that she was not lying about it. I can reasonably surmise that Dr. Hamblin wasn’t flying in from Point Reyes daily to make the day to day decisions (if you were at my computer with me I would show you a map of California, pointing out where Point Reyes is and where the San Fernando Valley is — about 500 miles apart). If Sharon wasn’t making day to day decisions then who? The bookkepper? I suppose it is possible as according to bankruptcy paperwork Sharon was living in Scotts Valley which is about 300 miles north of the SF Valley. I think I read Sharon had an LA apartment as well at this time. However, if the bookkeeper was making day to day decisions then the organization was more of a mess than even I thought. One of the phlebotomists? Yeah, dream on! Someone wasn’t minding the store with this one, Lurk. It is time to find out what happened here, pronto! I do know who would be targeted for a criminal investigation once Sharon was found not to have stolen the cash, that is the bookkepper — especially if she was also authorized to sign checks for AIM. As for whether she did it, without a forensic investigation any odds I would give on that would be an educated guess. I would feel badly if the bookkepper didn’t do it (since the investigation Jilted and I are calling for puts her right in the crosshairs of the LA Sheriff’s Department financial crimes unit investigators) but she should have known that taking such a position put her at risk of investigation by the authorities if something went wrong with the organization’s finances. That is why any bookkepper worth his/her college degree working for a business/organization he/she does not majority own insists on separation of functions so he/she can say there isn’t any way he/she stole a dime.

  22. If all you know about this subject comes from what you’ve read on industry sites then you are woefully misinformed

    When I ask, ‘Where did the money go?” please remember the old addage, “Dont ask a question you dont already know the answer too.”

    And I have never called for an investigation, No investigation could ever tell me anything I dont already know.

    One more question, “Where did all the missing files go?”

  23. Let me clarify than I will shut up on this. You asked for the money you lost in this issue. That requires a police investigation and prosecution of whoever stole the money. I agree, you and your lab got hosed here. I also agree that whomever stole the cash needs to spend a few years getting fucked up the ass nightly by five guards/bubbas in state prison. I actually can get most of what I need right from the bankruptcy papers to tell me what happened. I don’t need conjecture on adult sites to tell me anything. I had actually seen most of the paperwork linked here over the past couple of years but having it all in one place makes it a lot easier to review again.

    We may disagree on condoms and performer safety measures but we aren’t too far apart on the AIM debacle. Someone stole at least $500K over two years, that person needs to lose his/her ass virginity with a detective’s nightstick then get fucked in jail or prison by a few bubba dicks every night for a few years.

    As for the missing files I don’t know the answer to that question — at least definitively but I have one guess that sticks out in my mind and it has to do with whoever stole the money. That person likely made the files disappear as well in order to cover his/her tracks. I believe the money and files disappearing was an inside job. Lack of management ability whether it be Sharon or the BOD or both allowed it to happen. It isn’t just AIM here, a couple of times a year I read in my local newspaper about a bookkepper or accounting person with the power to purchase, sign checks and post in the books taking advantage of that lack of separation of duties to steal from his/her employer and it usually adds up to $500K plus before it is caught. Separate financial duties into at least three people and the ability to do this goes bye-bye quick!

  24. @jilted

    For those of us that weren’t there …trying to nail down facts in porn is notoriously difficult even when reading ‘official documents’

    With respect to missing files Lego Play dates with grandson are putting serious crimp in reading time. Pulled the bankruptcy and civil case dockets and there are several documents (motions, responses etc.) related to the files and storage facility by both litigants and the bankruptcy trustee as well. Since I wasn’t there slogging through the legalese seems like a better option than relying on the blogosphere (twitter, social media et al;) to learn what I don’t know.

    One thing I do know…the money did a Bruce Springsteen cig run detour and kept on going.

  25. Mitchell had a worthless degree and she was not only allowed to work at AIM but she was drawing blood from the patients? She also allowed a sex scene to be filmed at the clinic? Lol!! Now I have heard everything!
    I’m surprised they didn’t hire nurse Nina Hartley too assist her! Lol!!! # only in porn!

  26. And not to be a downer, but, it sounds like it’s going to be a cold day in hell before jilted gets his money back..

    The lesson learned? It doesn’t pay to be too nice to people because the nicer you are the more people take advantage of you and treat you like shit.

  27. @Comonsense,
    Your first sentence here leads me to believe you are one of those who only knows what you’ve read on porn industry sites. Despite what you think of Mitch’s degree, she is an expert in std, and hiv issues. And she is an exceptional phlebotomist, she could draw blood from a turnip, and she was licensed to do so. The sex scene, inexcusable. And not only did she allow it, she participated.

    I tried to give APAC the benefit of the doubt a few weeks ago. But not any more. They are worthless, a sham, and they have no intention of ADVOCATING for any real change in the industry.

    Andfor the lesson learned, I’ve learned many. One being, its difficult to care about people who dont care about themselves, and something about a dish best served cold.

    Many more documents to come in the next few weeks. DId you all know that Dianne Duke recieves about 35-40% of ALL the money given to the FSC in salary, insurance, and expenses?

  28. @jilted

    If you have vacation pictures from someone’s trip to Belize in those documents it prolly wouldn’t take a petition to get them posted 😉

    Not only does Duke receive a large percentage of FSC reported revenues but the other salaries bump it up considerably. Oddly they list only one other employee and I doubt she is making just as much if not more than Duke.

  29. @jilted: i was responding to what dodogoodman Said. I made the joke because I never heard of anyone getting a job with an unaccredited/worthless degree, especially in the medical field…
    And you worked with her so if you say that she was licensed to draw blood than I believe you.. But allowing a sex scene to be shot there and even participating in it? That’s crazy. In the real world a person would be fired or have their license taken away for doing such a thing…

    I definitely agree with you on APAC being a worthless organization. They are definitely not for the performers.. It’s pretty obvious that Dianne Duke/FSC is running that show…

    And you are right about it being difficult to care about people who don’t care about themselves… Sadly, it appears there are a lot of performers who fit that description.

  30. @common sense
    Kudos! Your right. APAC is full of ass kissers and today’s talent are a bunch of fucking pussies.
    Thanks for seeing that too. Thought it was just me.

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