Shay Laren Hosting Naughty Live at The Comedy Palace

I don’t normally run press releases unless it’s to make fun of em but I kinda owe Shay a favor so why not.

Besides something about Kevin Blatt just LOOKS funny…

August 18th- Naughty live @ the Comedy Palace with Shay Laren!

The Naughty show is coming back to San Diego. The greatest multi media comedy party on earth is coming to the Comedy Palace. If you love to party and have some huge laughs than you can’t miss this show! The show is going to be off the hook because joining us this time is the lovely and talented Penthouse Pet Shay Laren, pole dancing by Spearmint Rhino’s Michula Nunez, Celebrity Sex Tape Promoter Kevin Blatt and stand up by the Comedy Outlaw Bunny Fever, Danielle Stewart, Jayson Thibault and Chris Millhouse!

The show is hosted by veteran comedian/ninja warrior Sam Tripoli, whose comedy skills have been showcased on multiple television shows (Showtime’s Live Nude Comedy, Comedy Central’s Premium Blend, CBS’s The Late Late Show, and his starring role on Spike TVs action/adventure reality show Wide World of Spike), earning the performer legions of fans. Sam’s high-energy stage presence guarantees that the event will kick into overdrive for some crazy good times!

The show is @ 9pm and tickets are available @

40820cookie-checkShay Laren Hosting Naughty Live at The Comedy Palace

Shay Laren Hosting Naughty Live at The Comedy Palace

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