Update on The HIV Positive performer and AIM

I got a call from an insider and she was frantic.  Seems once again AIM has seriously fucked up.

They have quarantined the performers who have worked with the infected performer since his last test.

There are currently 3 quarantined males,  and 1 quarantined Female.  Look for this list to grow.

Thats a MISTAKE and it shows the lack of understanding that AIM always exhibits in these situations.  first generation exposures would be anyone who worked with him since his next to the last negative test and really should go back one before that.  The reason is simple…by AIMs own info the window period is between 10-30 days

What if the performer was actually positive the last time he tested negative but just wasnt showing yet?

The list of potential primary and secondary exposures is likely HUGE, and for AIM to even know everyone he worked with is HIGHLY unlikely these days.

If I were a performer I’d be VERY careful right now.

Wicked and Vivid have both suspended production until all this gets sorted out properly, good for them.

And a word to AIM…MATH you fucking morons…take a basic class.

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Update on The HIV Positive performer and AIM

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