Tom Moore Outed As Director in HIV/AIM Fiasco


Director Tom Moore was at the helm of the scene where an HIV positive female performer exposed male talent to the virus. This information was posted on a webmaster board and later deleted. Moore has directed several titles such as Transsexual Prostitutes 47 and Tranny Hunter 2 and also appeared as a performer in bisexual and shemale themed films.

XBIZ has revealed that two male performers were exposed to the virus after working with the infected talent. One of the men is male talent based in Las Vegas. And the other male performer is rumored to be a formerly prolific performer in the gay porn industry in the earlier part of the decade. In fact, this performer appeared in 5 titles with the director in question:

Beyond Adorable Luxxxor Pictures 2000
Bi Sexual Escapades No Limits Productions 2005
Motel Sex (II) Gino Pictures Gold 2002
Trannie Mechanics 130 C Street Corporation 2003

What happened on the shoot involving the infected performer? It is alleged that the director Tom Moore told the male talent that the female’s test was ‘pending’ after calling AIM and that it was fine to work with her. News of the the female working with a second male partner in another scene did not surface until last Friday. (Why did it take so long for that to come out?) The male talent was tested at a Las Vegas draw center leading to the conclusion that he is based there. Given the shemale/gay porn connection of the director and the assumed first male talent exposed, perhaps it can be assumed that the Vegas male talent also worked in those genres? If so, for me, there is a particular talent from that area who does work often in that niche.

Who is the female patient zero? Some feel that it is someone near and dear to Tom Moore himself. Otherwise, why would he take on the liability risk of shooting someone who did not have a test?

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Tom Moore Outed As Director in HIV/AIM Fiasco

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  1. via LA Times:

    “The call that changed his life came as James was getting ready to book tickets to Japan for another international shoot. AIM clinic officials told him he was HIV positive. And, he said, they told him they planned to release his name publicly.

    He asked them not to — in part out of concern for his parents who did not know how he made his living — but they did anyway.”

    The article goes on to say that AIM got sued for disclosing his name and both parties ended up settling out of court. With all due respect Mike this revelation kinda eats away at some of your theories.

  2. Yer right it does until you consider that since them everyone testing at AIM has been made to sign a waiver giving AIM the right to publicly release their name.

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