Some New News on the HIV Front

By now pretty much everyone who wants to knows who “patient X” is.  the also know her partner, the company involved and the director.

No thanks to AIM

So When “Harold” stated that April 29th was her first test, he was either ill informed or he lied.  Because she has worked in the industry for quite a while. Or maybe she has worked years without a test, which I find unlikely.

So that goes back to AIMs strategy of whom they consider to be a direct exposure.  They would have to test all of her partners since 3 weeks PRIOR to the April 29th test to cover the possibility that she was already positive at that time but not testing positive.

AIM would have you believe that the 22 positive tests since Darren James were “civilians” and/or people wanting into the industry but not being allowed because they tested positive.

NOT SO says the LA Times as well as my sources.  AIM does almost no testing of civilians and almost all of these positive tests were active performers, some in gay porn.

NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, CNN, API, UPI, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times and even NPR have all done stories on this and every one has cast AIM in a bad light, very bad.

Performers are furious with AIM for putting them at risk and not telling them. There is talk of boycotting AIM and AIM tests.

The local authorities in Los Angeles have repeatedly said that AIM refuses to be cooperative, as they have in the past.

Pretty much everyone now knows that Sharon Mitchell does not have a Phd from any accredited school, and is not a doctor.

AIM is saying the producer director lied about calling them and getting a green light and that they made no mistakes, but they wont release his name and they have reportedly threatened him with legal action if he talks.  They have also reportedly threatened the performers if they come forward.

At this point it seems as though one of porn’s most sacred cows is now slaughtered.

What will take its place is any ones guess but Im hearing that L.A. County is going to take over, issuing permits to performers that are in congruence with what prostitutes must do in Nevada, weekly testing for STDs and such.  Much more stringent that the current methodology in porn.  The state may pass legislation as well and Cal-OSHA will be all over compliance.

Finally “Harold” has had his posting privileges temporarily suspended because he attacked a person who was not involved in any way, someone who has always spoken highly of him.  He may attack me all he wants but attacking an innocent by stander is not tolerated here.  When I emailed him to rebuke him the email bounced because the email addy is no longer valid.  When this happens you get suspended until you provide a valid email address plain and simple.  Most of you know who Harold is simply by the tone of his posts. he is welcome to return to posting when he supplies a valid email address and agrees to limit his personal attacks to people related to the issue.

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Some New News on the HIV Front

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  1. I was just reading one of the industry chats, and there was a lot of talk that given the current state of California’s finances, does anyone seriously think regulating porn will be high on their list? The answer is that’s exactly why it will be high on their list: It’s a potential new source of revenue, another sin tax. You think California is going to do it for free? They can charge the performers/directors/production companies for every test and make it a profit center, just like they charge for things like elevator inspections. And, they can probably charge a lot – isn’t the industry always bragging about how much money there is lying around to produce porn? And where’s the industry gonna go? You think Nevada or Florida is going to roll out the red carpet and say: Come to our state and spread AIDS? We won’t charge you like California? I maintain that porn has more to fear from the health inspector than the federal obscenity trials.

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