Once Again Simple Math Eludes AIM

OK AIM has stated that everyone who worked with “patient X”  as they call her, since June 6 is quarantined for 2 14 week periods.

Patient X last tested on or around April 29, 2009

patient X could have been HIV positive but within the window period at that time

Meaning that first hand exposures have to go all the way back to the test BEFORE the April 29th test.

This is NOT being done.

Its a good thing that HIV is so hard to transmit, because if it weren’t porn would have been wiped out an awful long time ago.

27640cookie-checkOnce Again Simple Math Eludes AIM

Once Again Simple Math Eludes AIM

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3 Responses

  1. Mike, the test on April 29 was her first test. She had NOT worked with or had sex with anybody in the industry yet. Again, simple common sense has eluded Mike South. Good try though.

    p.s. The waiver signed at AIM allows AIM to release results to INDIVIDUALS who may be affected. The waiver does not allow AIM to release any information that may be obtained during personal consultation or counseling.
    That being said, I’m sure you would agree that there is probably alot of information from and about the affected individuals that will never become public.

  2. Again, I beg you, go read what is on AIM’s website. Get their side of the story instead of just blindly following the gossip sites as your source for information. HAd you read the sruff on AIMS site you would have seen what I just posted, ionstead you reach for any straw possible to make AIM look bd, in the process confirming the opinion of many in the adult biz that you are a horses ass.

  3. You are presuming my information is coming from someplace it isnt. I prefer to get it direct, if you know what I mean.

    The Devil is in the details if you catch my drift

    Threats wont save AIM from what’s coming.

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