Let’s Talk About AIMs Claims Here For a Moment

OK let’s be honest with ourselves here. Anyone with half a brain can see that AIM is making claims that it can’t possibly back up.

For starters there’s no way that they can claim that “Patient Zeta” did NOT get HIV in the industry. He did gay porn, many of those companies don’t even test and yes they do shoot bareback.

Next…has anyone actually heard from Kacey Brooks? Word i get is that she has long since skipped town. Being the girlfriend of Cameron Reid she was the most likely to test positive, they worked together in high risk scenes and she was responsible for a lot of the guys who were on the quarantine list. If she has disappeared AIM has no way on earth to know if the second generation exposures should alll now be first generation exposures.

Making statements like they have been making is both stupid and irresponsible unless they can absolutely back it up.

Which brings me to ask this: What exactly is AIM doing to make sure this fiasco doesn’t happen yet again? Talent has even wised up and most will flat out tell you that they have no confidence in AIMs ability to handle these situations, and why should they? After the last two only a stone stick stupid moron would put any trust in AIM.

I don’t much like AHF, I know they have an agenda, I also know AIM has an agenda. What I can see is that AHF is perceived to be the more responsible to the outside world and perception is reality.

The real hero and human being in this whole fiasco is Steve Orenstein, from Wicked, who essentially said that while he may lose a few million in sales nobody will die as a result of catching HIV on one of his sets.

BRAVO Steve, You are a class act in a business that needs more class acts.

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Let’s Talk About AIMs Claims Here For a Moment

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  1. I personally like Kink’s policy, which is if one person wants a condom scene than the whole scene is a condom-only scene. I don’t think forcing condoms onto two people that know what the risk is and don’t want to wear a condom is wise. Also, mandated condoms would put Mike out of business as his bread and butter is bukkake scenes (where the man spurts his load on the woman’s face). Can’t do bukkake with a condom as the load would be contained in the condom rather than on Lindsey Lovehand’s face.

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