HIV+ Sofia Delgado Returns to Performing Under New Fake Name @NudistDiary #confirmed

In 2013 the adult industry was rocked with the news that Cameron Bay, her boyfriend Rod Daily, and her friend Sofia Delgado were HIV+.

Cameron Bay and her boyfriend Rod Daily went on to take from the Aids Healthcare Foundation (AHF) to attack the adult industry.

But what happened to Sofia Delgado?

She’s back to performing but under a new name. She now goes by the name of Laya Richards using the Twitter handle @NudistDiary.

She says she’s a professional model who also does porn.

She’s doing content for her OnlyFans – bareback, and according to the sources we spoke with, she isn’t telling people she’s HIV+.

HIV+ Sofia Delgado Returns to Performing HIV+ Sofia Delgado Returns to Performing

We spoke to a few people who have worked with “Laya Richards” and they are all saying the same thing … they had no idea she was Sofia Delgado and was HIV+.

They also all revealed another interesting fact, she is using a non-verifiable test from a non PASS approved facility. Is it a real test? Who knows. But she isn’t using TTS or CET because she’s banned.

In addition to shooting for OnlyFans, she’s also done shoots with others, including a recent shoot for Suicide Girls. She is also shooting content BAREBACK with others who are in the mainstream talent pool.

When we were first sent this story, I couldn’t believe it. I thought the person had to be mistaken.

Here is a video of Sofia Delgado discussing her HIV status. This video is from 2016, three years after she contracted it. She clearly states she is HIV+.

But are they the same person?

The first thing that matched up was her location. Both Sofia Delgado and Laya Richards are from Arizona. But that alone wasn’t enough to convince me.

Next, I compared photos. Her eyebrows have a unique arch, but again that alone isn’t enough proof.

Here are 3 photos of “Laya Richards” taken in 2020- 2021.

Layla Richards

Layla Richards aka Sofia Delgado

Although all the facial features match up, she does have a ton of new tattoos so it’s not easy to tell at a quick glance if they are the same. But then I found a photo of just her stomach, and I realized the stomach tattoo matches.

It’s changed over the years, but it’s a very distinctive tattoo. Look at them side by side.

Here’s a better shot of the 2021 version of her stomach tattoo.

And here is the 2013(ish) version from a shoot she did for Azani. As you can see, it’s a match.


She’s had more work done it, but the original is there. It’s absolutely a match. But that’s not all. Her nipples also have the exact same piercing. Here is a side-by-side comparison for you.

So now we have four points of confirmation.

  • Both are from Arizona.
  • Both have similar facial structures.
  • Both have an identical distinctive tattoo on their lower stomach.
  • Her nipples have the exact same piercings.

This is beyond a “friend” contacting us who worked with her years ago as a stripper. Again we couldn’t just take her friend’s word for it, though. Because this is a serious allegation, we needed to do our own research and match them up. We wanted to make sure that this person, who now calls herself Laya Richards, is, in fact, the HIV+ performer Sofia Delgado.

Sofia Delgado trashed the adult industry. But now she’s back?

But beyond that, she also came back into the industry under a new fake name and didn’t reveal that she was, in fact, HIV+ and has begun performing with others WITHOUT A CONDOM.

There is a thing called “informed consent.” A person has every right to decide what they want to do with their body. But they can’t give their consent if you don’t tell them the truth.


This person, Laya Richards, can’t provide you with a valid test from TTS or CET because she’s banned from the system – for a reason.

Now go look at all the names of people she’s had sex with in the past few months and put all of their names on your no list.

This is not acceptable.

She is HIV+.

It’s perfectly okay if you want to perform with her, but you deserve to know upfront that she is HIV+.

You can’t make an informed decision without the facts.

There is a long list of people she has done content with. She even went to Vegas at the end of February and shot content with others there.

This is not okay!

This is why in almost every state (except California), you are required by law to disclose your status to your partner, in not doing so, you commit a crime. This is why Mr. Marcus went to jail for 30 days. He had syphilis, didn’t tell anyone, had sex with them, and gave it to them.

*** UPDATE: She admits it is her and that she took money from an anti-porn organization (Aids Healthcare Foundation).


679903cookie-checkHIV+ Sofia Delgado Returns to Performing Under New Fake Name @NudistDiary #confirmed

HIV+ Sofia Delgado Returns to Performing Under New Fake Name @NudistDiary #confirmed

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7 Responses

  1. She worked with my spirit animal and personal role model Uncle Jack? Imagine getting HIV at age 70.

  2. A HIV positive person not disclosing his/her/their HIV status BEFORE having sex should carry life in prison without parole. If HIV is actually transmitted in such an event the person not disclosing should be executed! Getting HIV ruins a person’s life and it should be treated as such. I get that people in this industry run the risk of getting HIV (although with testing from approved facilities the risk is lower than in the general public) but not disclosing any known HIV positive status before fucking someone should be treated like attempted murder if HIV isn’t passed on and murder if it is. Ms. Delgado needs to be sent to prison for the rest of her life with no chance of parole and her status should be tattooed above her fucking cunt so guards know not to fuck her with their body parts. HIV positive people have to accept that they can likely only fuck others with HIV — sorry but that is the way it is and the way it needs to be!

  3. Look at this dumbass’s tweets only goes to show she expected tremendous support from others like her.
    She should be tarred and feathered then ran out of town

  4. Anyone knows the answer to the following.
    Should an HIV plus individual being so irresponsible as it may and heavens forbid, just stop taking Truvada. How long would it take to be contagious again? I mentioned the word ” again” because, at one point or another, this person was, in fact, contagious until the regiment commenced and was adhered to. Simply stated, perhaps it is likely to be contagious on again and off again. I would put so little faith and trust into Sofia Delgado.

  5. Rumor has it drugs are so advanced that if you have HIV, it’s unlikely you can pass it on. She should still disclose, but I would assume that is why she is perpetrating a fraud.

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