Sofia Delgado Should Have Come forward



I feel bad for her, but in the end she is now out of a biz that she never should have been in in the first place.  If you have no more humanity than to simply try to disappear if you catch HIV please just leave the business now.

I have known of her for a couple of days now and was told she was going to come forward, she didn’t.

One can’t help but wonder how much the FSC played in her decision to stay quiet,  Sofia is very close with Rod Daily and with Cameron Bay, there is another girl in that circle that is a performer and word is thyat she has tested negative but is not out of the woods yet, If Diane Duke lifts the moratorium I will make her name known.

So once again we know Diane lied, Sofia isn’t new and she for sure has worked with people in Porn Valley during the exposure period, apparently twitter is a better record of who has worked with whom than The FSC is.

Be safe people and lets get Diane Duke out of our lives….

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Sofia Delgado Should Have Come forward

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  1. Looks like she just recently did a pretty rough scene for sexuallybroken with the male talent/director at the end of July. Are they notifying the few other girls that also performed with that guy after his exposure, or does it look like Delgado’s exposure came after that time frame?

  2. Why was Dianne Duke so quick to state that this person had no contact with Cameron Bay or Rod Daily. It just doesnt make sense. If she is NOT connected to the two of them, then that means there is at least one more person involved. But if she was infected by Rod Daily it would actually be ‘better'(for lack of a better word) for the industry. It would mean that this is a closed cluster, and pretty much contained at this point. But only TIME will tell.

    But Dianne has already stated that all the first genereation contacts have been tested, and as of yesterday all were negative, except one whose test wasnt back yet. So obviously NOT everyone who had contact with her has been tested, or that persone may still be withing the window period of the test. These are abviously early detections, and their very well could be more bad news on the horizon.

  3. “I am closing in on who the performer is, I am told that she is with a “Rogue Agency” not a LATATA Member and not licensed not bonded.” – Mike South

    So if you knew who it was why would you write this?

  4. If the FSC knew who she was and alerted the people who she worked with what difference does it makes if she came forward or not? This girl is probably terrified, so save the finger wagging.

  5. You have FAR more faith in the FSC than I do….I will bet my last dollar that they didn’t notify every performer, specially considering she did a lot of “content” shoots. Bear in mind this is the same FSC that said she is a new performer and hadn’t worked with anyone in porn valley….a quick twitter search will prove that VERY wrong.

  6. If you dont like it here please leave. I posted her name after giving her ample time to come forward, she has a responsibility to her fellow performers to be forthright if you dont get that too bad. I aint here to make friends….

  7. She needs to come forward, but I can’t even imagine the emotional shit she is dealing with at the moment. I can’t imagine finding out you are HIV+ is as easy to deal with as finding out you have herpes. It would be devastating, life altering news. It may take some people longer than others to come to terms with their new reality and speak about it.

  8. When I look at the situation, I feel sorry for the girl, but not for the reasons you might expect. While it’s sad that she apparently is now HIV positive, what I am really sorry about is that when I look at her model profile, it appears she was down with doing everything (and I mean everying) including some of the most risky stuff in porn – all before she has even shot her first couple of scenes.

    She reminds me in many ways of Lara Roxxx, who basically did an insane double anal unprotected, with one of the guys being infected (apparently from fucking trannies in Brazil, from what I read at the time). Lara was silly because she got talked into (or was wiling enough or desperate enough) to do an incredibly risky shoot right up front.

    At some point, I think the agencies need to get a little wiser and help keep the new girls (and guys for that matter) from jumping off the deep end into this stuff. While they may not be specifically legally responsible for the results here, it would appear that nobody is really giving these girls a good talking to before they list them. I mean, a newbie that does creampies, swallows, anal, gangbangs… you have to wonder who would be silly enough to promote her in that manner.

    Just my two cents.

  9. sofia delgado has been hiding for a while she only needed to answer a couple questions take sa little simple test and ppl wpouldnt have to speculate on the whole ordeal. Well ms. sofia has a new scene out under the name “sofia deiga” gloryhole site….!!!!MY QUESTION IS WHERE IS THIS CHICK I MEAN WE ALL READY KNOW WHO SHE IS WHY NOT DO THE RIGHT THING AND CLEAR THE AIR…

  10. Question about FSC

    They state a threefold purpose but only list two…
    Protect against unconstitutional interference…the right to exist
    Truthful Voice of the industry…political marketing, the industry supports society

    I’m assuming PASS is the unstated third part of purpose but wonder if/ how a group focused on fighting AGAINST content/context interference has evolved to fight FOR and adopt “appropriate” participant safety guidelines.

    Have they focused so much on saying NO that they aren’t seeing the forest for the trees?

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