The Free Speech Coalition is Considering Allowing HIV Positive Performers To Work

This is VERY quiet right now because they have no idea how they are going to sell it to performers but The FSC is considering supporting HIV positive performers back into the talent pool.  The idea is that if your viral load is low enough that it doesn’t register on the tests that they use then it is highly unlikely that you can spread the disease.  Add that to the fact that The FSC’s main benefactor has long been an advocate that he is essentially cured and cant give the disease to anyone, there is some internal monetary pressure for the idea.

Note that I said it is highly unlikely that someone could spread the disease, not impossible.  This is currently a bit of a hot topic in medical circles with the consensus being that it is, in fact, possible, however unlikely it may be.

At a time when there is a glut of performers and porn has a bad reputation with mainstream, this seems to be a totally idiotic move but that has never stopped The Free Speech Cabal before.

One argument will be that it is illegal to discriminate against HIV positive persons in regard to hiring, but that has always been the case and even morons in government can understand why our business should necessarily adhere to that policy.

This will likely be a while coming like I said right now selling the idea to talent, as dumb as most talent is, will be a huge undertaking, but it will be done gradually over time.

This has been verified at a very high level…remember…you read it here first!


188540cookie-checkThe Free Speech Coalition is Considering Allowing HIV Positive Performers To Work

The Free Speech Coalition is Considering Allowing HIV Positive Performers To Work

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  1. Wow. Does this seem like a throwback to the Mike South of old. I completely understand the argument that you can’t discriminate against a performer just because they have HIV – don’t agree with it, but understand it. At the same time, that brings us back to that age-old argument we used to have about OSHA and condoms. There are still workplace safety issues. An HIV positive physician can explore your body, but they have to wear gloves and other protective gear. For the life of me, I can’t imagine OSHA or health authorities allowing bareback, non-condom scenes between an HIV-positive performer and a non-infected performer, let alone the exchange of bodily fluids. But, what do I know?

  2. A more apt title would be ‘The Free Speech Coalition is considering acknowledging they have allowed and even condoned HIV positive performers to work’

    A couple weeks ago California decriminalized non-disclosure of HIV positive status. Now look at the political names behind that and the folks who are ‘in bed’ with industry movers & shakers.

    How many years ago was Stagliano telling the world he could pass an industry HIV test? No one is telling performers that YES they may be working with HIV+ perf

  3. oops hit post in error

    No one is telling performers the Industry test doesn’t exclude HIV+ performers. That includes gay for pay etc as long as their treatment is effective they can pass the industry test.

    The industry test excludes known infectious levels of HIV it does not exclude effectively treated HIV.

    As far as OSHA goes if a source knows they have HIV or any other ‘exposure risk’ they can refuse testing so good luck getting definitive proof. Prior to the 2013 OSHA Draft the industry has been pushing ‘lowest permissible levels’ and pretending Hep A,B C, Syphilis, gonorrhea and thirty or so other common STD aren’t an issue.

  4. Good point Lurk, it isn’t like it is not already happening. But this would fall under “tacit” approval.

    I suspect that there is one person driving this…that would be the same HIV positive former performer who knocked up a popular female while she was an active performer.

    Or maybe this is just the next step in the misogynist field day that porn has become….watch her catch HIV….

    Hey yall!!

    ….Ive been tempted to write a lot lately but this one pushed me over the edge…. I do miss you guys

  5. This is asinine. IMO once someone is diagnosed with HIV that person should only be able to fuck others with the same VD under penalty of life in prison without parole (or maybe have a constitutional amendment allowing for a mandatory death penalty). The only exception should be for a husband and wife and then only when the non-HIV infected person sits through a four hour HIV education course written by the CDC, takes an exam proving he/she knows what the hell he/she is getting into and passes that test with at least an 80% score.

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