AIM Had No Intention Of Reporting The HIV Outbreak To LA Health Dept.

As a result they are opening an investigation.  How many other incidents has AIM covered up?

“I just think it is wrong to expose people to life- threatening diseases that can be preventable,” said Dr. Jonathan Fielding, director for Los Angeles County’s Department of Public Health.

“We have opened an investigation after hearing about it today,” Fielding said, adding that officials with AIM have yet to officially report the finding.

27590cookie-checkAIM Had No Intention Of Reporting The HIV Outbreak To LA Health Dept.

AIM Had No Intention Of Reporting The HIV Outbreak To LA Health Dept.

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  1. Mike: I saw there’s a related post from me dated from last November. What I wrote then was that the fed prosecutions of Max Hardcore and Rob Black were the least of porn’s problems. It was the potential of regulation by a local or state department of health. Given the news today from the health officials in LA, I stand by that post.

  2. i’m not sure AIM was aware of an outbreak until it was too late. their version of the timeline puts the positive result being known june 4 yet the performer for “unknown reasons” worked anyway. but you seem to insist (repeatedly) that there’s some large scale attempt by AIM to harm performers. i guess i gotta read your old posts on them. peace.

  3. Honestly with all that has come out Im more inclined to believe the original source than AIM. AIM is not looking very good here they have been covering up positive results since 2004. I find it very likely that AIM is being less than honest about this timeline for one, one person at AIM said the person tested positive on June 6 another said June 4th, regardless AIM had no intention of making it public or even reporting it as required.

    Its way too likely that AIM is simply covering their own ass again, the credibility with them has dropped to zero with me, others may choose to believe AIMs version if the want I’m simply laying it all out

    After all ultimately it is the responsibility of the performers to decide what is best for them.

  4. Mike,
    You dont even know that HIV positve results are NOT reposted to this department. In California there is a completely seperate department where HIV result are reported. AIM has complied with ALL legal reporting, always has and always will. Do you know why they always have and always will? OF COURSE YOU DONT. It is because the laboratory that performs the test is also required to report the restlt AND report where they got the specimen from.

    Did you know this Mike, or were you just intentionally trying to throw gasoline on the fire?

  5. Then why is the health dept saying they had NOT been notified as required about the newest one?

    Or are they making that up?

    why have there been 16 positives since Darren James that nobody heard a word about?

    How many of those 16 may have been contracted because AIM wasnt fulfilling their responsibility to the industry? How many might AIM have prevented?

    Why did AIM lie about this one initially?

    Why do the timelines at AIM differ depending on whom you speak to over there?

    I know who you really are Harold so let me ask you this….Why has AVN been silent about all of this except to say that AIM has everything under control (HORSE SHIT)

    Everyone at AIM should resign in disgrace, they put the last nail in the coffin of an already dying industry. Now the state will regulate porn and theres a good liklihood you may be out of a job….be sure you call Sharon and her cronies and thank them.

  6. Mike,
    AIM has seven days from the time they recieve a ‘final’ confirmation on the result from the lab.
    That means theyhave until JUNE 13, and the lab has 30 days to report.

    The lies are coming from those who are covering for the fact that they lied to the performers on their set.

    They calimed that AIM said the results were ok and went on withtheir shoot on that friday. That is complete bullshit. The test results were not even back on that friday. The blood was take on June4. The result reached AIM on June 6. The patient was notified in person, at the AIM clinic on June 6. Additional tests, required by law to confirm, and “diagnose’ a positive HIV result were taken that day.

    On June 6, at the clinic, the patient gave the names of the TWO performers and other civilins that she had contact with. Those people were immediately contacted. All this bullshit started when the producer on the friday shoot rheard that her test was positve. He knew he was caught in a LIE. The producer told all the performers tha HE had checked everyone s results. HE is the one who lied, and then started this bullshit to blame AIM.

    The 16 otheres wer civilians, AIM test lots of civilians, most of whom come to AIM becasue of their Very risky lifestyles, and the majority of them were actually GAY performers who test at AIM but do not sign the waiver, thus tying the hands of AIM to make their resutls known.
    A few of those positives were people testing before they entered the biz, and had no contackct with any other performers.

    ANOTHER something you are obviously ignorant about……The waiver allows AIM to notify ohter INDIVIDUALS who may be affected. Have you ever even bothered to read the wasiver….NO YOU HAVE NOT, that is obvious.


  7. Mike,
    If what I said about the producer on the friday shoot was true, and it is, just for the sake of argument, what do you think his role and resposibility is in lthis case?

  8. p.s. ALL of those other 16 positive HIV results form AIM were reported as required by law to the proper government agencies by both AIM and the lab that performs the tests.

    The governemet entity to which HIV resutls are f=reported does NOT by law, report this to the division headed by Dr. Fielding, who himself is one of the most negligent health department officials in the United STates.

  9. and what if it isnt true? you can play that game both ways so far all AIM has done is lie

    Why should anyone believe them now?

  10. Mike, AIM’s responsibilty is to the patients who test at the clinic, not to the ‘industry.’
    Do yourself a favor before you continue to make yourself look like a horses ass. Get a copy of the waiver and read it, better yet, if you got the balls, print it here.

    And I see you did not evern respond to the “not cooperating’ issue you raised when I showed you the time frame for reporting positives by the clinic and the lab. Youre like a child who gets caught in his bullshit and then ignores the facts when presented to him.

    As far as AIM lying, you are taking the word of gossip site posters as gospel truth. Yeah, good sources Mike.

    Here’s the million dollar question MIKEY, Has AIM even recieved the “official’ confirmation follow up test results that are legally necessary to diagnose someone with HIV?

    And the two milllion dollar question, did AIM DENY there was a positive or did they refuse to either confirm or deny when questioned BEFORE they had the follow up results?

    When you know the answers to these questions then please continue to make yoursle look like the horses ass that you are.

  11. And your response to my “for the sake of argument” question is childish at best.
    Whynot, just for the sake of argument, answer the question? Why not ask the producer to get his phone records to show he called AIM?

    So far, the producer in question has lied repeatedly. Of course you dont want to have any part in getting the real truth out when it gets in the way of your well documented personal vendetta against AIM.

    And by the way, In 2003, the World Health Organization called “pcr’ testing the “NEW GOLD STANDARD”. Maybe up in them thar hills you hadnt heard about that yet. Just google it to confirm it yourself and get back to me about it. Of course you wont, youre busy being the horses ass.

  12. AIM has lied repeatedly, they have obfuscated and hidden facts. it doesnt get any simpler than that.

    You are incorrect, about the WHO even though our guidelines are set forth by the FDA the Gold Standard test is the very same one they are using to confirm the results of your pcr-dna test you cling to so firmly.

    Maybe you morons in California cant read medical documentation, I mean I know your public schools are bad…

    you say the producer lied but the only people who have been proven to have lied is AIM…deal widdit.

  13. Nice try Mike, but it was the producer who lied. Contact the performers MIke, oh wait, you dont even know who they are.

    As for the FDA, you know full well that the FDA is the slowest acting agency in our entire form of government. That is why AIM has NOT EVEN RECIEVED THE WESTERN BLOT RESULTS YET. If AIM were using that test they would NOT EVEN HAVE A POSITIVE RESULT ON THAT PATIENT TODAY.

    Go to AIMS website right now. There are several posts there right now that comfirm this.

    DID YOU GET THAT MIKEY….if they were using your test, they would not even have a positive result yet. To confirm an elisa(which itself is not a test, it is a methodology of testing) you must run a ‘western blot'(another methodolgy to confirm the elisa) It takes about 6 to 8 working days(dont coutn the weekends) to get a final confirmation on an elisa.

    If we all followed Mikes advice, NONE onf this would even be out there yet.

    Do you think what I just described above is preferential to the fact that AIM had positive result in 2 days after the patient was seen, or would you prefer the 6 to 8 days with your test.

    Because the FDA is so slow, it is still an elisa confimation that is needed to ‘legally’ diagnose an HIV infection.

    If we used your system MIKEY, you would not even have a positive result yet. Is that what you would prefer.\

    Now please, continue being the horses ass.

    The red cross, here in the unites states, and everywhere else in the world uses the pcr test to screen blood donations. They do not use the elisa.

    But I guess Mike knows better than the red cross, after all, they are only responsible for the entire supply of blood products you and every single other person in this country uses to ensure a safe blood suppply.

    I nominate MIKE SOUTH for surgeon general.

    Now please, go to the AIM site and see what they are saying, not what somone told you they said. For gods sake, be responsible.

    MIKE what do you think of the Red Cross using the pcr method of testing? SImple question, do you have the balls to answer it?

    Directly from the redcross website.

    NAT(Nucleic acid testing) NAT is a thecnology that can detect the genetic material of Hep C virus, HIV and West Nile Virus FASTER AND MORE ACCURATELY thean other tests, which react to antibodies of those viruses. ALL OF THE BLOOD COLLECTED BY THE RED CROSS FOR TRANSUSION IS NOW SUBJECTED THE THE NAT FOR HEP C, HIV AND WEXT NILE VIRUS.

    Did you get the ‘FASTER AND MORE ACCURATELY” part there Mikey.

    Only because the FDA still requires the lesser methods to be used do they still use those mtheods.

    Did you get that ‘FASTER AND MORE ACCURATELY’
    But I guess Mike knows more thatn the Red Cross.

    An antigen, is any substance that causes the immune stystem to produce antibodies against it, such as a bacteria or virus.

    Japan, Germany, France, England,China,Isreal,and almost every other country that screens its own blood supply has discontinued with the elisa method in screening their blood supply. The FDA is years behind, as is par for the course for that governmental organization.

    Hey Mike, why dont you call your old friend, the one who wrote that letter you posted years ago, I think yousaid he was from the CDC. See what he has to say.

  14. lol. from hiv to bad schools to surgeon general.

    this dialogue is officially over.

  15. Mike, as I have pointed out in other posts, AIM has yet to recieve the confirmation western blot, and has seven days to report from the time they get that result.

    Now that you have been given these facts, why havent you responded to them, or is it just better to fan the flames and repeat the bullshit from the most negligent County Health Departnemt in the U.S. Oh thats right, this is, and any facts that support AIM are not welcome here, where as posts on gossip sites are take as gospel truth.

  16. It gets better….look at your own quote from Dr. Fielding…”We have opened an investigation afeter hearing about it today,: Fielding said, adding that officials from AIM have yet to OFFICIALLY report the finding.

    MIKEY, who do you think the healthdepartment heard this from. AIM you moron.
    And it ahsnt been OFFICIALLY reported because they dont have the official resutl yet. Youare truly a moron MIKE and this proves it.

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