AIM Fucks up update

When AIM was initially contacted about the HIV positive performer they denied that it was true. It wasn’t until a thread of hit critical mass that they finally admitted that it was true.

Some companies have already halted production of sex scenes until this gets sorted out, nobody knows who the secondary exposures were but there were a lot of them.

I know that medical information is private but I thought AIM made you sign a release so that the industry could be notified of a potential outbreak. For them to fuck up the test in the first place is inexcusable. I mean how do you mistake a positive test for 3 days?

If you are a performer I’d insist on condoms until this gets sorted out.

I have been telling y’all about AIM for years….it riddled with ineptitude.

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AIM Fucks up update

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  1. i didn’t realize that AIM is a non-profit organization. are they the only game in town for our stars? it sounds as if this group didn’t provide this service then nobody will.

  2. Mike,
    In your zeal to lay the blame on AIM yet again, you take the word of an anonymous post as gospel truth.
    The fact is the producer on that Friday shoot lied to his performers and told them he checked with AIM and everybody’s test is ok. The performer in question had a “pending” HIV test, which means the resultw were not yet back from the lab. The performer was notifi

    The “positive mistake for three days” NEVER HAPPENED.
    ed IN PERSON at the AIM clinic on Saturday

    afternoon. If there was a shoot that she did on Saturday it was AFTER she was notified IN PERSON of her HIV positive result.
    The producer on the Friday shoot is now just trying to cover his ass and say that AIM said everthing was ok. He is lying. He knows his ass is going toget nailed by OSHA just like ttboy did.
    The performer was NEVER told her test was negative and then CHANGED to positive.

    Your predisposition to take an Anti-AIM stance is well documented, but when you repeat these total bullshit rumnors, started by the lying producer who is just trying to cover his ass any way he can, you really look stupid. Every person who had any contact with the infected performer was already contacted BEFORE any of this became public.

    Just because you have noclue as to what is being done doesnt mean that it isnt being done.

    As far as condoms go, you wont need to REQUEST them in the future, thestate of california is going to make them mandatory.

  3. correction,

    somehow my sentences go t mixed up
    The performer was notified IN PERSON on saturday at the AIM clinic of her positive test.
    The “positive mistake for three days” NEVER HAPPENED>

  4. Backspace, you are correct. All of the AIM haters love to complain like little whining bitches. When asked what they would to different, or if they would be willing to do anything at all, the silence becomes deafening.

  5. The ONLY person who fucked up here is the producer who lied to his performers and told them that he chekced with AIM.


    AIM lied and tried to cover it up they knew that people had potential exposure since at least Monday and they never said a word nor would they have said a word had this story not broken

    Thats why I am inclined to believe the original story, not the one about a producer trying to cover his ass…all AIM has done in this is try to cover their ass.

  7. I will be happy to tell you what AIM can do different

    1. get a real doctor

    2. insert a board of directors that includes real doctors that specialize is sexually transmitted diseases and epidemiology or public health.

    3. institute a policy of full disclosure, performers have a right to know if they may be getting exposed, AIM has no right to withhold that info, thats why they make you sign over your privacy rights.

    4. Start using gold standard testing

    5. Start testing for everything, including hep and herpes

    thats a good start

  8. Those are great ideas mike and i don’t understand why those standards aren’t already in effect in the first place. but who funds this non-profit group? is it the govt? who’s gonna pay for that real doctor?

  9. gold standard,
    A while ago you yourself were sick and had to have surgery.(glad to see youre ok now)
    Unless you ‘predonated’ you own blood for that surgery, guess what test was used to scrren the blood you recieved, if any, for that procedure. And what test is used to screen all blood donate worldwide?

    HINT: its not the elisa test that you recommend. It goes by a 3 letter acronym that starts with “P”

  10. I did pre donate for one

    and for another the ONLY confirmatory test for HIV is the Western Blot

    not PCRDNA

    and you know it

    The current Elisa test has an identical window to the PCR test and costs only a quarter as much

    follow the money you find the motive.

  11. and once again you are wrong blood banks do not only use nucleic acid testing as you infer

    they use antibody, antigen AND Nucleic acid based tests….all three

    If you are going to come at me with “facts” you better make sure they are verified because despite what you may think I DO verify

  12. Look “Harold” you can try to muddy the water all you want. AIM fucked up here and it’s looking worse and worse.

    The ELISA test with a Western blot confirmation are the only gold standard diagnostic tests for HIV

    You fail to mention the fact that someone can be HIV POSITIVE for years and show negative on a PCRDNA test.

    all of this arguing aside the question here is simple

    Did AIM lie when they said nobody had tested positive when someone had.

    Has AIM not disclosed as many as 22 performers (not civilians) who the LA Times and the LA County health dept said have tested positive

    Does AIM believe that performers do not have a right to know if they are potentially being exposed.

    Guess what its about to get even worse….

  13. Now what is your response to the red cross saying that the NAT(pcr) is “FASTER AND MORE ACCURATE” than the elisa?

    Or will you just ignore this post and go on being a jakc ass?

    I will make it easy for you….Put ‘red cross blood screenig” in your Google search. Click on the very first listing. On the very first page you will read the above refernced quote.

    But I guess surgeon genereal mike knows better than those who are actully resposnsible for our countries entire blood supply.

    AGAIN, what is your respoonse the the faster and more accurate quote.

    As far as testin your own blood(smart move predonating) your hospital took the cheap route.

    Now, what about that faster and more accurate thing you keep ignoring?

  14. AIM has reported a total of 22 postives in the time frame reported by the TIMES. That is ALL of the positives, including gay perfomers, civilians, and people who wanted to but never got the chance to work in the industry because they were foung=d to be HIV positive intheir first AIM visit.

    Now what about that Faster and More ASccurate thing you keep ignoring?

  15. I was a B-list performer from 96 to 98. This industry’s frighteningly short attention span never ceases to amaze me. AIM and Sharon Mitchell did the exact same thing when it came to Wallice’s suspect test, resulting in the infection of several other female performers. Just before this situation occurred, I was sent to a hardcore magazine shoot by my caring agents, Jim South and Steve Austin. Steve went on and on about how great it would be for a newbie like me to work with a legend like Wallice, and what a wonderful person he was. The day of the shoot, I end up getting horribly lost, driving from my little suburb of Chino to the big, bad Valley. These were the days before navigation and cell phones, so I ended up arriving an hour late for the shoot, which is very frowned upon; time is money. Immediately upon my arrival, I was confronted by an angry, raging German woman with a butch haircut. After screaming some choice words at me and just generally spewing evil at me, she ordered me to get dressed for the shoot. I felt tears stinging my eyes, and I decided to get the hell outta there. I cried the whole way home, my car was on the verge of being repossessed and I really needed the money. On top of that, I was sure I just ruined my reputation in the industry, as I’d just pissed off this powerful photographer who has a stellar reputation in the industry. Two days later, I along with the rest of the industry, minus AIM and Sharon Mitchell, found out Marc Wallice faked his tests and infected other performers. Yes, AIM already knew. They did not immediately release the information as soon as they had it, nor did they immediately “launch an investigation”. Needless to say, I gave up my dreams of becoming the next Jenna Jameson in favor of living. Sharon Mitchell is a joke, and whoever let this drug-addled, disgusting shell of a human being take charge of any form of public health, is seriously delusional. Healthcare in porn should be AIM’s top priority, but instead they are nit-picking about who’s test they are going to pay for. Where is the anger here people?? Stand up!! Why can’t AIM get a real doctor, one with ethics instead of dollars signs in their eyes?

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