AIM Expands Quarantine List Rumors Run Wild

Apparently someone at AIM has wised up, the quarantine list has been dramatically expanded.

Rumor mill now has the number of positive performers at 20….something I highly doubt.   Much more likely that’s the number of potential exposures, and it will grow.

Which leads to a question a LOT of people are asking.  IF AIM won’t release the name of the positive performer what good is AIM?  It IS a valid question. If for no other reason than theres no real way to know who the primary and secondary exposures really are.  The only way to know if you have been exposed is to know who tested positive.  There’s no way AIM can know.

AIMs refusal to tell anyone who it is relies on the positive performers honest and accurate info about whom he has worked with in the last 60 days AND on the honest and accurate info about whom each of them has worked with.  Because of the mass hysteria the rumor mill starts to fly because everyone wants to know who it is so they can put their minds at ease or if they should be worried.  Many of these people want to be responsible and stop working if they have been exposed but AIM doesn’t know about them.

In other words….what we have is a cluster fuck.

The truth will eventually get out, it has a way of doing that, same as it did last time. It may be me or one of the other industry blogs.  I’m getting lots of names but none are verifiable…yet.

Either way this is a death blow to AIM, the AHF will use this to railroad their agenda

42270cookie-checkAIM Expands Quarantine List Rumors Run Wild

AIM Expands Quarantine List Rumors Run Wild

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  1. Mike, you did a story last year on why AIM can’t release the name of Patient X. Why woudl this time be any different? It is against California regulations to publicly release the name of a person who has tested positive for HIV without their permission. It is up to the person to come forward. Respectfully, you are underestimating the depth of knowledge AIM has on who talent is shooting with in LA. And even if AIM isn’t completely positive of EVERY shoot, the producers know who they shot, as do the talent. All AIM needs to do is contact known sex “partners” they are sure of and the insiders do the rest.

    Boss, I know that you are not from around here, but you do know this a pretty insular industry in Porn Valley. Do you really think half the West Coast industry peeps this affects directly don’t already have the name they are looking for?

  2. I hope at least AIM is working with Talent Testing on this so everyone is covered. With half the talent using TTS instead of AIM, there could be a lot of first and second generation exposures undocumented and the TTS clients may not even know they were exposed if they aren’t working in lockstep.

  3. Each time this HIV/STD issue hits the media, be it about a positive test, mandatory condom use, or whatever, there seems to be a couple of issues these stories either are ignoring completely or glazing over. It’s been brought up in some of the discussions I’ve read, but not at all by any media, adult or mainstream.

    1. Many performers don’t work exclusively in Porn Valley or exclusively in the US for that matter.
    2. Most aren’t celibate when they’re off the set, and many have multiple partners off camera.

    Lets hope all the non-industry peeps that are 1st and 2nd generation exposures have also been contacted.

  4. In 2004 AIM released all the names,,,,to make a long story short,,they got sued, and lost. Although testing is neede, nobody argues that, the simple fact is that for years AIM was violating several laws,,,but California authorities just turned a blind eye.

    But then after they published that entire q-list in 2004 everything changed.”

    AIM now folows every sing applicalble law in California. They do EVERYTHING theya re required to do,,,,and to do anything different now would force authorities to step in and close their doors.

    The industry was spoiled for so many years when AIM was sidestepppking privacy laws,,,,,now that they dont violate those laws everyone jumps on them.

    AIM detractors, like MIKE here, love to have it both ways. Theycriicise AIM for breaing the law, but then turn around and demand that they do the same thing again.

    It is the resposibilityof thereferring py=hysician, DR> HAMBLIN, to interview, identify,and iform all of the people that had an at risk exposure with the HIV positive person,,,,this is different from other stds,,where it is the COUNTIES resposnibility todo this,,,UNLESS, the referring physician does it for them,,whichis what AIM does,,and it is 100% legal.

    AIM is merely the messanger,,,,,,this a an INDUSTRY problem,,, AIM is there to cleanup the mess that this industry creates,,,,,,This industry was around long before AIM,,,,AIM was created to clean up the mess,,,,,dont blame the maid for the mes that the boss makes.

    ps..AIM keeps no record of who shoots with whom…..And as far as relying on the indu=ividual to be honest,,,,of course thats how it is,,,,

  5. Jut becuase YOU dont know whats going on. or how tings are being handled, doesnt mean that they arent being handled.

    The only thing AIM has ever been “cited” for is releasing names in 2004…..They have NEVER EVER been cited by any county, state, or federal agency of any knind for any violation.

    And in 2004 it was a private suit by daren James that they lost,,,,even when they published the names in 2004 the authorities turned a blind eye.

    And EVERY SINGLE time AIM has gone to court withthe AHF suites ect. AIM has WON every single time. ANd they have been inspected by county, state, and federal agencies, and EVERY SINGL TIME they have NEVER been issued a citation.

    These are just sim;y FACTS,,,but facts dont seem to mean much when the agenda is to destry.

    Regarding how long they ‘go bakc’ to make the q-list,,,NOBODY in the porn industry ‘blogosphere’ has any clue how many ‘exposed’ individuals have been contacted…NOBODY!!!

  6. I have to respectfully disagree that AIM has NO idea who is shooting with what production company. Most producers call AIM to check on a performer’s test status at least 24 hours before a shoot, OR they access the AIM database. AIM asks who the production company is and when the shoot is when you call in to check, and the database logs accounts that access the performer test results, so there is record of who is checking on whom.

  7. Black and blue,,,,,completely FALSE

    yes producer call AIM toget results,,,,,AIMeither faxes the results or verbally verifies them,,,then hangs up the phone. They get about 100 calls a day for this,,,,,they dont write down or keep any records whatsoever as to whom the send the results,,

    It is post exactly like this,,,,from people who have no clue at all as to the procedures and policies at AIM, that fuel the ignorance and rumors. Same as Mike here,,,on one hand he seems ot belittle the rumor mongers,,,but he himself prints those very same rumors.

    BLACK A B SAYS,,,,the databse logs accoutns tant acces the performer test results….this statemnt is 100% false.

    Yes. people call AIM and AIM asks who is calling,,but NO record of those call is kept.
    THere is no record of any kind at AIM of what company anybody works for. PERIOD. END OF CONVERSATION.

    BLACK AND B,,,,,Please stop makeing these false statemnets that do nothing more than fan the flames of ignorance.

  8. B&B A performer comes into AIM and gets their blood drawn. Then theywalk out the door and dont come back until next month.

    So tell us B&B how does AIM get this information about who is working with whom, and for what company?
    HINT…the database does not track who logs in,,,,,maybe if you had a computer forensic expert get into their system youcould figure it out,,,but there is no tracking of any kind.

    So how does AIM know this B&B,,PLEASE tell us how they do it>

  9. B&B Did you knwo that AIM has about 5 full time employees, who mostly draw blood, answer phones, and do routine clinical work,,,who st AIM tracks all of these shoots,,,,,,the very idea that you are putting forward here is beyond ridiculous.

  10. It is Dr. Colin Hamblins’s legal responsibility to iform the possibly exposed individuals

    Did anyof you here even know that AIM(dr, hamblin) is not even legally allowed, nor is any ohter doctor,,to tell the exosed idndividuals who the person was that exposed them?

    And here we have all these experts on what AIM shoud and should not do.

    FACT====AIM follows the letter of the law PERFECTLY. They have never been cited by any county, state, or federal agency for any violation, and they are subjected to the same, and sometimes higher level of scrutiny than every ohter medical faciltity in California.

    Every single time AIM has been bought to court AIM has won,,,,except for the single incedent that was reached out of court with Darren James.

  11. There ARE legal means for transference of rights. I maintain that this is something AIM should have done a long time ago, avoiding this clusterfuck.

  12. As in the past, AIM removes the names and information of patient zero and any quarantined performers.
    Jenner and Billy Glide are no longer in the database.

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