Is The FSC and Mark kernes really That Clueless? – Reader Mail

It is obvious that Dianne Duke (the FSC’s hired gun) and much of the adult industry press and blogo-sphere have no clue what the suspense file is.

Hired gun lawyers made an ignorant statement about the AHF not even being in Sacramento for the Appropriations Committee hearing because, “they knew they didn’t have the votes.” This statement alone is proof that she is completely ignorant of routine procedure in the State Assembly. And this is who is being paid to fight the battle for a multi billion dollar industry.

There is a reason the AHF wasn’t there, and that is, they know how the legislature works. Nothing to do with any votes.

EVERY bill with an appropriation of over $150,000.00 AUTOMATICALLY goes into the suspense file. It has absolutely nothing to do with having votes, not having votes, or killing the bill, it is automatic procedure. The FSC and their hired gun lawyer did not even know this. That is why just seeing them show up let the Assembly know what they are dealing with, a bunch of hot air filled buffoons. Imagine the chuckles in the halls of the assembly when they saw all these buffoons and stooges there to ‘testify.’

Not to mention, who did the adult industry send to speak on their behalf, just a guy who was recently arrested for cocaine possession and illegal discharge of a fire arm. This is the best the multi billion dollar industry could come up with. It is getting pretty obvious that FSC is “in it to lose it.”

To the adult industry, you have people who have no clue as to how the legislature works leading the battle for you, along with a couple of stooges who will dutifully read their scripts, and in the process make not only themselves, but the whole industry look like a bunch of retards, and at that, the FSC is a rousing success.

75790cookie-checkIs The FSC and Mark kernes really That Clueless? – Reader Mail

Is The FSC and Mark kernes really That Clueless? – Reader Mail

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  1. Poor Peter Ackworth. Maybe he thought testifying was for “community sevice”?

  2. I just read the link, and in that light, this is pretty funny. The porn geniuses send a bunch of people to testify at a suspense hearing. They then declare victory when the bill is put into suspense, without realizing that what just happened is the process that the California State Legislature follows in the course of legislation – all bills with a value of over $150,000 are automatically put into suspense without testimony for or against the bill at the hearing.


  3. Even I learned something from this article. Obviously I do not live in CA but I was unaware that any state had such thing as a suspense file for bills. However, it seems like Diane Duke would have known this, supposedly having been a high-up at Planned Parenthood before taking her current position at the FSC. I wonder if her real position at Planned Parenthood was mopping the blood off of the abortion room floor.

  4. I haven’t heard of Peter’s case having being plead out yet so there would not be any community service requirement active.

  5. Can anybody explain why they use Bi sexual guys in PORN today and knowing that they are dangerous to everybody around the industry? just sounds like playing fire with fire….

  6. In the 1990s, when big companies went condom only for intercourse, Robert Black promoted that there were no condoms in Extreme Associates movies. Recently, Black said that he is not like Donny Long because he is pro-gay people. Black wanted to have a homosexual male scene in a porn parody. Now he flipflops and is criticizing crossover performers.

    He should become a politician, he is good at talking out of both sides of his mouth. On Generossextreme, Gene Ross wrote articles criticizing AVN. At the time, Black was saying that he did not need to advertise in AVN. Later on, Black got on friendly terms with AVN and advertised again in the magazine. Black is currently AVN and Paul Fishbein.

    Black has criticized Steve Hirsch and yet he acted as J. Jonah Jameson in Spider-Man XXX and Superman vs. Spider-Man XXX. Black criticized people in the x-rated industry for doing plea bargains in obscenity cases and thern he does the same thing. Robert Black talking about performer rights would be like Ted Bundy talking about women’s rights. Black keeps crying poor and yet he has directed a number of porn parody movies since 2011. The Justice League porn parody in particular was heavily promoted

  7. I read complaints about cross-overs in porn; saying that it puts female performers at risk (as if Veronica Avluv’s double anal, double vag with James Deen & company is a risk free act). I read comments that they should be rooted out or that anyone who cross-overs shouldn’t perform in straight porn. Here’s the thing: it would be a violation of the law to do that if the performer doesn’t currently have an STD. On the other hand, you don’t want a performer passing on an STD, regardless of how they got it.

    You cannot discriminate against people in the workplace because of their sexual orientation. If they meet the qualifications of the job – including a clean bill of health – you can’t refuse to hire them strictly because they are gay or bisexual. If you could, you could refuse to hire gay actors to play straight characters in mainstream entertainment.

    If the reason for not wanting to work with gay actors who can get it up for straight porn is that they may have unsafe sex off camera, the answer is a condom. It’s not to discriminate against gay performers who can do the job.

    Like it or not, that’s the law.

  8. 2013 13:34 PM PST

    Is Derek Following the John Stagliano Business Model? Is Porno Dan Getting Bargain Basement Prices?

    Word on the street is that Derek Hay of LA Direct models is now doing live shows over at Porno Dan’s studio. Hay, according to reports, is making his girls work with him in the live shows and he gets to pick the girls he wants.

    Hay doesn’t tell the girls that he’ll be the talent. Jayden Lee is reportedly upset because didn’t want to work with him. She was never told she was working with him but had to…. this practice may be why LA Direct gives Dan his girls for super cheap prices.

    Again, this is the word on the street.

  9. Porno Dan has always been all about Porno Dan, and it often involves getting his dick out when he shouldn’t.

  10. Here’s another reason porn is just begging for regulation. The promo says that the director leads these performers to places they have only fantasized about. My guess is no 18 year old girl got into porn because she fantasized about being beaten with a belt, treated like a slave or had her head shoved under water (haven’t actually watched the trailer. Just guessing by the box cover and scene names).

    James Deen, who does a lot of stuff for Kink, wrote a brief description of the gang bang of Veronica Avluv. He said many people on the crew were visibly distressed by the shoot. But for him and the boys who shoot for Kink, it was just another day at the office.

    That’s really pretty disturbing. And to me, it’s really disturbing that you’ve got lovely women allegedly fighting for their first amendment rights, when what they’re really fighting for is the right to make a thousand bucks to get beaten or physically abused as entertainment. There is no other way to describe double anal/double vaginal penetration.

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