How Much Did The FSC Have To Do With AB332 Being Held Up

Apparently, nothing, It’s hard to say in politics though.  My calling around and emailing tells me that AB332 was just one of 144 bills that were put on hold due to budgetary measures.  It as simple as that.

The measures were held for the year by the Assembly Appropriations Committee. The panel’s chairman, Mike Gatto (D-Los Angeles), said the decisions reflect “our state’s continuing fiscal constraints.”

Assemblyman Isadore Hall III said his AB 332, which would have required condoms in adult films to prevent the spread of disease, met the cost threshold set by the committee for bills to be passed on to the Assembly floor.

“It’s a matter of Gatto putting porn profits above worker safety,” Hall said.

He said the lack of a statewide law means Los Angeles County, which has a condom law, will lose business from adult film productions to other counties.

There are three possible outcomes now

1. It will be forgotten about (highly unlikely)

2. It will be re-introduced in the next legislative session

or 3. It will be put on the ballot

I have questions and some ideas coming next week.

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How Much Did The FSC Have To Do With AB332 Being Held Up

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  1. A few things to remember. The wording in AB332 is DIRECTLY from Cal-OSHA statute 5193, and OSHA is still the law of the land. Virtually everything in AB332 is already the law in California. AB332 just presented a new way to enforce the already existing law. When Dianne and the stooges claim victory, just ask them about OHSA?

    And be sure, the AHF now has assemblymant Gatto clearly in their sites. Michaell Weinstiens first public comment referenced Assemblymans Gatto’s ‘support’ for pornographers. Dont for one minute think that they arent letting Mr Gatto know that they will be driving home the message to the people in Mr Gatto’s district that he side with “pornographers.”

  2. I wonder how Mrs.Gatto will feel if she started getting all this MAIL from Porn Companies with dvd’s of hardcore porn coming to the house and she’s like….what the fuck? Mike…why are u getting all this porn sent here….Thanks FSC..!!

  3. I think the voters of California should vote on it…Fuck Mr. Gatto.
    He is a cry baby Goon senator.

  4. How quick will it be before the FSC tries to lay claim to this (tabling the bill) being due to their hard work and effort?

    Of course to keep the FSC going they are going to need large donations. And no more piles of $1 bills either. Just send the big bills!!!!!!!!

  5. AHF can play this game forever. they got ALL the money they need. They ae bleeding the FSC dry. They know how much AJF raised to fight measure B, actually they know how much they didnt raise.

    AHF has the 2257 fight, Measure B, still dealing with OSHA, and then the statewide initiiative coming up. If the industry could barely raise enough money to run the Measure B in LA County, what makes anybody think thay will have money for a statewide initiative. And did you see Weinstien quote about getting more publicity to push for condoms from this debate than anything ever in their past.

    This is far from over, and it really doesnt matter. EVERY SINGLE THINK in AB 332 is part of the still standing OSHA regulations.

  6. Okay, here’s what you have to do in order to defeat Measure B in case it passes. First, you’ll have to challenge the new law in court successfully. However, since you don’t have a leg to stand on when it comes to any kind of decency, you’re going to have to somehow convince the District Attorney to ‘drop the ball’, so to speak.
    But that’s not all. You can expect the AHF to counter with an assembly bill to further their stranglehold on porn set regulations. The only way you’re going to defeat that is if you can somehow convince the Chairman of the Appropriations Committee to simply drop the bill.
    Now, the way you get them both in your pocket is by promising them significant increases in votes which will assure their election (or re-election). Once they are elected, they belong to YOU!
    I am pretty sure that was the advice that James Lee gave to the FSC, and I’m convinced that they took that advice! Get ready, folks! Porngate 2013 is here!!!

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