Dr Isadore Hall Making A Bid For United States Congress.

Speaking of condoms and such It appears that Dr Isadore Hall is stepping up his game and making a run for United States Congress.  That’s a mixed blessing for porners…It could help derail the statewide condom law but if it goes on the ballot, and it looks like it will, and it passes which it almost certainly will Assemblyman Hall is rather moot.  One thing I will say for Assemblyman Hall is that as a politician he appears to be doing his job, he does the things that reflect the will of the citizens in his district and whether you like him or not that IS his job.  It’s a rare politician these days who remembers that.   When people level criticisms at him for proposing the condom law they never mention that almost 75% of his constituency voted in favor of Measure B, those are the people that really proposed the condom law and those are the people that the industry has to educate if they want to have a prayer of defeating a statewide ballot measure.

Just once I would like to see The FSC and others in this industry face the truth.

On another topic it was sad to see LATATA go down, LATATA started to offset the power and some of the dirty shit the FSC was doing to talent and now it’s just another FSC puppet along with APAC and thats a damn shame.

117250cookie-checkDr Isadore Hall Making A Bid For United States Congress.

Dr Isadore Hall Making A Bid For United States Congress.

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  1. Just like measure b did there is no doubt that the statewide condom law will pass as well if put on the ballot. No way it won’t!

    as a matter of fact. It is actually the LAW right now under OSHA but no one is following it because no one is enforcing it. but Thanks to Michael Weinstein that will soon change. 🙂

    you see, we in the public have to follow the law when we go to work. Hell, I would love to do what I want but I can’t because there are health and safety laws I have to abide by. if I don’t like it, then tough! I would just have to get another job. understand? comprende?

    oh, and please spare us in the public your “education” regarding this issue. ain’t no one listening to your BULLSHIT! that is all.

  2. But wait, I thought Isadore Hall’s career was over after his association with the two porn bills. And now he has the official suppornt of Governor Brown, all the black cacus groups, the entire democratic party machine is behind him,,,,,,but didnt the porn world declare him dead in the water, his ‘legacy’ destroyed,,,,,LOL ONLY IN PORN

  3. Lol…can’t wait to see what FSC barkers spout when he pushes national laws using his expertise and knowledge of the industry. Kinda fucks with …limited to LA county, limited to California, Nevada is waiting with open arms …wishful dreaming talk. Jan 23,2015 Nevada Health played spider welcoming a fly to its web 😉

  4. “When people level criticisms at him for proposing the condom law they never mention that almost 75% of his constituency voted in favor of Measure B, those are the people that really proposed the condom law and those are the people that the industry has to educate if they want to have a prayer of defeating a statewide ballot measure.”

    No. You could get a bunch of constituencies to have a majority want some random shit, that doesn’t mean it goes on to happen. That’s not how that equation works. I bet there were things much higher on the peoples priority list that he never did anything about, that doesn’t mean the constituency choose not to, it means he did. Who could have seen you writing another hype piece for this guy?

  5. “he does the things that reflect the will of the citizens in his district”

    His district is Compton. Who the fuck in Compton gives a fuck about people wearing condoms in adult videos?

  6. People on this site have been going on and on for 1-2 years about how it’s crumbling and Hall and Measure B, etc. are doing all this stuff. Where are the changes? There is pretty much just as many non-condom Gonzo scenes as 2 years ago. Why not declare how amazing these people are once they actually make any change happen. The only change I maybe see is less of a ‘set’ and more of houses and bedrooms used for scenes. That doesn’t help the health side of anything. I guess it just strikes as weird to hold up Hall as having done much on this.

  7. .@erik

    Lol…your theory has a serious flaw. If he were not representing the interests and priorities of the voters he reps they wouldn’t have voted to give him increasingly larger areas to represent.

    Do your homework…from Compton council member to Assembly to Senate means an increasing base of support which doesn’t happen without approval and bodes well for his run to step up to Congress replacing a retiree.

    Summing that up as an equation he is three and zero heading into the next season with a record of passing a controversial measure with 75% approval = more impressive than FSC barkers spouting from the back bench in the dug outs.

  8. Unfortunately someone likes Izzy Hall. I hope he gets arrested like Leland Yee did recently for arms smuggling, bribe taking (yeah, like there is anyone in the state Assembly or US Congress that doesn’t take bribes on at least a weekly basis) and other assorted organized crimes. Ol’ Leland was poised to become Secretary of State in CA until he got himself arrested six months before the election, I hope Izzy suffers the same fate, gets convicted and sentenced to being ass-fucked by his donkey dick gang banger cellie — without a condom — every night for the rest of his life!

  9. Isadore Hall is what in politics is knows as a ‘rising star’ in the democratic party,,,,,,unless there is some HUGE scandal Halls ticket to the Senate seat is practicaly rubber stamped here in California,,,,,the entire democratic machine, including the Governor giving his personal endorsement, along with LA Mayor Eric Garcetti, and no viable opponent in the primary he is a shoe in. @Billy, Measre B got just over 70% YES votes in his district.

    And he has a nice campaign warchest, and a whole new group of donors for future races,,,,,and the industry says he was wasting his time,,,,,thats what you get when you listen to the likes of Dianned Duke and The Fatboy

  10. @Billy: apparently a lot because measure B passed in Compton with 76% of the vote. Blacks were the ones who gave it the highest level of support at 69%.

  11. See billy, since the performers are all hookers, the voters don’t want them spreading all the nasty STDS they are floating in, because they are too stupid to wear condoms on set, to the general public…

  12. That isn’t what I said though. At all. “those (constituents) are the people that really proposed the condom law”. All I said, was that the people did not propose this. Just because they had a majority after being asked to vote, doesn’t mean that was his constituencies priority or that they are the ones that “really proposed the condom law”. That’s all I said. And also, how do you come to the conclusion that his getting more votes and more responsibility can relate directly to these porn laws at all? I could just as easily propose that it has to do more with everything else including weak challengers.

  13. What does race have to do with it? Black people also have a very high religious rate and voters in those tend to skew older. So you’re telling older religious black people want less unprotected sex and I’m to be super impressed at Hall for this? Alrighty.

  14. Matt,

    Why do you constantly advocate violence against people you don’t even know? No one else here does it but you. Are you that angry or are you doing schtick? Maybe a med adjustment is needed?

  15. Ok Rob (we all know who you are, the “Hop Sing” moniker doesn’t fool anyone), maybe I was a bit harsh. All Izzy needs is a medium size dick (maybe Weinfuck’s) up his ass nightly as punishment for attempting to run at least 1000 jobs out of California. Would you like to volunteer to give him his just punishment, Hop/Rob?

    BTW my meds are just fine. I am not hearing any voices or being overly manic (or depressed). I just believe those that work against society’s interests (the ones imporant here are mainly no violent or stealing type crimes, more rights to the people, full employment and appropriate assistance to those that need it) need to be punished appropriately. Izzy and Weinfuck want to eliminate at least 1000 jobs from their state’s residents. Can you imagine the LA Welfare office when these people (OK, maybe 850 of them at least) converge on their facility within a few days time to apply for food stamps? I know I would not even want to be within a mile of their office that week, that is a lot of traffic (and look at that, the welfare office is in Compton — Izzy’s district — because most of the poor in LA already live there). I will even publish the address here since you will probably need it — LA Department of Social Services, Compton – 26, 211 E. Alondra Blvd., Compton, CA 90220, Phone: (866) 613-3777. You, Common and especially Izzy can thank me for the traffic jams in that Assembly district from most of porn going to Compton to apply for benefits later if the condumb law takes effect and is enforced.

    Another thing — maybe you need to fuck Katie Summers more often, your tone sounds like you need more pussy in your life — or meds yourself (and less meth).

    Rob, I also ran into your “Hop Sing” moniker on the lesser site. If you aren’t actually posting there you may want to let their administrator know what is up. If you are posting over there you should know better having read this site regularly for over a year now.

  16. One thing I can assure you with a very high degree of certainty is that HopSing is NOT Rob Black…for one it doesnt match any of Robs prior IPs but more importantly I have correspondence from Rob and he is a functional illiterate…HopSing is not. the writing Rob did on adultfyi was not rob it was Tom Byron putting Robs hallucinations into semi readable form. Rob is so illiterate he literally once spelled Rhode island as Road Iland no way Id buy that HopSing is Rob.

  17. Thank you for checking, I will take this at your word. However, even if Rob can’t type the condesending tone and attitude reminded me ot Rob, he likes to cause trouble, I have pissed him off more than once and he has Tom Byron to put his thoughts into coherent sentences (as you said above) so I added two and two and got Rob. Evidently there is someone else with the same condesending attitude as Rob Black. If the IPs don’t match it isn’t him (unless he happened to move to another state which I doubt he could even afford the gas to get out of California, certainly not move his “newsroom” somewhere).

    Again, thank you for checking IPs for me. It is much appreciated.

  18. Matt,

    You were a moderator at this “lesser site.” Out of respect for Mike I won’t post the link to your profile there that identifies you as such.

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