An Open Response To The International Adult Entertainment Union’s Founder

Dear Phyllisha,

I have thought for two hours before deciding to post this publicly; I was really torn about it because the following is an answer to a private email and I value privacy. However, this is not a private topic: it is about that same Union which is inviting workers of this industry to give their contribution to improve everybody’s working conditions and consequentially the reputation of the whole industry. It is a public dominion topic which I believe it deserves to be treated with the greatest transparency possible, the lack of which I was complaining about in my previous comment to an earlier post by Mike. I wouldn’t be intellectually honest if after my public complaints I kept the subsequent developments secret. Therefore, I won’t post your email, but I am going to answer it publicly, courtesy of Mike’s blog.

First let me start with the no disclosure disclaimer at the end of your email: hold on to it if you like, but you better stop emailing me tout-court if you are afraid that what you write gets spread out. You cannot decide unilaterally what I can or cannot disclose about an email I have received. If you ask me to renegade my opinions I might feel encouraged to let the world know about your attempt to shut me up, in fact. Pressuring people to keep things secret is not the best visit card for a legal organization born to bring people together and to improve their working conditions. Don’t forget that the biggest plague of all among performers has always been the fear to speak out.

Hence and back to the substance, I have nothing to take back or to apologize about. If my criticism is wrong, you have every right to reply and to bring evidence of the contrary. Should the union find my proposals and offers of help interesting, I have already stated numerous times at which conditions I’m available to offer my contribution free of charge. Unfortunately (for some, not for me), I don’t compromise with the adult industry since several years. And my silence is not for sale.

I have nothing against you or anybody else (except when you try to silence me). To the contrary. I’m simply tired to see the same old stale attitude towards the things that are needed to improve our industry and that regularly get belittled when not ignored.

As I already stated a few times and quite a while back, these are a few things that any organization which want to be taken seriously need to consider before even starting the day to day operations:

  • Professional website.
  • Transparency on who is currently running the union, with names, contacts and roles published on the website.
  • Press agent and official speaker.
  • Socials manager (whoever is taking care of Twitter is damaging the union’s reputation by the minute. It’s not by being rude and telling people to shut up that you gain consensus).
  • Regular communication with members (no need for phone tree: email, telephone, text…it’s all available for free and can reach everybody at the same time for any communication need. Check Whatsapp messenger app  and its groups system, for example: send a text message for free and everybody gets it in real time for free.)
  • Clear, public and to the point letter of intents with few achievable points in the short-medium term.
  • People in charge who are responsible for their area of aid or/and expertise regarding day to day operations.
  • Project financing plan.
  • Transparency, transparency, transparency (changing elections dates and terms, not informing about the changes, telling people – me for example – that you have sent out the ballots when those same people haven’t received them is the best way to not be trusted).

They are all points that I have raised from day one and that I have offered to help about and I haven’t seen any improvements on any of those points in the last 6 months. Not a single improvement. And yet, until you have the above you won’t be taken seriously because you won’t be able to even start the engines of such a piece of machinery or to create chapters and electing officers. What you don’t seem to realize is that the union has already lost its momentum. You have launched and advertised an organization promising things that cannot be achieved for the simple reason that this organization has no structure, no players, no content, and no specific goals or, if you prefer, it’s not organized at all. You haven’t been able to capitalize on the surprise and novelty effect and its subsequent enthusiasm generated on people. It’s as if Coca Cola launched their drink without having the recipe yet: nobody likes to drink from an empty can.

My door is always open for serious projects. But again, my words and opinions are not negotiable. I don’t need to be part of the union and the union don’t need me to be part of it. People make choices and they are all legitimate ones. As long as any party takes responsibilities for their choices. So, please, refrain to ask me to take back my thoughts and opinions or to apologize about them in the future (it sounds very shady or, if you prefer, old style union…) You can always shut me up and prove me wrong though, by giving your public statements a factual substance: I still won’t say that I was wrong about my specific concerns, but I for sure will be the first to clap to and support the union and its initiatives.

And to draw a line: I don’t know if there are incoming elections, when, by whom etc and I’m pretty sure that after this writing of mine there won’t be any interest in involving me and it’s probably even better so. But if you guys were so crazy to keep considering me for any position, I want to make clear one thing once and for all: I’ll consider only if I will have successfully passed through a vote and if I will know who voted, when and how and if I will be given the chance to make those data publicly available. Differently, I will support or criticize the union initiatives externally case by case.

I know you will be furious, by now, and instead you should be grateful that someone still takes the time to stimulate the discussion publicly. Believe it or not, this writing of mine will benefit the union one way or another much more than if I kept it between me and you. Never be afraid of public discussions even (especially) when people seem particularly critic.

In fact if you will able to express a constructive reaction to this criticism you will probably be the first one in decades doing so in this auto referential and entitled industry and you will definitely inspire many more people to join the union that any of those bombastic statements given to the press to date. I sense your passion for this union, so don’t give up. But it’s time that you start doing what’s needed seriously, if you want it to succeed. My participation is irrelevant, your dedication is not.

A very respectful and sincere hug,


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An Open Response To The International Adult Entertainment Union’s Founder

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87 Responses

  1. @SabrinaDeep

    You are a breathe of fresh air! Through numerous convos here we have each remained true to our non-negotiable opinions yet respectfully disagreed and allowed each other to evolve on less concrete opinions. This Union seems to be adopting rather than amending he practices their initial stated mission set out to amend. This phone tree crap is more like FSC mouthpieces at APAC than a union registered with the dept of labor who sincerely wants to reach out to incoming performers as a guide to building a strong United workforce. Though I’m not your your intended recipient thank you for taking the time to share this.

  2. Hello sabrnia

    I apologize I have been quite for sometime and thought after reading your comment on mike south I would touch base.

    You need to be a little bit more patient here. This is the very beginning of something huge and there are certain steps that have to be taken in which unfortunately take time.

    We have just sent out the voting ballots for the officers of the performer guilds and as soon as they are voted on they will be taking charge. SO it is not that I am not letting go, I waiting on those ballots to come back in. And it is not that the UNION IS IGNORING YOUR ISSUES, which why your particular issues are so more important then everyone else’s issues, I will never know. However, we need to get our structure set in place correctly before we can move forward on ANYTHING WE DO!

    We have had the discussion of appointing you on the international board because I fill you would be more helpful in the whole picture and not just in one chapter, but we can not have someone doubting our every move. Especially on the board.

    If you wanting to jump in and help work on one of our goals I have suggested to you a few times to jump in and help us with the insurance issues with no reply.

    Perhaps you need to pick a subject your most interested in and help us start attacking it.

    As far as my phone tree goes, thanks for blasting it by the way, ugh.

    That tree one day will come in very handy, so I am preparing that for the future. SO Say Osha is on a rampage and starts banging in doors, or there is a talent tested positive, unless your reading every minute and paying attention to the media sites you may never know, so this Phone tree is a way to send a message through the industry with a quickness and one day we will be glad we took the time to set that up.

    I’ll be happy to remove you from the tree, since you can not see its importance.

    You need to understand here Sabrina, I am not perfect, and there’s a lot of decisions this industry needs to make together that will affect alot of people and there lives,

    so it is not some kind of game.

    Therefore if you have an issue on something from this point out, I would appreciate it if you reached out and discussed those issues with me first before you publicly announce your opinion because you could just be missed informed or not in the loop.

    We have a lot and I mean a lot of shit going on right now, and your not here in the states so you do not even have a clue how hard everyone besides myself, everyone has been working everyday. It is your responsibility to jump in and get involved here, you will have to excuse me if I don’t touch base with you for periods of time.

    Now I’m going to try to answer your bullet points (publicly) and from this point on, I Hope that we will resolve your issues privately from here on out.

    * Of all the problems we got right now, I’m sorry the website is the least of my concern. If you can not see that it is in a “stage” in the works then your not looking at the big picture.

    * The people behind this as I have stated before aren’t any body you know, we will place on website when the time comes to do that.

    International President is a Former Dancer in Portland OR Elizabeth Thomas
    International Vice President Is Casey Blue in Los Angels She has grown up with both parents being in the adult industry so she very well understands our issues.
    International Sec- Treasure is Victoria Hemely form NYC her family started a payroll company back in the day you had to do it by hand.
    Our International Board Members are
    Lisa Marie From Canada she’s a BDSM model
    Dru Berrymore in Florida Former Talent
    George Reano in Los Angles former employee of Metro Video
    John Bolton and Benjamin Greene form NYC they are a law firm.

    Each Member had to be in some way involved in the industry and have a squeaky clean record and that is the restrictions on getting the Union passed through the Federal government. Not that helpful of information is it.

    My name is Phyllisha Anne maiden name is Amanda McGuire. and I am the person who got this Union passed by the United States Department of Labor.

    * Press agent and speaker — GOT TO GET OUT LOCAL OFFICERS FIRST!!
    *Social Manager – has been pointed a few times is currently the beautiful freaking awesome Miss Melissa Hill
    *Transparency – YOUR IN SPAIN EVERYONE ELSE ARE RECEIVING THEM!!! Who knows I could of wrote you address wrong.

    THESE ARE ALL THE SAME ANSWERS I HAVE GIVEN YOU SINCE DAY ONE. The stage in which we are going forward has not changed.

    So if you would rewrite or apologize or whatever, to correct the statements you just made, because they are solely on your opionon. and as mike just stated to you, (in which you did not obviously see his meaning) that people listen to peoples opionon,

    Making such statements could be turning a person away that we may need to help us move forward, or from someone that may need our help and it is working against the people that are sticking their necks out and working so so so so hard every single day out here trying to do nothing but help you!

    If I had a magic wand I’d blast this union to the future to where we are already set up and things have taken its course, but we unfortunately, I have no wand, therefore in the beginning its going to seem like we are moving slowly because I AM ONLY ONE PERSON! AND THE BOARD MEMBERS CAN NOT COME SOON ENOUGH!

    Have some faith Sabrina I got us this far haven’t I.

    This “Union” gives this WHOLE INDUSTRY the CREDITABILITY it has never had.
    And you are already trying to take that away? Is this not your industry as well?

    Please from this point forward if you are having an issue because I Have not personally answered your concerns, I apologize in advance. Please be patient, I swear to you we can not work harder then we all ready are.

    Love Phyllisha Anne

  3. And Mr. South

    Why you would post something like that on the front page instead of making that a comment of the other blog?

    Its one persons opion and anything like that moves us backward in what we are trying to achieve to help everyone.

    She is in spain, she is not here therefore it is hard at this beginging stage to get her involved, i can not hold her hand in doing so.

    And that Mr. SOuth is not helping us either.

    We are fighting the battles of the ones out side the industry, we do not have the energy to fight the battles yet inside the industry.

    Be patient, and we will acheive great things. Makes us bad now, we are doomed before we even have a chance. and how fair is that to all the people in this industry that so dispertally need this to work?

    Phyllisha Anne

  4. Oh and im sorry, one more thing, we have not been formed for 6 months. At this very moment we are exactly 4 months and 19 days old.

    And though you may not see it, we are moving forward with a quickness.

    There is no room for egos here, only uniting with one another. What you just did is quite the opposite.

    GO UNION!!

  5. Leaders of international Union for workers need thick skins and the fortitude to temper reactions. Organizations are critiqued and making/breaking their reputation from day one. As a new union pleading for time to get your shit together it might be helpful to be appreciative vs antogonistic of people taking the time to point out specific deficiencies rather than attacking you or the union personally…as other sites do.

    If this is how you respond to a performer volunteering their time then how can you expect the industry to respond any differently to you? Over the past months Sabrina has expressed interest in the comment section of nearly if not every post Mike has made about the union. Go read back and see the process of her shared xperiences that built her skepticism…your organization invited that!

    Also look up at the post byline….it indicates that Sabrina like me, Mike Payne and others has access to post as she wishes without consulting Mike South.

    Moving on …please consult your attorney regarding using phone trees to alert performers of an HIV concern. Hiding a press release format behind a log-in ensures the word gets out seems more prudent than allowing it to be said the union is putting perormers protcted health information out to the world via a phone tree.

    HIV is an attention hog so maybe creating a training program with medically solid information including pictures of STI performers need to know when they see it would let them know when appropriate medical care including testing outside the industry standard panels is indicated.

    Lastly….Toss in stuff like defining your limits and how to firmly assert them without aggression or animosity on and off the set.

  6. I composed a pretty lengthy and heated reply to this. Unfortunately, the site froze up and deleted everything! Right now I’m too upset about losing everything I wrote, to go through it all again. So just know that I fully support Phylisha Anne and this union. I will make ANOTHER attempt tomorrow, to reply to each of the above comments individually !

  7. ONE thing I will make clear, AT THIS POINT.. Not one single person, before Phylisha Anne, has managed to create, not just a union, but a MOTHER union !! So damnit people, offer up some supportive guidance, rather than mocking or minimizing HER, her efforts, or the efforts of ANY of us, who have stuck our necks out in support of this union! A union is a JOINING of efforts!! And THIS, right here, what Sabrina has done… IS NOT THAT! I personally, have made numerous attempts to contact miss deep sabrinia, and have not received a confirmation to any of those! I’ve tried by email, and on Whatsapp! So, yes Sabrina, we DO use WhatsApp messenger, as you so eloquently suggested we do! Guess what??? WE ARE! Also, let me point out that WE DO NOT KNOW WHO SABRINA DEEP IS ! You might be something over in Spain, but that does not automatically mean that WE in the union, know who you are… Wait, I take that back… NOW, we sure as hell know who you are. And, let me point out, that I FOR ONE, don’t care to have a union member turn her backs on is, by airing our admitted, deficiencies, HERE on a PIBLIC FORUM! It seems to me that you are more interested in letting your presence be known as an individual, than you are in working TOGETHER, in a union! This MOTHER union has received MORE SUPPORT, GUIDANCE, and LEADERSHIP from other national union leaders, than we have from OUR OWN INDUSTRY!! Also, Sabrina, it appears more as if you’ve got a bone to pick with us, simply because we voted against your suggestion to have you single handedly create and control the union website as you see fit! We chose to stick with the homemade website as it is, because we’d rather put our time and effort into getting our message out, rather than turning over complete control to YOU… someone WE don’t even know, and who is located in another country!

  8. By the way Sabrina… If you were so desperate to reach us while we were live on the air Tuesday night, why did you wait until the exact moment that we were signing off. I realize you are located in another country with a different time zone… But come on!! The show was only 50 minutes long! RAWTALK broadcasts from a station with 80+ shows, which run on a schedule. I cannot hold up the start times of the programs after mine, simply because someone in another country chose to call in AS the show is signing off! Sorry, but THAT is beyond my control !

  9. One more thing Sabrina. You might not realize, but you have publicly insulted ME, with your comments about how poorly the social media is being handled. As Phyllisha pointed out, I am the 2nd or 3rd person to have been put in charge of social media. I’ve been operating it for ABOUT only ONE WEEK! In that one week, I’ve noticed quite a shift in our forward moving momentum. So, the public complaint you’ve aired must be based on inaccurate information. On Sunday and Monday alone, I was doing social media for the union and announcing the union’s appearance on my radio show, 12 and 13 hours nonstop, respectively! My fingers and thumbs were swollen, hot, and beet red! So, I would appreciate an apology… just on the simple fact that you have now attempted to damage MY CREDIBILITY in this industry… Of which, I’ve been a member of, since 1993!!! So yeah… GO MOTHER FUCKIN UNION!!! BAM!

  10. There is only one line worth commenting and it’s this one:
    “You might be something over in Spain, but that does not automatically mean that WE in the union, know who you are… ”

    I was under the impression that this union’s goal was to bring together and hear ALL performers. I rest my case over this union needing a press agent / official speaker, among other things.

    Ranting back at criticism won’t do you any good.
    And one clarification: yes, I believe in responsibility. If I do something, especially if I do it for free, I need to be the one responsible for it (talking about redoing the website). Which doesn’t mean not listening to others’ thoughts and ideas, but just to be the one in charge to develop them. It’s a form of respect for people’s work especially when it is done out of their time/resources for free. If you don’t believe that someone can do a good job, don’t hire them. It’s that simple really. Being able to choose the right collaborators and to distribute responsibilities among them is the first quality of a leader or, if you prefer, a good leader is not the one who can do, undo and redo everything he pleases walking all over his collaborators: that’s a dictator. Hence, if I put my programmers crew from my web development company at work to redo the union site I would want to be the only one in charge for that and not to have a bunch of other people arbitrarily changing things and ruining the work done. My programmers don’t give a shit about the union: they have families and they rightly want to be paid for their work. And since I have to pay them, you will forgive me if I pretend to know what’s going to happen to the result of their work that I’m going to give you for free and if I make sure that It doesn’t get wasted just because some incompetent individual wants to play graphic designer or web developer.

    About apologies…what’s wrong with you guys? What makes you think that you deserve an apology every time someone moves a criticism? I’ve said that there are very rude responses on the union’s twitter account: it’s a fact. If you don’t like it, stop being rude and start considering the responsibility that you have as an official speaker of a company or organization. Any legit company would have already fired you from that position if you were using the tone, words and attitude that you (or whomever, I don’t know) used in some tweets: you would make the company look bad. I already suggested this back in January on a few xbiz threads where you girls engaged trolls with their same attitude, instead of debunking their trolling posts.

    You think I’m against you or the union and you clearly haven’t understood a thing either of me or of what I’m saying. And this is the saddest part of it all.

  11. What do you mean when writing “WE DO NOT KNOW WHO SABRINA DEEP IS !” Please clarify.

    It reads to me like the same snobby attitude that I’ve experienced in this industry for over 16 years. This sentiment if you are NOT in LA & working for the companies there, if you are NOT A-list talent then you don’t matter in this industry. That you don’t matter unless the big companies are profiting off of you. IS THIS THE IMPRESSION YOU WERE GOING AFTER?

    Sabrina Deep is of great value whether or not you agree with her opinions because she gets paid ROYALTIES from her past work in Europe. Did not even that was a possible until she wrote about it on Mike’s Blog.

    If only West Coast talent matters, then take the International part out of the equation.

    Personally, I don’t think anyone should shoot for these companies & just do their own thing & make the money for themselves. With all the options avialable to us with camming, solo sites, VOD stores and such. To just get paid once for a scene, doesn’t make sense to me.

  12. @Phyllisha just speaking as an outside observer, it’s going to be difficult for your organization to have any credibility if you can’t even spell the word correctly.

  13. This really shouldn’t be about taking Sabrina of Phyllisha Anne’s side. It sounds like both are largely in earnest.

    That said, it’s going to sound like I’m siding with Sabrina, but I think Sabrina’s points about transparency and clear communication directives, can only float the boat of this union higher. (but don’t think your efforts, Phyllisha Anne, are not appreciated–we’ll be on your side just for doing this thing, and transparency will enable us to stay camped in your corner with confidence. You’re going to get more criticism on what you are doing wrong than what you are doing right, and that’s not enviable).

    Her criticism is constructive, and if nothing else, provide the OPPORTUNITY to respond to the areas that weren’t clear. I don’t need to KNOW who the players are in the union BEFORE joining, but wanting to know their identities before joining, is WAY more than reasonable. It’s not about recognizing the names, it’s about accountability.

    Sabrina sounded more aggressive as she went along because I think as the bullet items progressed, so did her frustration. She wasn’t picking on people in their individual roles (except maybe the Twitter person), so much as highlighting again and again cryptic parts of the union, and wanting more clarity (on everyone’s behalf). The more open this thing is, the healthier it SHOULD be. And there should be no real reason to dispute that in day-to-day operations.

  14. @melissa

    Arrrghhh! Know and share your frustration at browser page reload blasting carefully considered words to the ether.

    There is a vast difference between supporting the union and responding to criticisms of an organization as if they were attacks against an individual. The criticisms offered here aren’t attacks nor have they come across intended as as such. Some months ago the email address and site typos were discussed both were addressed. Phyllisha affirmed the comments by changing the email. Some of us went back and checked the site after Mike showed his support by announcing site updates including editing.

    My criticisms are tempered with the understanding of how difficult it is to get any kind of organization up and running. My expertise is writing organizational policy to ensure adherence to the mission and covering the orgs ass legally. Trust me when you’re dealing with non-profit orgs it is imperative to ensure all your ducks are in a row and it’s never fun reading the red strike outs on a document after days/weeks or even months of effort.

    Seeing the vitriolic responses to simple suggestions and honest observations after the agent hiccup a few months ago it seemed prudent to give the wrath a wide berth. That is why I didn’t listen to the radio show. I was one of the few people who slogged through the site and actually read the documents submitted to the dept of labor. I’m also one of the few commenters who understands the efforts required to put that together. I am not one of the few who is content to let your org do its thing without wasting my time or effort to make suggestions beyond this…it’s foolish to bite the hand that feeds you.

    I know Diane Duke read my comments and took my FSC criticisms to heart because subsequent press releases addressed things I’d said that no one else mentioned. She was no doubt pissed off on more than one occaision but smart enough to know that attacking me would shut the door to objective feedback.

  15. If you are in the adult industry and your planning to stay here, no matter what your profession is inside the industry (Performer, Crew, Company Owner, Distributor, Exotic Dancer, Legal Brothel, Tattoo Artist & etc.) you have a chance RIGHT NOW to not only better your own live, but to better the lives for those who will come after us, and to show respect to the ones who where here before us.

    We are in the very very begging stage of something huge, exciting and wonderful.
    I can not answer ALL the questions that you may have because we are going to have to answer those questions together.

    How to handle our health insurance
    How to handle the piracy issue
    How to find a way to keep the companies left up and running so we can survive.
    How to fight the government on trying to take our children away because of our profession.
    How to figure out taxes,, employment, self employment.
    And so so much more.

    These are decisions we are going to have to make together. As an industry.

    We are not always going to agree on things, but as Adults, I am sure we will find away to over come our differences so that we can come to a great compromise that can better the lives of hundreds, thousands and in time even millions of people.

    There is no hidden agenda here, no rocket science scam. Let’s take full advantage of this opportunity to change the things we desperately need to change. We will not get this chance again. And it will not happen over night.

    A “Union” gives the Adult Industry the creditability it has never had

    So I am asking you to take my hand and help me finish this journey in which I started and join with me now!!
    We are going to be changing history!

    Founder of the I.E.A.U.
    Phyllisha Anne


  16. Do you know how much money the top 20 girls on MFC make? Anywhere from $100,000 to $20,000 a month.

    There are thousands of performers on these cam sites pulling in good pay checks with out doing one paid porn scene.

    Why shoot porn when girls can cam & make money from home 24/7? Why work so hard to keep porn companies in business that don’t pay out royalties?

    With all the VOD like Clips4sale there are performers making a good livng just doing that for 20 hours a week of filming, editing & uploading fetish clips & making $2000 to $6000 a month.

    Why beg them or have a union in order for them to treat the talent decently? When you can make money without them getting a cut of it. We don’t need them anymore.

    Why would I care about them staying in business? When have they shown us any loyalty, consideration and hired on a regular basis? Over the years I’ve seen on industry boards of them tearing down the performers every chance they got. Seen them throw the talent under the bus & thrown away. Can’t count the times I’ve been lectured on how replacable we are all & how dare we want so much money per scene, the resentment they have for us is overwhelming. They have never cared about us, so why should I care about them now?

    I can log onto cam & make money 24/7. Cam sites have changed & treat performers way better & continue to change & do right by us.

  17. Hi everyone. My name is Bella Doll and I’ve been nominated for a seat on the Board of Reps. I, too, am not satisfied with our public relations issues AT ALL. I, too, am also excited about the passion for change that everyone involved has. But as a Sicilian-Bostonian who loves to debate (it’s in the DNA), I have to say that my ignorance of how the elections are being run (and partially because of it), I agree with pretty much everything Sabrina has said.

    I have years of direct experience with all of these issues, as well as over three years of collegiate study of the science of marketing with a minor in communications, so I know that there IS a solution.

    Join the union for free, demand a ballot quickly (voting closes May 20), and vote to put me into office.

    Aside from my education, I have years of experience both in politics and porn (and yes, they DO go together), and I don’t know how to be anything but honest. I have quit Congressional campaigns and the Democratic party due to similar issues with ethically questionable leadership. But this time, I’d like to lead by example, instead. Whereas I see conflict within this union, I also see an opportunity.

    I will do everything in my power to positively represent the I.E.A.U. and to make sure that it has an appropriate mission statement and a financial plan moving forward. To that end, I’ve already developed an UNOFFICIAL prototype for our new website. Please check it out, and demand that our union leaders implement its launch as the new website as soon as possible.

    Please join and vote. This is the only union registered right now, so we can either complain, or we can try to make it work for everyone involved. Please also remember that this union is currently more like an association and not interested in pressuring producers. In fact, we want them to join as well. From what I understand, the point here is to be inclusive and united within, and not to impose a collective bargaining agreement from without.

    I absolutely do not intend to start a conflict between producers, directors, and actors. I think that even if we can’t get it together in the end, it is absolutely worth a try. That is why I want to be a part of this union, and why you should be, too

    In solidarity and integrity,


  18. @spawn

    Expressing appreciation for someone over here isn’t taking sides against someone over there….yet that’s exactly how it has been responded to. Early on the vitriolic responses were easier to dismiss as an overworked underappreciated individual drowning under the mountain of tasks necessary to get this union going. Now ….seems futile to even offer an opinion.

    The sad reality is that the ineffective way this union has handled early critiques including dissent is creating obstacles to attracting participants and support. The lack of organizational experience is showing in the vitriolic responses…if this how they are responding to a potential volunteer then how can they or anyone else expect them to be successful negotiators amidst competing interests…that is what a union does. Decades of non-profit experience have proven time and time again that the most ardent energetic supporters are skeptics that have been reassured.

    When it comes to this industry with a history of failed organizational attempts this union needs to expect that they will be judged by the failures that came before them.

  19. The porn industry is huge to be sure, but our scope is global because we’re not just recruiting porn stars. We’re also recruiting cam girls, escorts, and other sex workers, not to mention that we intend to involve producers in the process. If we can pull this off, they will hopefully be proud to carry the I.E.A.U. mark. If we do this right, it could stand for quality. It could stand for hope. It could stand for progress.

    As to going it alone, even if you’re an independent producer, cam girl, or whatever, isn’t it better to have union access to resources than to go it entirely alone? Many professions have such associations, including one of my others: DJ’ing.

    And what of the girls who need health insurance, or worse, are homeless? Those who can’t get loans? Those who are exploited? Those who want to get out? I could go on.
    Not every girl makes the money that you do. In fact, many girls don’t. I know I’m certainly not rolling in dough. It’s for these reasons that I think an entirely voluntary and currently free pooling of resources is in order.

    Please join the I.E.A.U. and vote for me for the Board of Representatives. I’d really appreciate the opportunity to make a difference.

  20. I Joined. From XBIZ: “Most guys fail to even get one woman to co-operate successfully. Two women + one room = catfight. But Dennis Hof handles 400 of us by spelling CATHOUSE… it’s a miracle.”
    ~ Kiteh Kawasaki™

  21. Everyone seems to be getting a little off track with she said-she said and finger pointing. Perhaps its best to move on and discuss how to move forward with the I.E.A.U.?

  22. When you listen to Phyllisha in person or on the radio she is intelligent, articulate and passionate. Written English and spoken English are two entirely different things. If I started writing “Hee hee ho-ho yoo funny NormalAndSane” you’d assume I’m just another dumb Asian. And you would be so rong (sic). Try building a time machine then go and make fun of Hoffa’s daddy. Let me know how that works out for y’all. We accept Phyllisha just like she is, and we’re grateful she’s doing what we couldn’t.

  23. It just gives me more people to stalk and harass.
    We seen to many failures.

  24. “When it comes to this industry with a history of failed organizational attempts this union needs to expect that they will be judged by the failures that came before them.”

    Or in how it is presented.

    Did anyone read the “debate” section of the site? I had to correctly type it in because the link provided in this thread is misspelled.

    If one wants someone to take their organization seriously and in a professional manner I cannot stress that spelling ones own website correctly is quite important. I mean, someone obviously can’t even spell “entertainment” correctly and this is the person who is trying to start a union with “entertainment” in the name. If it’s that hard then just go to your website and copy and paste from the browser’s address bar. I find that to be very funny.

    The debate section comes off in an entirely unprofessional and passive-aggressive tone. Picture going to a bank’s website and reading an FAQ that explains why that bank is better than competitors and seeing it read like that. Best to take your money elsewhere because that bank is obviously not serious and if they are then they should be the last people you should send money to.

    The “What we offer” page is really funny as well. Does one stroll up to Hertz, provide a card, and inquire about the “hooker discount”? Do they refer you to the caged-in section at the end of the lot containing shoddy Pintos with plastic on the seats? Who wants to be the rental company that provides discounts to whores? Seriously now? Are you insane? Are you going to partner with Southwest too?

    Phone bills? Are you going to sign a deal with Verizon or just hand out burner phones to all who join? Why stop at phone bills? Give them free Netflix to watch on days when they have the clap and can’t work.

    Honestly, I cannot tell what is funnier. I’m torn between the idea of if this is a total scam or the idea that someone may actually think they are going to do this. Both are funny, but in the end one of those ideas is more delusional than the other.

    Thank you Mike for posting this story. You have brought sunshine to a rainy day. I’m quite amused.

  25. Sabrina and others have earned the right to post here without any interference from me, I dont even approve the posts, I encourage open discussion and transparency, people who have the right to post here may post anything that they like as a post and not a comment, they may agree or disagree with me and I don’t censor or question them. I think that your response was well spoken

    Dealing with criticism is a part of the job whether you run a union or whether you run In the end it makes us all better. I am very supportive of the Union and I understand that its early and there are things to be ironed out, I trust that things will get done. The Union has a long and uphill battle.

    I know that some people take pot shots from the sideline because they are uneducated and or because they have supporters with an agenda, Sean Tompkins is one of those people, he will fall by the wayside but the people propping him up will not. there are no shortage of people out there that would like nothing more than to usurp any power base your union has gained, The FSC for example and by extention APAC, which is nothing more than lapdogs of The FSC. There is a reason why the original founders left the organization when The FSC took it over.

    Keep moving forward and remember that you can not please everyone, do the best you can with what you have and you will succeed

  26. Well said LR you would actually be a HUGE asset to the Union even in an advisory capacity, you have a natural understanding of politics and policy and you enjoy it. if I were in charge I would do everything in my power to harness your abilities

  27. excellent point I expect that both Phylisha and Sabrina can see that they are both well spoken and intelligent people, ideally working together would make them both better. I am not taking sides either, these are things that need to hash themselves out, even the formation of our Republic was a heated and hotly debated topic but in the end look what came out of it….and that is my point here its OK to disagree, its even Ok to strongly disagree but keep in mind that you probably both have the same goals in mind.

  28. KF I think you nailed it, its easy to get sidetracked because we are all passionate about this idea but we need to remember that we are all on the same team, do not fall victim to the divide and conquer tactic, that is exactly what The FSC and others who want you to fail are counting on.

  29. One more thing I want you guys to remember, there is no place else where you will have this open forum to publicly debate and share ideas, I am proud of that and please understand that when you post here pretty much everyone in the biz reads it, only a tiny fraction of the readers post comments. Bear in mind that they judge you by your responses here and may or may not choose to join based on that so I encourage diplomacy even though I do realize that when our hearts are in it its hard to be diplomatic…I know from experience, diplomacy isnt exactly my middle name LOL but I LOVE the people here you all make me look good because you are all the cream of the crop when it comes to intelligent comments, compare any thread here with any thread on any forum and it doesnt take a rocket scientist to see that y’all are the best of the best. I believe that out of that the best will arise!

  30. Welcome Bella…and well said i am thrilled to have you here also Sam38g, kiteh…hell all of you Thank You!
    You can all believe that I will go to bat for every one of you and I believe that you can do this!

  31. Looking at some of the International Board member qualifications …parents in bus and starting payroll back in the day specifically I’m qualified. Not sure if some of these people were even born when I helped set up the standard chart of accounts modules with in-laws to get their municipal accounting software off the ground.

    Right now as far as I’m concerned the biggest mistake this union has made and the most didficult obstacle will be overcoming these hostile reactions to criticisms. Treating people like haters is a fast way to make them haters. At this point I think only the hopeful if passive support and maturity of your commenters has prevented Phyllisha and Melissa from a large helping of what they dished out.

  32. Lol….great minds think alike …was writing a much less diplomatic comment to convey similar sentiments as you posted this. 🙂

  33. @BellaDoll

    Lol re Boston…moved there from NJ and after five years the ‘radiator’ debates left me wondering to this day if I’m saying it right. Good luck on your nomination.

  34. If you are in the adult industry and your planning to stay here, no matter what your profession is inside the industry (Performer, Crew, Company Owner, Distributor, Exotic Dancer, Legal Brothel, Tattoo Artist & etc.) you have a chance RIGHT NOW to not only better your own live, but to better the lives for those who will come after us, and to show respect to the ones who where here before us.

    We are in the very very begging stage of something huge, exciting and wonderful.
    I can not answer ALL the questions that you may have because we are going to have to answer those questions together.

    How to handle our health insurance
    How to handle the piracy issue
    How to find a way to keep the companies left up and running so we can survive.
    How to fight the government on trying to take our children away because of our profession.
    How to figure out taxes,, employment, self employment.
    And so so much more.

    These are decisions we are going to have to make together. As an industry.

    We are not always going to agree on things, but as Adults, I am sure we will find away to over come our differences so that we can come to a great compromise that can better the lives of hundreds, thousands and in time even millions of people.

    There is no hidden agenda here, no rocket science scam. Let’s take full advantage of this opportunity to change the things we desperately need to change. We will not get this chance again. And it will not happen over night.

    A “Union” gives the Adult Industry the creditability it has never had

    So I am asking you to take my hand and help me finish this journey in which I started and join with me now!!
    We are going to be changing history!

    And I apologize for my misspellings ?

    Founder of the I.E.A.U.
    Phyllisha Anne


  35. There also needs to be a public list of officers. There is a guy going around right now saying he represents the union and is demanding things – legal documents, etc. from people in the industry claiming it is on behalf of the union.

  36. @phyllisha

    Your website states that you will enforce piracy laws pursuant with title 18 chapter 81 of the US code. I was unaware that adult entertainment workers had to adhere to maritime laws while on the job. Is the industry planning on filming in the open seas to dodge OSHA regulations? If so, will films shot in the open waters still be considered x-rated or will they be rated “ARRRRR”?

  37. “Actually, that’s a terrific idea for those of us near the coast. It’s only 8 miles to international waters. #boatporn”

    It may also be a Mann Act violation, but don’t let unimportant pesky details such as that get in the way of the union. Go union!

  38. Some of those issues I don’t believe are the performer’s responsibilities.
    1. We can’t solve the issue of piracy, until there are world wide laws put into place that every country agrees to when it comes to copyrights, it is beyond our reach financially to hire lawyers & lobbyist to affect it in a positive manner. Especially taking into consideration what paid shoots are left are most by the very people who own those tubesites.

    Nor as contract labor that works for companies one to 6 days within a years time is it our job to keep them in business. They have full time employees with insurance & benefits to do that. If they had paid out royalties or set up affiliate programs just for the performers they hired, I would feel differently, but they didn’t.

    The other issues I can agree with, but with those two I pointed out, just makes this all seem like it is another FSC set up to benefit the porn companies & not the performers.

  39. If a performer insist on condoms they will not get hired. So the statement FSC puts out is we have a choice & don’t need the gov to step in & regulate us. When, many companies & directors have gone on the record of it is their choice not to hire condom only performers.

    Now, you want to run for a position on a union to be created to protect the talent & you are all for going off shore so companies can continue to profit off of talent to avoid laws put into place to protect the talent?
    Why do we need a Union for performers when it all really boils down to protecting the best interest of the companies?

  40. I really can not understand why so many people here are so negative about a legitimate union representing persons in the biz. What are you all afraid of? Haven’t you ever seen the power of a union for the benefit of workers? Do you understand the US DoL certification? This is not just any association of workers, it is as I like to say, the apparent real deal. Don’t you understand that any new organization has growing pains? And please tell me how the founders could be running a scam when the dues are FREE? The FSC is an association of employers and the biz needs a union for employees, get it?

  41. 90% of my customers at the BunnyRanch are UNION TRUCKDRIVERS, COPS, and FIREMEN. They have MONEY TO BURN thanks to the UNION. The other 10% are BOSSES. Not so many of those, eh. GO UNION OR GO HOME. Thanks, BFI.

  42. And on that note, what company, agent, director or any other person has the right to ask another to break the law or to go to great lengths to avoid it?

    How does it make sense? Yet, some of the goals for the Union is to fight piracy & help these companies stay in business. Companies that you want to form to protect talent from some of the shady things that goes on in this industry.

    I’ve been reading different industry boards for years, one major thing I’ve noticed is the lack of performers who participate on them. The fear of not getting work if they don’t tow the company line seems to be the reason. We all work with in an industry where performers are all considered disposable & replaceable. Companies have thrived on new performers for decades and the whole system set up to take advantage of them. A Union at this point is mute.

    Thankfully, cam performers are a different breed. They have several forums & all advise other models without any agenda. Cam companies are very aware of our complaints & take our input for improvements seriously. Cam performers have a choice and plenty of cam companies to chose from.

    Recently I saw a Brad Armstrong dis Christy Cannon for camming. So I see that the LA industry still sees camming as a step down for performers. Considering both Xbiz & AVN this past January were sponsored by Cam companies, not Digital Background, not Bang bros, not Vivid, not Brazzers.

    I don’t see the point in forming a Union to get companies to do right by the talent when we all have many different LEGAL ways to make money in the adult industry.

    Tubesites own or have deals with most major porn companies & all the cam companies for traffic. It is the main source for traffic currently. So what piracy is this Union going to be fighting? The very companies that own them or get their traffic from them……

    I know why Mike fights against them, as well as he should. He does it in a way that hurts them the most THE TRUTH! but can is a Union going to do? Especially since all the money performers make originate from them at this point. How can I as a performer trust a Union that has an agenda to protect the companies best interest over the performers as a mission statement?

  43. All those guys work for those businesses 5 days a week, all year long & for many years. How many paid shoots do you get a year Kiteh?
    Do the girls at the BunnyRanch have a Union? Do you get health insurance, pension?

  44. Hi Sam. I get laid legally for pay more often in one week than Asa Akira does in a month. Unfortunately most of that’s off-camera for obvious reasons. Bunnies have access to Health Insurance and we make our own SDIRA’s. We don’t have a formal Union unless we choose to join IEAU but us girls are ORGANIZED under our own internal informal system. We meet weekly for Tea with Madam Suzette to hash out the goings-on amongst ourselves. As contractors we call our own shots. There is no male-dominated anti-female bullshit at the Ranches because Suzette and us work with Dennis to make sure everything is done right and proper. It is SO different than Porn Valley that I almost hate to do porn because I make more money for safer sex with people who really love and respect me at the Ranch. That’s the kind of corporate-culture change this Union can bring for all the girls to come. I already enjoy the best working conditions in the Industry bar none. Why shouldn’t all the other girls? Just join and tell Phyllisha to keep it on the QT if you’re worried about backlash. It’s free – and YOU can run a Chapter and do whatever you want to make things better within the law. I want all the girls to enjoy the protection of a Union of OURSELVES. Besides, tea parties are fun. And I want a hug if you’re even giving out free ones.

  45. In one European country (I believe Italy) they tossed a piracy lawsuit a month or two ago on the grounds that porn is not protected as intellectual property (like a movie, music CD), its just people fucking on camera. The same thing that man has been doing since the days of the caveman. If other countries (and the US) follow suit then porn will not be able to stop piracy.

  46. Thank you for taking the time to write out that response. Wonderful to hear those facts.
    I’m not worried about Backlash, never have been. They have blacklist me about 5 times & gotten death threats, solo site hacked. Yet, didn’t keep me from voicing my opinion at anytime. You are relatively new, so you wouldn’t know those things.
    Also from the start never been dependent upon paid shoots for my income so always had the ability to turn down gigs that I’m not comfortable doing & one of the few girls who can demand condoms and still get shot.
    I know these company owners, they are NOT going to change, but are rapidly becoming obsolete in today’s market.
    I’m a frequent poster on other board called STripperWeb & have helped thousands of cam performers for the past 5 years. I tell every girl who is interested in doing paid porn shoots for any company “DONT”. They can make more money camming & many other ways to hustle so that they make the money NOT the porn companies.

    Not to mention mentored 100s of performers work around the system that I never agreed with or really liked. All for them to do their own thing & never to be at the mercy of these companies in the first place.
    Signed up over 20 people to Model Centro along so they can have a solo site. Many of them didn’t actually get it going, but that is on them.
    Already do my part to help other performers help themselves, I don’t need a chapter, title or to hold an office in a Union to affect changes in this industry.

  47. I consider 95% of the porn companies & agents predators.
    My wish, my goal is for the performers to do their own thing & cut these Middle men out of the equation altogether.
    AT this point in the industry, you don’t need them to make money, get famous or anything else.

  48. Grrr can’t fix typos after a few minutes. EVER not even. We all help each other. It’s what women do when nobody’s looking. That’s why I look up to you. You’re right about SO much. You don’t need us. I’m the same way, I do my own thing. But maybe we need you. Not maybe. We need you. At least I do. I wish I met you before I got into this biz.

  49. @Kiteh

    I’ve shared before about why I usually keep my comments below the line….below the line is casual, I use editors for all professional projects. i won’t impose to ask them to edit blog posts though they’d probably volunteer their magical blue ink and amazing results.

    My friends, family and editors know distractions compound redundancies in both my spoken and written communications. Sometimes what I’m trying to say gets lost in the emphatic or authoritarian tone…it’s part of my personal charm….knowing this I always walk up to a podium with a detailed outline of what I need to say when speaking on behalf of an organization.

    No one is rejecting or attacking Phyllisha when they offer their opinion regarding the written content on the Union website; they are rightfully pointing out that the website needs extensive editing if the Union wants to be perceived as a professional/competent organization.

    Defending Phyllisha as an individual detracts from the Union purpose. I’d suggest volunteering as proofreader to support Phyllisha and the Union as a worthy use of time.

  50. @Karma

    Thank you! You inspired the idea to suggest people volunteer to proofread the Union website as a win-win to support Phyllisha and the Union simultaneously.

  51. Actually defending Phyllisha IS the Union’s purpose. One for All and All for One. Samurai literally volunteer to die for causes we believe in. Proofreading costs extra. You can crowdfund me on that at TILT. Whores don’t do anything at the keyboard 4 free. :: mamasan laugh ::

  52. @bfi

    i can’t understand why the Union organizers aren’t recognizing early skepticism and critiques as expected milestones aka growing pains.

    I do understand DoL Union certification. Do you realize how unrealistic it is that any IC medical insurance policies will cover work related testing or treatment? Several years ago a friend left her corporate job to get quick-care facilities set up in pharmacies to provide shared costing medical services for intermittent workers…truckers, migrant farmers etc. in a nutshell several unions saw a decade of negotiations with medical insurance provider go poof when ACA went through. Community health services using shared costing was the only viable alternative at that point.

    Are you really asking how an organization can profit off their dues free membership? I hope not because I don’t know shit about the ins/outs of monetizing websites but I know about referral and affiliate income/perks. I was treasurer for an international NPO, we budgeted business class travel and cut checks for per-diem expenses for every meeting. Our full room block provided free hotel suites for the exec committee and meeting space too. For larger conventions we had the option to come early, stay on or book a week at a different resort.

    I do get it and agree that performers and performer/producers need an organization to represent their interests so they aren’t small fish getting eaten by the big fish in the small pond of porn.

  53. @Kiteh

    Thank you for speaking up to get things back on track. I’m curious how the Union plans to ensure unity with the autonmous framework of the chapters? Is this something you can address?

  54. clarification question after edit time expired…..mostly wondering if the Union is inviting some degree of chaos by spreading the people resources too thin before they have a solid unified foundation.

  55. “I do get it and agree that performers and performer/producers need an organization to represent their interests so they aren’t small fish getting eaten by the big fish in the small pond of porn.” There you go. JOIN. We’ll keep it on the QT, LR :: winks :: Hmm I’ma gotta put UNION discounts on my TOP SECRET NEVADA RATE CARD – I already discount LEOs, FD, EMT’s & Military. Now there’s a Union Perk you won’t find everywhere. Mrowllll…

  56. Trying to shut-up or quash honest feedback is not a sound organizational strategy. Proof reading is a win-win to support Phyllisha and the Union. if the Samurai supporting this Union are volunteering to spend their time defending an individual …that becomes their purpose leaving them unavailable to fulfill their promises. Before you make a lasting foe of me it would be wise to consider the respect that’s been offered to this Union and Phyllisha as an individual.

    Is IEAU a sorority type club or an organization trying to build the respect and authority they’ll need to be an effective negotiating liaison between workers and stakeholders?

  57. Honest Feedback has a name “Lurking Reader.” If you want to engage with me further it would be wise to recognize that I’m neither a politician nor a pushover. If you’d like to converse with me please peruse Have a nice day.

  58. Nothing to keep on the QT. I won’t be joining as a member as I do not earn my keep via any industry revenue streams. If Phyllisha wants me to review the site and detail what I see as areas of concern to be addressed by the board she can get my contact info from Mike.

  59. @kiteh

    I’m not a client paying you to don your Dom costume nor will I be following you to your site. You want to play samurai fine ask around about crossing the swords of untempered criticisms with me. If what I’ve written has come across as an attack needing defense you’d best go hide under the covers or whatever you do to soothe your butthurt.

  60. Nah. The Lyon County Sheriffs Department has an excellent pistol range. Time spent there is so much more soothing than hiding under the covers. All us Bunnies hang out there. Nevada is so refreshingly different than Porn Valley.

  61. And yet nobody explains why the voting date for officers was obviously changed, and neither candidates nor voters were made aware of it. And yet nobody explains when voting for officers is going to happen, who are the candidates, who is going to vote, how are people going to vote and to get voted. Please, give me another “join the union because we are going to change your life” (slightly) piece of writing. I am a candidate since months. And I know I’ve got ppl who will vote for me, if they will ever get a ballot. Now, I don’t expect to be elected at all, but since I’m a candidate AND a union’s member, I expect to get a ballot which I haven’t received yet and so do the few voters for me. Let’s see where this is going.

  62. We have a couple nice ranges here in Ohio too. Bunnies act like prairie dogs on the built up berm of the outdoor range. Nothing like rabbit stew with fresh sage.

  63. 1.Almost all the links given under their primary issues go to U.S. Gov agency that none of us need a Union to contact.

    2. Since all those links are to U.S. or California Based agencies or Law Firm it isn’t International.

    3. As one poster has already pointed out the Piracy points to high seas Pirates and have nothing to do with copyright piracy & issues we face as an industry.

    My advice would to be focus on LA/Vegas and then once you are established in those markets & a success then take it nation wide then international. Lots of Unions conquered big businesses one town at a time.

  64. Everything that needs to be done from royalties, plundering booty (figuratively and literally, I guess), healthcare, to manicure discounts (The union offers help for those that need their “nails did”) will cost money. Someone is paying for this. The viability or success of this union becomes visible when you follow the money trail.

    At a time when porn sales are hurting the “collective agreement” idea is just going to hurt your chances of getting a job because if Performer A demands that they receive a percentage of sales from a scene and Performer B does not then Performer B becomes the desirable candidate for the job. Unless everyone acts like Performer A the union has no ability to bargain and Performer B winds up being the one with the advantages. It’s more beneficial to be “the scab”.

    What the union says they will offer makes it seem like a fantasy land and the realistic aspects don’t require a union because a person can just accomplish a lot of it on their own. A ticket scalper can sell a general admission ticket to an event for 100 bucks and someone else can demand more for it and charge 150. Why pay the 150 when you can get the same result for 100? Why be the person charging 150? Sure, if you get it life may be nicer, but you’ll just spend a longer time in the parking lot and may go home empty-handed. The union is asking you to be the person who charges 150.

    The people who will benefit from the union are the people who own/operate the union and get the kickbacks from referrals. Those people cannot get the kickbacks without referring YOU.

    That right there is the reason why they want you to join the union.

  65. @Cpanz
    Paying ticket broker premiums is worth if they deliver better seats than what’s available via DIY purchases. Sam points out that IEAU validate their primary intents by linking government resources available to anyone working in the USA so my question is can the union provide better more efficient results than their target members can obtain by their own efforts?

    Things that were easy to dismiss as rookie gaafs three months ago are quickly making me wonder if the union will be around to file their required annual reports to maintain their ‘official union’ status with the DoL.

  66. @Lurking

    Can they provide better or just try to bank on the stupid by pushing them in the direction they didn’t know they could already take? I say it’s already DOA.

    In most cases an idea isn’t enough. Seems as though that is all they had so in the meantime they’ll play union while the rest of us look around and question it and try to figure out what they were thinking.

    It reminds me of all the times I see kids selling lemonade and I want to go up and yell at them because they are doing it all wrong and it’s a safe assumption that it probably tastes like crap and isn’t worth 25 cents.

  67. THANK YOU!! To everyone that has joined with us these last couples of days since this posting. Your willing to jump in and help us with the things that are brought to our attention instead of just setting on the side lines (on your ass) judging us from afar. Together we can over come all off our issues (and boy do we have issues! Lol) Together we are stronger! Together we Unite! GO UNION!!!!

    Again from all of us, we thank you!!

    Join free now! (While that option is open and available because we can not keep that offer open forever, unfortunately) And help us make history, changing the things that need to be changed to better the lives of each and every one of us!

    Federal entity as of December 15th 2015. Woohooo!!

    GO UNION!!

    A message from the founder:
    If you are in the adult industry and your planning to stay here, no matter what your profession is inside the industry (Performer, Crew, Company Owner, Distributor, Exotic Dancer, Legal Brothel, Tattoo Artist & etc.) you have a chance RIGHT NOW to not only better your own live, but to better the lives for those who will come after us, and to show respect to the ones who where here before us.
    We are in the very very begging stage of something huge, exciting and wonderful.
    I can not answer ALL the questions that you may have because we are going to have to answer those questions together.
    How to handle our health insurance
    How to handle the piracy issue
    How to find a way to keep the companies left up and running so we can survive.
    How to fight the government on trying to take our children away because of our profession.
    How to figure out taxes,, employment, self employment.
    And so so much more.
    These are decisions we are going to have to make together. As an industry.
    We are not always going to agree on things, but as Adults, I am sure we will find away to over come our differences so that we can come to a great compromise that can better the lives of hundreds, thousands and in time even millions of people.
    There is no hidden agenda here, no rocket science scam. Let’s take full advantage of this opportunity to change the things we desperately need to change. We will not get this chance again. And it will not happen over night.
    A “Union” gives the Adult Industry the creditability it has never had
    So I am asking you to take my hand and help me finish this journey in which I started and join with me now!!
    We are going to be changing history!
    Founder of the I.E.A.U.
    Phyllisha Anne

    PS. Sorry in advance for any miss spellings! hehe

  68. Not trying to be a judgmental jerk here – I think the idea of a performer’s union has a lot of merit. But, Sabrina is right. In order for this to be taken seriously, the communications coming out of the union need to be professional – misspelling miss spellings, for instance, is probably not a good first step. The concept will have more credibility, especially with health insurance companies and professional organizations and agencies, if the messaging is credible.

    Money spent on a professional copy writer and editor will be well spent.

  69. @Phyllisha

    “THANK YOU!! To everyone that has joined with us these last couples of days since this posting. Your willing to jump in and help us with the things that are brought to our attention instead of just setting on the side lines (on your ass) judging us from afar.”

    is this expressing appreciation or showing seriously bunched up panties?

    ICYMI From afar several commenters sat on their asses and made time to informally share judgements they charge to formally present with sugar coating. If your intent was attacking the messengers give yourself a gold star, if your intent was responding to message contents you failed miserably. You be the judge on that one.

  70. @BT

    The money that would need to be spent on PR isn’t available at the moment because joining the union is still free, but not forever! So join for free now while you can so you can get a front row seat to pay in the future! No one wants to be one of the last people paying!


    “I can not answer ALL the questions that you may have because we are going to have to answer those questions together.
    How to handle our health insurance
    How to handle the piracy issue
    How to find a way to keep the companies left up and running so we can survive.
    How to fight the government on trying to take our children away because of our profession.
    How to figure out taxes,, employment, self employment.
    And so so much more.”

    What you just said in a nutshell is that you want to offer everyone all these things and more, but you have no idea as to how the fuck you can or even if you can do it and the only way any of this might be a reality is if people join. That’s a really bad sales pitch.

    My advice to you would be to stop everything you are doing. Stop talking to people. Stop making websites. Stop trying to write things on your own. Build the union with your own money, hire good and expensive people to run it, and stay the hell away from it because you might break it. At this stage it may be beneficial to create a fake name for yourself and slap that on it because it would definitely help.

    You admit that you have nothing to show or offer anyone at this point. If you don’t have the money to get this off the ground to provide people something to invest in then go make the money. If you can’t make the money accept that you failed at this. Having everyone else join you on your failure in an attempt to make it work is not the way to go. It’s not your time. It may never be your time. Oh well. The sun will come out tomorrow. Don’t bet your bottom dollar though. You may need that.

  71. Somebody has just showed me a ballot. If it is a legitimate one and given that I am a first hour member and that I haven’t received any ballot, hence I guess I’m not supposed to vote (I’d be curious how voters get chosen), my name is not on the ballots although I have applied for nominations. I will go until the end of this because I won’t let go the shit from people who try to screw with me and my reputation and therefore I will post an update in here, if Mike will allow me too, or elsewhere. Just for the sake of a laugh: Presidency nominations: 1 for one spot. Other positions nominations 4 for 3 spots. Parents, friends of friends, founders. It doesn’t look good. I really wanted to have faith in such initiative, but I guess faith and honesty are not words that you can find in this industry dictionary. I’ll write something soon wherever I’ll be given the chance to. Stay tuned.

  72. Sabrina you have earned the right to post here you dont need to ask my permission, I encourage my writers to use this site as a forum for their views and ideas. It doesn’t matter if I agree or not it is all about getting information out and advocating a free and open dialogue and exchange.

  73. @Mike
    It was just a way to reinforce the concept. I know this is an open, free place and whatever your opinion on the topic I thank you for that.

  74. Could you please get ahold of me? We could really use your help on something.. if you wouldn’t mind. 🙂 Thank you! Phyllisha Anne

    Just email [email protected]

  75. Geez

    I wish I had more readers and commenters like this on my websites.
    Nobody wants to read my stuff and I just really want to fit into the porn industry and be part of it so much. I guess I’ll have to go back to selling second hand cars and selling crack to school kids.

  76. Sabrina is too bitter and has an axe to grind. I mean, aggressively attacking every last little line item is just way too much. HELP and guide them if you know so much about building a union.

    They are starting something in an industry that has never had a union before. It will start off a bit of a mess with lots of things to nitpick about. Work with them and help them; dumping all over them so the people involved just give up due to consistent criticisms is not the way.

    What you are doing here pushes people with good intent to throw their arms in the air and quit. It doesn’t encourage growth or improvement with this approach.

    if you, Sabrina, feel they are not the right people, and you are unwilling to help them in a positive way; start one yourself. It’s easy to throw rocks when you are not the one in the trenches.

    Thank you

  77. @joeschmoe
    what are you thanking me about? Are you capable of reading? An axe to grind? For God’ sake, stop doing drugs, people. Or at least stop being so stupidly siding for sides, no matter what. Read and then criticize, if you like. But read, first. And learn at least the meaning of “thank you”…it doesn’t have the use you make of it.

  78. Hey Mike file this under “Dustbin of History.” When Phyllisha endorsed Prop 60 she killed it as dead as a twice-gored picador. Gonzo. Dead.

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