Samantha Lewis Speaks: From AVN’s website

“Digital Playground, Inc. has a long term, exclusive agreement with Tera Patrick and fully intends to both preserve and enforce it,” Samantha Lewis from Digital Playground told

“Tera and anyone speaking on her behalf should be mindful of the exclusive agreement in place and govern their conduct accordingly.

We intend to enforce our rights and hold others who may tortuously interfere with them accountable.”

Referring to Patrick’s recent engagement to Evan Seinfeld of the rock band Biohazard , Lewis said she had no idea whether Patrick was married on her recent and ongoing European trip with Seinfeld. Other sources have told that the couple, in fact, has not married yet.

“Tera Patrick has been a dream to work with for the last three years and we’ve been honored to have her in our line up,” Lewis said. “After signing with Digital Playground, Tera’s career skyrocketed. During her time with us we have provided her with every opportunity, protected her from harm, be it personal or business and afforded her every luxury. The time we invested managing and promoting her career is a reflection of not only our philosophies but also our belief in Tera Patrick.

“Three months ago Tera starting dating a new man and things began to shift,” she continued. “In the typical ‘porn star meets guy who will be a better manager, better publicist and better director of her career’ story, it seems that some tales have been fabricated in an effort to release Tera from her existing contract.”

Well it looks like Digital Playground chose to give AVN the story, which is to be expected but if you read that you read exactly what I reported here, It seems that Tera, is after all just another porn bimbo, she met a C list Rock N Roller (Biohazard plays small clubs but they DO have something of a following) and now he knows whats best for her.

Y’all know how I feel about honoring contracts and keeping your word though I suspect it is unreasonable to expect Tera to stick with it for 5 years. she should live up to her commitments for the current year and then simply bow out.

How this will play out is interesting indeed because no court of law is likely to force Tera to perform in sex scenes, BUT they WILL enforce her exclusive contract meaning that Tera would not be allowed to appear on TV, in Movies, and probably even in print without Digital Playground’s tacit approval so any hopes of a mainstream career are dismal unless Tera or someone buys out her contract at Digital Playground.

According to my sources this is the root of Evan and Teras claim of “unethical shit”. In otherwords she wants to go mainstream and I am sure Evan has snowed her into thinking she has mainstream potential and that he will use his connections to “hook her up” cept for one little roadbloack…her contract with Digital Playground and I sense that they seem to think this is unethical on the part of Digital Playground.

Digital Playground has spent a LOT of time and money making this one trick pony into a media sensation, indeed Tera would never have met Evan had it not been for her porn career, of that you can be sure and Digital Playground has every right to expect a return on their investment, and to expect Tera to honor that commitment.

On the other hand it really isn’t reasonable to force Tera to fuck if she doesn’t want to and indeed a bad attitude on her part which has been growing more and more evident (remember the Tampa Show fracas) well this could actually hurt Digital Playground more than help them. I sense eventually that a compromise will be reached and nobody will be happy, I also sense that Evan is going to be the stumbling block here.

So Digital playground makes a star out of a nobody and then the star bites the hand that feeds her….this is what happens when you start believing your own press.

Is there a Porn Flakes Box in Ms Patricks future…time will tell my gut says yes.

I hear Jenna Jameson is dancing a jig.

Tera Watch 2002 Continues:

No new news really just some added speculation. Adella isn’t even answering her cell phone…Here is what I have learned though.

Word is that Samantha Lewis (HWWIC at Digital Playground) and Tera have been locking horns for about the last month over Tera’s “contract” This rings true on several levels, Press releases from Digital Playground have been almost non-existant, we no longer know if Tera has had a successful bowel movement. Add to that word that Digital Playground has been quietly searching for a new “contract girl” and it’s starting to add up.

On the Tera end, those in the know say that Evan Seinfeld is “insanely jealous” and that since they started dating he has been pressuring her to dump porn. This adds up as probably the most likely reason that Tera and Samantha have been “locking horns”

So it appears that despite efforts to paint it otherwise Tera is your typical porn chick after all, I haven’t heard from Tera or Evan on any of this and would welcome their side of all this.

Stay Tuned this should get good.

Many thanks to my metal head buds who are helping me on this one…you know who you are and you rock!

OK We all know who Tera Patrick is BUT:

Who is this Evan Seinfeld guy and whats he like, enquiring minds want to know. We all know he is in a Rock Band called Biohazard, he plays Bass. we also know he is on the HBO show “Oz” where he plays a convict. Here’s what ya didn’t know:


The page where groupies talk about and rate the various rock stars they have fucked.

“Evan Seinfeld / Biohazard
Word has it that Evan can be put in the same category as Tommy Lee. I don’t mean he punches chicks in the kidneys, I mean he has a LARGE cock! He’s into multiple chicks and is into the “let me choke you while I poke you” thing. No concern for condoms though. Also a huge player hater and is paranoid about his girls being around other musicians. Throws around the word “groupie” like crazy, and is backstage at every show and half the bands have no idea who he is. Great cock though.”

Eat your heart out Wanker Wang!

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Samantha Lewis Speaks: From AVN’s website

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