The Condom Law Passes The Assembly

AB1576, the condom law got the necessary votes (41-12) today to pass the California Assembly.


next stop the California Senate.

Heres how the vote broke, interesting to note that Gatto who voted against it, then for it, abstained….


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The Condom Law Passes The Assembly

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  1. Did Gatto abstain, or was he just not present when the roll was called. Same question about all the others that appeared to have not voted.

    regardless, this is a victory by more than a 3 to 1 margin. Cant wait to see how Kernes tries to spin this into a victory. LOL

  2. @jilted

    Kernes, hmmm… Will he spin it to Victory or call to arms in war against regulation?

    Will do a quick look around to see if there’s a site that distinguishes no recorded vote aka abstention vs those physically not present. Looks like legiscan reports verbal abstentions as not present.

  3. And as predicted Kernes doesnt disappoint,,,,”AB1576 Passes California Assembly By Small Margin.” What is this guy smoking? It was approved by a LANDSLIDE. They got the majority needed, 41 votes, with only about 55 members voting. ONLY IN PORN is a 45-12 vote a small margin.

  4. Actually, as unlikely as it seems, it did squeak by. It need 41 and it got 45. It was a hard bill to vote against — an easy attack in the upcoming elections. The fact that so many people voted with their feet and left the floor or abstained from the vote is more significant in Sacramento than you’d think.

  5. @mikestabile

    Agree the abstentions are very significant as well as those who support the industry but didn’t step forward with a no vote or voted with their feet.

    Respecting those that voted outright no or yes with feet despite personal views much more than those who used abstention to play both sides against the middle. Expect the senate will play out similarly. Sad but true too many folks listen to the stump speeches w/o ever looking at abstentions to gauge their legislators position.

    Donnolly took 6 minutes of committee time to stump against the bill then abstained and repeated today…alot of help that was…get behind or step off but don’t waste time on an agenda you are gonna stand for.

  6. California politics is a very strange animal. And it is significant in that the VAST MAJORITY of those who did vote voted overwhelmignly in favor of the measure. Even if every single one of the abstentions voted against it, it still wins. And if the proportion that did vote is any indication of the support for this bill then the industry is in trouble.

    The fact is, with only 55 voters they were able to get a majority, and that is very significant indeed. California is run by DEMOCRATS, who are historicly pro worker. Every single time this issue has been voted on, be it measure B or the assembly bills in committee and now on the full floor, it wins by a landslaide,,,every single time.(gattos single handidly killing it in appropriations was NOT a vote by that committee)

  7. Meanwhile…today the city of LA formed a toothless health commission whose 15 members will be appointed @ 1 each by the 15 member LA council as peace offering to stave off the ballot initiative AHF had the support to get placed on ballot to form a LA city health department regulated and mandated as all other health dept are.

  8. @jilted

    I think Mike Stabile & I were saying same thing, Assembly vote isn’t a parallel alignment with registered voters despite falling to registered voter position. Not exclusive to California or a strange political event because it happens with hotly contested controversial issues in any city, town or country everyday. Each side then gears up for the next round or venue.

  9. I hope Moonbeam vetoes this bill. If not most of porn will pack up and leave costing the state millions in tax revenue. Bad move, Assembly.

  10. “it did squeak by” REALLY,,out of 80 legislators only 14 voted against it. And if they hadnt reached the 41 votes needed Hall would have then just cashed in some political chips and gotten a few of his democrat colleges who abstained to cast an ‘aye’ vote, but he didnt need too.
    The industry could have gotten every single abstainer to vote their way and they still would have lost. Every single time this issue has been VOTED on the industry looses,,,from the Measre B landslide to every single committee vote, the industry looses by a landslide(Gotto putting the bill in suspense was NOT a vote)

    Only 14 NO votes out of 80 voters, and it squeaked by,,,ONLY IN PORN lol

  11. @Mhrris
    Hasnt most of the industry already moved, or been killed off because of PIRACY in the last few years? While all of this going on in Sacramento is a nice side show, it is still piracy that is killing the industry, and the industry leaders who are leading this battle are directly in bed with the pirates.
    What a great way for ANV and XBIZ and the FSC to deflect attention away from the fact that they are supporting the REAL cause of what is killing the industry, piracy, lead by Mind Geek, the FSC’s biggest financial supporter. LOL ONLY IN PORN

  12. Oh, there’s no doubt that it would still have won even if everyone who abstained voted — and there was never any doubt that it would pass the Assembly. But it would have failed at 40 votes, so we’re talking relative numbers. It passed by five votes.

    I also don’t think it’s surprising that when you’re taking the industry on a popular vote, you lose. If you haven’t noticed, few politicians, Democrat or Republican, are all that interested in defending pornographers and porn stars. This isn’t new, and it isn’t particular to this issue. It’s a hard political issue. Those who have fought for us have traditionally been civil libertarians, LGBT rights orgs, free speech advocates. We’ve never been a popular industry politically.

  13. Looking at counted votes yes the bill had a 3-1 margin…looking at the prevalence of abstention with number of no votes the bill didn’t have overwhelming support. Where people dig in on the result is a matter of perception that ikely reflects where they stood on bill.

    Of 80 members called to vote…45 voted aye, 15 voted no and the remaining 20 abstained w/o an official report to note cause of abstention. The strangest part of politics is it’s process and strict adherence to that body’s recorded parliamentary procedures.

    Because everyone knows it’s legal to shoot porn in California, justifying a politician to treat it as any other business I’m not buying the ‘porn isn’t popular stump speech’ on this one. When Planned Parenthood (PP) stood for the bill in Labor committee it was plain to see where this was going as a workplace aka legitimate business issue over either sides entrenched moral agenda.

    For every group that has jumped of board of late to defeat this bill, lots are going to be pulling PP down the road. This isn’t because they are against porn but because standing for porn can’t trump standing for their primary mission/goals.

    Bottom line…(arm chair quarterbacking) disease particularly HIV is the polarizing issue over porn itself. No recorded onset transmissions worked as a media sound bite but carried the weight of an abstention at OSHA and legislative level.

  14. @jilted

    Hey…Don’t knock the sideshow…for some that drama is just as if not more entertaining than their porn content preferences. 😉

  15. Just got done talking with a lot of the female talent from that fucked up
    LATATA agencies and they are happy that it is moving towards better conditions and more pay in rates. All those girls need to jump ship and
    go to a “centralized” dispatching agency, just one under control of the producers and production companies and run the fucking over charging diseased pimps out of the industry today.
    LATATA is a bunch of criminals and the FSC better start cleaning up their shit or Axel Braun is coming into it and the rest of those Directors and start cleaning house. LATATA ruined the porn industry.

  16. @Danny,
    I agree that there are alot more talent who are celebrating this, but are doing so privately. As far as the future of the industry is concerned, I dont see much of a future for the FSC or LATATA, look at their track record for the last few years, it aint good.

    There are those in the industry who do see the writing on the wall, Axel Braun being the most high profile example, Porno Dan too. These guys are working, hiring talent, paying the bills, and using condoms. They are positioning themselves to be the survivors after all the fallout from these battles settle.

    The centralized dispatching agency system wourked well in the past, it was called World Modeling(Jim South).

    LATATA didnt ruin the porn industry. They may have fucked up how the day to day operations are handled but it was/is PIRACY that is killing the industry. Piracy seems to be the 800lb gorilla that everyone doesnt mention anymore,,,,,and why would ANV,XBIZ, or the FSC want to fight piracy when they get most of their money from the pirates,,,that is what is killing the industry much more than AHF or Isadaore Hall and every single anti porn organization combined and multiplied by 100.

  17. I have to agree that FuckGeek is detrimental to the industry. However, it still doesn’t need a forced condom bill too. Kink has already said it is looking into moving to Nevada if this becomes law, I suspect Vivid and Evil Angel’s directors will as well. Wicked already uses condoms but if most other companies move they will likely have to as well because the talent will be living in Nevada along with the non-condom required companies. I agree that the figures cited by the FSC are likely inflated but if I had to guess I would say that porn puts $2 to $3 billion a year into the California economy today and the tax revenue on that adds up for the state. Izzy’s morality crusade (he is a Baptist minister) and Weinfuck’s tizzy are going to cost California big, this bill was designed to run porn out of the state and I suspect it wil succeed if Moonbeam Jerry signs it.

  18. @jilted

    Local party of gay men …overwhelmingly said they would stand with an LBGT org that stood against AB1576. More interesting is that overwhelmingly this same group would vote for it as ballot initiative.

    Public Org support vs private question wasn’t on radar to be included with primary questions or demographics. Voting for the two questions determined via yes to left side, right no and patio for abstention. Clearly this was for my curiosity and never meant to be a scientific or peer reviewed study.

    Of 68 present, 26 own businesses, 7 unemployed and 35 earn a paycheck (IC status not asked); 31 4(+) college, 22 some college, 13 no college. Ages ranged from 18? to 69 (as 69th person my gender was noted as deficient to a good time)

    All 68 have and do watch gay porn; 61 didn’t like TIM stunt (as evening got going a symbolic DVD with TIM title had a rousing send off into the fire pit) last question asked and most hotly debated…

    Should gay performers be tested? Initial tally Y 41, N 2, A 25
    Ancillary debate question… Is your opinion based on work related or personal basis? Work 55, Personal 8, three not sure and two unable to distinguish (they were a bit blitzed by then)
    Final Tally on should gay performers be tested…Y 52, N 2, A 14 (with a few more on the blitzed list)

    Btw…despite much teasing and precious facial reaction moments relived and imitated, these are the folks who generously explained many cultural issues without judging me, certainly a much more valuable gift to me than their opinion will be to many.

  19. @mharris I think Kinks comments about leasing their armory for office space have a lot more to do the fact that there is a huge need for office space in San Francisco and the people who are needing it are pretty much offering the moon money wise.

    BTW Kink’s divine bitches site put out a new scene last week using a very active gay bareback porn model named Sam Truitt. Some people never learn their lessons.

  20. The porn industry is not going anywhere. couldn’t survive in Vegas and people like Mr Leroy myers doesn’t want all those LA fools over there. He is getting along with no problems from the local vegas cops and just because he isn’t doesn’t mean the rawdy LA bunch isn’t going to get their doors kicked in and arrested,cited and imprisoned.

    Just stay in California and teach about having safe sex and stop the bullshit about “condom rash” and all that other bunch of bullshit.
    You can have competition shoots with Wicked for hardcore condom shoots and see who will really break it off in award winning productions.

  21. I do have to admit that renting the SF Armory out as office space could be tempting with the price of office space there. However unless they find 1-2 companies that need a large space it would have to be remodeled significantly to be used in this matter — which is hard to get authorization from by the city government for a historic building.

    As for Vegas I suspect porn companies won’t locate within city limits. Heck even most of the newer casinos are outside the city proper, if Kink did that the city could not do a damn thing about it. If I were a porn company owner I would locate in one of the lightly populated counties where prostitution is legal, if porn created its own town there I don’t think there would be any problems.

    Regarding condom rash it makes sense to me that condoms could cause it but I have to take Nina’s word for it because I don’t have a pussy to know. Certainly it only would likely happen if the condoms were used improperly (not changing the condom and relubing every ten minutes or so). Unfortunately I don’t trust most directors to call a cut to relube and change the condom every ten minutes to prevent this issue as they aren’t even aware of it in most cases. I can’t even ask anyone I have had sex with about it because I (and most men) don’t last much longer than ten minutes anyway (I satisfy women in other ways using my fingers, my lips and my tongue to make up for it). Before Hop Sing attempts to razz me about my supposed lack of a sex life let me remind him that even he/she concedes that I am not a virgin and for this post it isn’t important when the sex took place.

  22. @mharris

    Their own town? 🙂 = daily chuckle award for that idea.
    Tumble in the weeds of Nevada?
    123 Golden Lube Blvd
    4 Norash drive
    86 LAshittyregs place

  23. Great stuff as always, Matt.

    “if I had to guess I would say that porn puts $2 to $3 billion a year into the California economy today.”

    Most would agree this is a preposterously inflated estimate.

    “I can’t even ask anyone I have had sex with about it…”

    Of course you can’t, I’m sure they all died of old age years ago.

  24. Peter has already put in a proposal with the sf city council to rezone it for office space. Right now that area is industrial. They will have no trouble finding takers for office space and companies that will pay for the remodeling.

    San Francisco, much to the chagrin to many, is going through a large scale gentrification.

  25. @mharris

    You say you can’t speak for condom rash because you do not have a vagina, but yet you can speak of how most men don’t last over 10 minutes. How? 😉

  26. Hop, since the biz is mostly privately owned we can only make an educated guess as to the revenue it creates. Yours is as good as mine here, I will have to find the post where I explain that figure (it is on here somewhere) as I don’t remember the exact numbers sometime. As for my sex partners all being dead considering I have fucked women in the past were one hell of a lot younger than me (they were at least age 21, though) so I doubt they are all dead.

    While i am posting to you Hop, why are you so down on me? You haven’t responded to anyone’s posts but mine on here, you seem to know a lot about what I do regarding the adult industry forums and you seem to be severely ageist regarding the capability to have sex. It seems like you can’t believe someone could still get it up at age 60 plus. If that is true how do you explain Dave Cummings? He was still doing scenes at age 73, you can do a Google search of that name to find his scenes for proof. You are more than welcome to post as long as you keep it civil but I feel like you are more of an internet stalker than someone interested in the goings on in adult.

    CPanzram, believe it or not men do talk to each other about sex from time to time and studies have actually been done regarding sex habits. I can say that most men can only cum once in a sex session, I think that is accepted fact. Short of desensitivity creams or medications to keep the dick hard I can’t possibly see where I am wrong here (about men lasting about ten minutes) and conversations with my friends (both male and female, remember that a woman knows how long her partner can keep it up as well) over the years back that up. If you or your spouse (I don’t know your gender) can keep it up for more than ten minutes at a time you or he should consider porn as a career.

  27. Funny addresses. Actually it isn’t so far fetched, the porn production companies could all buy up property way out in the desert in Nevada (probably dirt cheap), build studios and not piss off the populace in a city because they moved into their town. Many of the brothels in Nevada locate well away from any town for that reason (yes, I know about the restriction to counties with population of 700K or less (thanks Wikipedia for the updated figure, it used to be 50K) but each county has at least one town in it that they could have theoretically located in).

  28. @mharris

    Urban spread (sprawl) street names deserved no less. Seems the sarcasm was lost in translation;)

    SMH…”isn’t so far fetched” if your laying foundation for 2025.

    Let’s say a group of production companies bought up gulch town…even if deal got some FEMA type tents tossed in and they went in ahead of time to convert the old saloons into studio space…well the old logistics & infrastructure issues like roads, services, food, medical not to mention permanent structures…takes time…of course doing that would take less time than trying to use eminent domain to oust Aunt Tillie and her sister Mabel cuz they shoot all varmints …which means anyone who wasn’t born in or a direct descendant of gulch town settlers.

  29. @mharris
    “Actually it isn’t so far fetched, the porn production companies could all buy up property way out in the desert in Nevada (probably dirt cheap), build studios and not piss off the populace in a city because they moved into their town.”

    There is a problem with that. The brothels want to move into Vegas and they can’t. As a result they are stuck in the desert being forced to adhere to very stringent laws. Do you actually think the brothels would allow porn to essentially do the same things they are doing and not have to abide by the laws that they have to? I think not.

    If porn is going to abide by the laws in Nevada then there would be no need to move. With that said, it is a given that they won’t be following the laws that the brothels have to. The brothels are having the sex that CA porn companies are complaining about.

    Hoff is a businessman that loves to make money. Why isn’t he filming porn at the Bunny Ranch? Probably because he knows he can’t.

  30. Could you imagine how many of the dreaded hooker cards would be handed out on the strip if the porn industry moved to Vegas?

  31. Your comparison to brothel law is shortsighted, CP. Prostitutes at the Bunny Ranch likely have sex with at least ten different untested guys a day (and according to Hof’s business website at least some will service women clients as well, still untested) on busy days. That isn’t happening on 99% of porn sets, a porn chickie is lucky to get ten jobs a month, if all of those were double penetration that would be 20 potential partners a month (all with VD tests taken within the past 14 days) whereas Hof’s prostitutes probably surpass that in the average weekend (minus the double penetration part). This difference reduces the likelihood of VD drastically, enough for me to say that condom laws are unnecessary for adult film. Even the porn chickies that escort usually have fewer partners because their notoriety allows them to charge vastly inflated rates for their male clients, I would guess total assuming a porn chickie works on set for 10 days a month having sex with 20 male performers in the process and the fact that porn chickies tend to do things such as go to dinner or out clubbing with one client and staying with him for a night (and charging $2000 or more for the service) rather than the brothel chickies which charge by the hour (I understand that is about $200 nowadays) with the male client fucking and leaving and therefore brothel prostitutes have more partners than a porn performer. I would estimate that most escorting porn chickie have at maximum 40 partners a month (working 30 days with two partners in each scene and one escort client per night on other nights which actually probably inflates my numbers but I wanted to present a worst-case scenario) whereas a brothel chickie probably has at least three times that many (up to 10 a day, I will assume an average of three clients per day averaged over a month for 120 total partners in a full working month). Porn industry prostitutes also can require a test before accepting a client due to the pull being relatively famous (at least to the porn viewing world) has, Dennis Hof’s prostitutes cannot. There are also people like Isis Love that won’t even kiss an untested guy after a date — overly conservative IMO but that is her problem and not mine. I think because of the differences in sex practices adult should (and likely will not) be forced to abide by the brothel regulations in Nevada.

    I think if anything the brothel laws need one change that the straight porn industry already abides by — required test before being legally able to procure a brothel prostitute’s services even if (for now) it is the quick HIV tests Mike South uses on his sets (before anyone gets their panties in a bunch again let me remind you that Mike also requires a lab test for VDs and uses the quick test as a backup). At least that would reduce the chance of HIV transmission at a brothel. I think requiring an HIV lab test with PCR-RNA over the more common ELISA/Western Blot series, a Trep-Sure Syphilis test and the usual urine or blood testing for Gonorrhea and Chlyamidia should also be required (required for both prostitutes and clients). If prostitutes at a brothel are more comfortable with condoms that should continue to be an option although I can’t support the current requirement to use a condom at a Nevada brothel.

  32. @mharris

    So basically you subscribe to the FSC panel but would extend it to clients as well as talent? If so then I’d have to say opting not to kiss isn’t conservative it’s smart. HIV isn’t an easy catch orally but GC & CT certainly are.

    It seems in the absence of blood or anatomical swabbing choosing to avoid swapping spit with the unknown shows self respect as well as client respect.

    Till you add in number of off set partners porn stars have any comparison to brothel clients is ridiculous. Btw…do you know why cities are doing away with condom arrest laws? One major factor is that clients don’t / won’t carry them for fear of detection by significant other…so how is that pre-testing going to work out?

    ??? Hey honey since were going to Vegas it would be a good idea to update our STD tests…uh okay honey…and have fun paying sex workers for sex cuz that’s all the sex you’re getting ..smh

  33. If you think about it, the brothels have a vested interest in making business difficult for the porn industry in Nevada, although that probably wasn’t the point of mharris’s post. It’s this: scenes aren’t what they used to be. So, to make ends meet, many porn starlets escort. Right now, they do that in LA, NY, Philly, Miami, and other cities where they’re dancing. They’re not direct competition to the Nevada brothel scene.

    Just because you move the porn industry to Nevada doesn’t mean the number of available scenes to your basic porn chick will go up, so, there will still be an incentive to escort – which takes visits away from the brothels unless Dennis Hof can corral all the porn chicks to only escort at his brothels.

    If I were Hof, I’d use whatever influence I had with Nevada politicians to ensure that the porn industry is playing by the same rules as the rest of the sex trade operating in the state.

  34. The brothel workers are tested every week. The STATE mandates this, and employers must keep records. Privacy is not an issue.

    The rates of stds in the brothels is almost nil. All of this sex with untested partners and the std rate is so low,,,,because they use condoms. And I have never heard a peep about “condom rash” causing stds in the brothels.

    The std rates in the brothels. with untested customers, is a pretty good measure that condoms work.

    And you can go to Nevada, Forida, or the moon for that matter, PIRACY is now, and will be in the future what kills the industry.

  35. @mharris

    That wasn’t shortsighted at all. While they are both considered prostitution at least the people who work at the Bunny Ranch aren’t spreading syphilis and HIV. Porn is. Porn doesn’t want the laws that the brothels have.

  36. Well, I was going to respond with something similar. But, I’m not sure I could say it any better so I’ll just be lazy and copy it… hahahaha. 🙂
    Thanks @CPanzram!

    I will add that I sincerely don’t understand why an industry would pick up and move to another state without knowing what the rules & regulations would be… that’s the biggest problem at the moment: There are no rules & regulations directly related to shooting pornography, but I would imagine there will be soon enough. I would be willing to bet AHF is already on the ground in NV.

    So, what happens if the government and NV-OSHA decide to pass laws & regulations that are more stringent than CA?

    As of right now, no one knows… would they then move back to CA? I guess they’re just going to keep moving around from state to state?

    I think I would want to know what the exact rules & regulations would be if I were planning on moving my entire company to another state?

    Too bad there are none at the moment :-/
    Still rather confused… ?

    CPanzram –
    “Actually it isn’t so far fetched, the porn production companies could all buy up property way out in the desert in Nevada (probably dirt cheap), build studios and not piss off the populace in a city because they moved into their town.”

    There is a problem with that. The brothels want to move into Vegas and they can’t. As a result they are stuck in the desert being forced to adhere to very stringent laws. Do you actually think the brothels would allow porn to essentially do the same things they are doing and not have to abide by the laws that they have to? I think not.

    If porn is going to abide by the laws in Nevada then there would be no need to move. With that said, it is a given that they won’t be following the laws that the brothels have to. The brothels are having the sex that CA porn companies are complaining about.

    Hoff is a businessman that loves to make money. Why isn’t he filming porn at the Bunny Ranch? Probably because he knows he can’t.

  37. Lurking, I subscribe to the FSC panel but do not support the FSC administering it. Talent Testing’s system is much more secure, better administered and they don’t have their primary mission of advocating for producers getting in the way of protecting talent. I will go one step further and say that all VDs should be tested for except maybe herpes (that is more of an annoyance than a threat), I remember saying in the days of AIM Healthcare that everyone should be required to get the full panel once a month (testing was once a month back then) rather than just HIV, Chlaymidia and Gonnorrhea tests. With the unfortunate Mr. Syphilis situation from a couple of years ago and the guy who worked with Hep C for three years almost a full panel is required by most producers which I find to be a good move on the industry’s part. Now we need to add in the rest of the VD tests and require a full panel at least every 30 days and get Diane Duke out of the testing administration business.

    Regarding prostitution I think it should be legal country-wide with a requirement of a full VD panel for both client (with the results being negative for all VDs) and prostitute before a paid sex session can take place.

  38. @mharris

    With 30+ STI how would you regulate testing for all VD?

    Say escorting were legalized as a regulated business… business licenses and testing implemented as a trade off to the threat of arrest and would or could this be constitutionally extended to unregulated consumers?

    Lol can you imagine clients reaction to a 2257 like test form that matches legal name to test documentation provided…can’t see that attracting clients or boding well as a viable business model.

  39. I don’t know of 30 plus VDs but the ones on standard full panel (HIV 1 & 2, Gonorrhea, Chalymidia, Syphilis, HPV, Hep A, B, C, Genital Warts) minus Herpes are easy to test for with the appropriate lab testing. As for constitutional concerns this has already been settled, all medical personnel in Michigan are required to pass a TB test before working in a medical office, this requirement would be along the same lines except in this case for legally patronizing a prostitute. I think it would stand judicial muster quite well, certainly if it is constitutional to ban prostitution it is constitutional to put limits on it. Of course fast-detecting testing would be used (HIV PCR-RNA, Syphilis Trep-Sure) as it currently is in the adult film industry. IMO it would work as well as a condom mandate in this regard. AIM used to charge $300 for a full-panel, certainly if someone can afford to pay for sex he can afford to pay $300 for a pre-session lab test.

  40. @mharris

    There are 34 common STI.

    The constitutional issue in no way related to (would be licensed & regulated) workers or medical personnel. The issue related to clients/consumers who would likely be treated as patients/medical consumers where even in needle stick or surgical exposures the consumer can’t be forced to either test or reveal known infections.

    Since we are speculating about legal prostitution even the criminal aspect where a court ordered warrant is required is out the window too.

    Lol about ..if they can afford to buy sex they can afford to add a 300 test panel….how current does panel need to be and how the fuck would you regulate it? Maybe impose a three day waiting period to buy sex like guns? Yeah this would go over about as well as having clients provide Tests with matching ID on a 2257 like form for prostitutes records.

    Can you picture uncle joe saying..okay buddy you got yer drivers permit now drive over to std clinic and tomorrow you can drive down to the corner…as much as I’d like to buy you an hour in a nice clean brothel 300 is only gonna leave me 50 for the crack ho on the corner.

  41. Harris? I am SOOOO glad that you suggested to me to read your old comments. They are riveting! Such bullshit Harris..

    . I wonder how many times you have plugged kink on here? I would try to count but I would be here FOREVER! The checks must be piling up, EH? Psst.. For someone who is not in the industry you certainly spew the industry BULLSHIT regarding condoms..

    Even though I am for condoms .. I have absolutely NO problem if someone is against them … My problem with the anti-condom side is the outright LIES they spew for the reasons why they are against them. If someone from the anti-condom side can give me a good TRUTHFUL reason why they are against them then I would be willing to give you guys the benefit of the doubt… But spewing condom rash… You will lose money etc…BULL cough cough SHIT! Is getting you guys no where…and the fact that axel Braun admitted that the reason he was against condoms was because of profits… Psst… He only cared about himself and not the health and safety of the performers! Contradicts EVERYTHING you guys spew! Stop insulting the general public with your bullshit lies!

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