AB 1576 Goes Down

AB1576 aka The condom law was passed on to the suspense file, essentially killing it.

While the biz has gotten a bit of a reprieve it really doesnt effect much, first Measure B is still in effect as is a statewide OSHA law that makes the use of condoms mandatory.  It isn’t going to stop AHF from filing complaints against the industry.

What it does do is that it gives us a chance to come up with some meaningful; self regulation , lets not squander it.


108250cookie-checkAB 1576 Goes Down

AB 1576 Goes Down

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  1. Cal/OSHA current guidelines (as required) mirror Federal OSHA making this a big can of bait worms for 48 states and territories. Government doesn’t have to go after adult filming in a criminal venue, they can advocate and seek OSHA complaints instead.

    Sex Worker de-criminalization advocates overlook a downside to demanding services vs incarceration. The door they are opening is services “eligibility screening” where it’s very simple to include questions regarding adult film performances and ‘related agency referral’ as a means to educate about OSHA and labor laws.

    AHF gets all the headlines but they aren’t the only group with ready resources to force Federal and state administered OSHA agencies into action. My prediction is that in five to ten years porn folks will consider AHF as benign compared to well funded truly anti-porn organizations who have yet to enter the OSHA fray. Successfully defending NIMBY zoning and commerce laws will seem like hollow victories when losing anti-adult entertainment orgs increasingly turn to OSHA and labor agencies.

  2. Well isn’t that special. When will be the next HIV outbreak this year?
    Seems about the right time of the year.

  3. Good. Hopefully asswipe Weinfuck will see the writing on the wall and cease attempting to use the CA legislature to run porn out of the state. Unfortunately he has implemented a two-prong approach and has friends at Cal-OSHA that feel the same way he does about running porn out of both CA and the US as a whole (using his complaints about Kink in Nevada as a guide I say he wants porn out of the country as a whole).

    Michael Weinstein, go fuck yourself!

  4. @mharris

    They still have to wear condoms. Acworth can still get fined again and he probably will be. This means nothing.

    I think the AHF’s complaint in NV was merely just to place a flag on them for NV to take note that Kink is shooting in places where it isn’t legal to do so or doing so without obtaining the proper license.

  5. I mentioned that in my post. A unique interpretation of the Cal-OSHA statutes using medical standards is being used by Weinfuck and his butt fuck buddies at Cal-OSHA to push Kink’s Peter Acworth and the rest of porn out of the state. It is a moral crusade to those at Cal-OSHA pushing condoms on porn and nothing more (as it was to Bible-thumping Izzy Hall). Weinfuck is just pissed that someone in porn got HIV and cost him a million bucks. I doubt that Nevada takes the same tact, they allow gambling to be their biggest moneymaker for crying out loud (which is just as immoral to the Cal-OSHA people assisting in running porn out of CA)! It isn’t all of Cal-OSHA participating in this, I bet if I could be a fly on the wall there it is one or two people causing all of this bullshit. The chances that two judges in a row (there is the chance that the first judge would be biased toward Weinfuck’s position or even take bribes from him) would allow for this is remote but it is cheaper to move to Nevada than to fight on in California.

  6. Oh well,
    but what makes me think there will be a slew of OSHA complaints in the next week or so, and then perhaps a state wide ballot initiative to follow. I was actually kind of surprised that they chose to go the legislative route first, after the success of Measure B, but you learn from your mistakes and move on.
    Next time AHF needs to focus on the gay industry. I would like to see Dianne Duke just for once talk about the rampant HIV in the gay industry.
    Does anyone know the percentage of things in the suspense file that were passed, as opposed to not passed.

  7. What do you mean next outbreak. It happens all the time in the gay industry. But AHF refused to ‘focus’ on the gay industry. Maybe they will change their tactics next time, but dont count on the AHF to really go after the gay industry. AHF would rather keep fighting the battle with the straight industry as their foe, than winning the war using the gay industry, and all their HIV as the foe.

  8. You sound a bit disappointed, Mike. If “it really doesnt effect mush” why even mentioning it? I think it affects it all. It’s over one year that i read about 1576 here and now reading just 3 dismissing lines about it, it doesn’t do justice to your work, professionalism and intelligence.

    It’s a step, but it is a huge one and it does not deserve dismissal imo.
    Then, i’m all with you when it comes to self regulations, but today someone within the industry lost and someone won. It would be nice to underline that with first and last name. Imo.

  9. It is a step, my only disappointment is that we have been granted a tiny bit of a reprieve that the industry will claim as a victory and an excuse to do nothing. Then it will get even worse.

  10. It must effect something. If it doesn’t then this much press, effort and most of all, money, should never have went into its passage or defeat in the first place.

  11. Does the gay industry even test? I’ve never heard a straight answer (no pun intended) to that simple question. If it doesn’t then FSC shouldn’t comment on it. If they dance to the beat of their own drum then you can’t possibly know enough to remotely comment intelligently on their business practices, reporting methods, safety protocols, etc. anymore than you would on attempting to discuss what is protocol when girls do “privates”.

  12. @troll

    Per Peter Acworth did a HuffPoLive as Kink.com owner w/o mentioning FSC IIRC may 15th (definitely that week) he is very clear that Gay does not test. To promote Truvada he says stuff to justify gays not testing.

  13. @Troll,
    Does the gay industry test? There is no ‘system’ of testing in the gay industry. There are no standards or protocols followed in the gay industry,
    That being said, these guys are adults. They are having tons of sex with multiple partners, and as any adult with half a brain, when you are having that much gay sex, these guys do get tested on their own, for their own piece of mind.
    Several of the HIV+ people that were detected at AIM over the years were gay industry performers, but when those guys would test at AIM they did not sign the waiver that the straight side does.

    As an industry the gay side does not have a testing system. As individual adults, of course they get tested.

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