You Can’t Teach An Old Ho New Tricks, Bree Olsen Wants To Talk About Her Anger, But Only If You Pay Her Thousands of Dollars

I had no desire to talk to Bree but this came and it hit me as a desperate attempt on her part to get attention.  10,000 dollars for an in person interview and 7,000 to interview her over the phone.  Now lets be honest here does this sound like someone who is upset that she may have been exposed to HIV?  Keep  in mind that at least according to him they broke up months before he was diagnosed. Or does this sound like a money grubbing little attention whore?

The whole thing just kinda reeks to me.  If indeed he didn’t disclose his status after he knew it then yes he should be held accountable, but what I detect here doesnt really pass the sniff test,  Everyone close to the situation said that Bree knew, of course if she sues then who knows how it will play out.  But asking for 7-10 K to vent your anger for an hour just sounds disingenuous to me.  I dont recall their relationship being more than a few months either, certainly not a year…I guess it will all come down to the time line.

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128760cookie-checkYou Can’t Teach An Old Ho New Tricks, Bree Olsen Wants To Talk About Her Anger, But Only If You Pay Her Thousands of Dollars

You Can’t Teach An Old Ho New Tricks, Bree Olsen Wants To Talk About Her Anger, But Only If You Pay Her Thousands of Dollars

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  1. Well, this is pretty funny.

    Maybe she feels her escorting income will drop because of this so she is trying to profit another way.

    I don’t blame her for trying, why not. It is scummy but this is the Charlie Sheen HIV saga after all, not a beacon of integrity.

  2. Bree is the wrong person for the media to talk to anyways. Her times barebacking Charlie are questionable as to whether he had HIV at that time. He can document when he found out and when they broke up, so it is wishy washy.

    I will laugh if someone pays it.

    10K for an in person interview. If I were willing to drop 10k on Bree Olson, I might as well get her for the evening and fuck her. Paying that much just to hear her bitch about Charlie is nonsense when you can have sex with her for the same price or less 😉

  3. The focus of this whole saga should be on HIV+ and how to avoid ending up like Charlie. Instead everyone associated with Charlie (Goddess wise) is trying to squeeze a payday out of him before the money is gone. The biggest thing I can see from this whole mess is that porn girls are all blood thirsty harpies out to wring every nickel they can out of the poor person that had the bad luck to have some money. Its hard for me to not feel sorry for Charlie when he has these kinds of women around him 24/7.

  4. what’s that you say? women selling sex are blood thirsty trying to empty your wallets of every last nickel?

    I am just stunned 🙂

    Even the nicest and most sincere sex workers will still not shed a tear if you give them your last dime to support the lifestyle they feel they are entitled to. Even if you happen to meet them through civilian ways and not through their occupation, they will still hope your wallet flies open until it is empty 🙂

  5. HA! From Brobible no less. How awkward! Don’t scorned celebrity lovers go to the tabloids, I thought that was par for the course. I remember when Bombshell McGee hit the tabloids because she was banging Jesse James while he was married to Sandra Bullock. This was around the time Tiger Woods got busted for having several mistresses, and I thought Bombshell McGee made some interesting career choices, after a couple of tabloid appearances she went back to dancing and teaching some sort…strip tease course? I forget. Anyways, she had the right idea. She cashed in, got out and barely a peep since. Betcha ole Bree thinks she’s better than a whore (/sarcasm) like McGee right?

  6. You call it awkward I call it awsome…glad to have you and my only fault with you guys is you spelled her name wrong (its Olson) and believe me I would cash in on it too if I could and had Bree been asking for 500 bucks or even 1K it wouldnt even be news but in my book 10K should get an exclusive with night on the town thrown in LOL But this is an ongoing thing with Bree attention whoring is her nature and my nature is to call it as I see it….Far as broBible goes Im all for you guys capitalizing…hell Im a lot less pricey what do I know that I can get paid to whine about LOL

  7. Haha did I forget to mention that I can say for certain that I’ve actually read a few Brobible articles, so not tryin to be a bitch. Still a bit of a head scratcher to me though, a few minutes ago I saw Bree’s lil confessional video she sold to the daily mail. Seems to me if your gunnin for some cash and sympathy, she could maybe tweak her bedside manner a little.

  8. Call me confused but how does her Stern appearance to piggy back Today show work with ten days of call me Jon Snow I know nothing?

  9. OMG seriously ROFLMAO wasn’t joking so we’ll just add that to the ‘what she said file’ with stuff like keeping a straight face when grandson asked me to fix his floppy sword.

  10. Well, I saw her on a couple of tabloid site so someone was paying. Guess it worked out for her.

  11. How come I am not surprised at Bree’s latest misstep? I think she over-estimated her “poker hand” with this one. I think she needs to get a current test from TTS (to prove she didn’t get AIDS from Chuckie the human toilet) and put an ad on Craigslist offering a GFE for $5K a night 🙂 . I think she has a better chance of making some money that way than by shaking down TMZ and Perez Hilton.

  12. If there are media outlets stupid enough to pay her fee – and apparently there are – she’d be a fool not to accept. This is no different than pornstar wish lists. If there are fanbois so deluded they’re willing to buy a girl who shoots porn (and has a bf/husband in many cases) iPhones and Victoria Secret underwear, hell, take as much as you can get as long as you can get it. It’s profit maximization for an independent contractor with a short window in their life she can leverage their looks. Same deal with Bree Olsen.

  13. The other “goddess” who was with Charlie at the time, Kenley or Natlie or whatever her name was. She already said that he didn’t have it while they were together. Bree is probably tried to sue Charlie and no lawyer would have been able to win that case since it was so long ago, so she is now doing this as an option.

    As a Communication Major if you’re a good enough interviewer you don’t need to pay the person, or if you do realize whether what you are paying is worth it. 7K-10K for a Bree Olson interview is boring too me.

    Now if Brett Rossi wanted to do an interview, she is the one I feel could get the most loot, maybe 5-7K that Bree is asking for. She was 100% for sure with Charlie while he was HIV+ so he either hid it from her and never told her and almost married her, or he told her, she accepted it, and maybe has it.

    All I know is to me it’s super strange that Brett has yet to say a peep about this. IS she hiding something? I wonder if @mikesouth can find out for less than 7K 🙂

  14. Brett is probably not saying anything because she was well paid to keep her mouth shut. Either that or she was the one blackmailing him and she does not want to go to prison for blackmail/extortion.

  15. Actually, she did publicly show her HIV negative documentation in the clip she sold to the Daily Mail. I do agree with you that she has over played her poker hand. My gripe with the Daily Mail “interview” (announcement that she is HIV negative) is that she appears to add stigma to the general public’s knowledge of HIV.
    First thing’s first: Charlie is like Teflon. He will survive this, as he has survived other event’s in his life. Surely he has top notch people in his corner. In light of recent events, Charlie is still a sympathetic figure, and he has the opportunity to write his own destiny in a positive light.
    Second: Bree has none of the above things going for her. She is literally a face in the sea of who knows how many women. Absolutely, if I was in her shoes, I’d be P’O’ed too. However, her anger rant is not very helpful in the sense that there are lots and lots of people with HIV who already feel the brunt of stigma and ostracism. People with HIV still deserve to be treated with respect and empathy, and absolutely something like that requires disclosure (which will either be settled quietly or taken to court, and man has Charlie ever taken preemptive defense with his public announcement).
    Finally, Bree of course can do as she pleases and make money however she pleases, but she is taking the wrong approach. Would have been more effective to take the I Am Cait approach for public outreach and awareness. The more bitter Bree (and other Goddesses) take this approach, the more they seem to prove Charlies point.
    Charlie can lose every dime he has, and he can still come out on top and make it back. The “Goddesses” do not have this opportunity. They should think wisely on how they approach it, is the bottom line.

  16. Or signed a NDA. She went the wrong way on this one with ‘I know nothing call me Jon Snow’ to give me 10k to trade on stuff Sheen himself has made public.

    Natalie Kenly going with ‘he didn’t pay me a dime’ route was definitely more popular and likely the more profitable road. Was smart cuz it distanced her from ‘is she the blackmailer’ questions too.

  17. @lurkingreader Well said! Will be interesting to see if any other these other girls improve their chess tactics, Bree obviously isn’t the brightest crayon in the box.

  18. Doesn’t Bree have a rep in porn for either being a Typhoid Mary (with STDs) or not very hygenic?

  19. Great points Ivy.

    If she plans to maintain her retirement from the business she had no need to show a test and if she is trying to reopen the door she closed this wasn’t the way to go about it. As for mainstream or any other job for that matter the tact she took is what created the door closing stink though she’ll always blame Sheen.

    Sheen going public was no doubt considered from every angle. coupling rumors about hacked Sony emails making reference to his status with in negotiation for a project contract has me leaning towards Sony and his big payday was a bigger motivator than extortion. Sony wants him on a short leash and is eliminating his primary rationalization for self pitying drug binges with announcement. His Today show doc runs a weight clinic while he treats drug addled A-listers. Sheen adding the unnecessary qualifier ‘HIV expert’ is just another example of his grandious look at me antics, the ones his handlers are trying to stifle.

    The HIV announcement works even better than a NDA to keep his bad boy antics out of the media. Before…trust abusing kiss-n-tell porn stars had something to extort him with. After… If they’re telling it’s to promote the safety of Prep

  20. @Ivy Yeah getting same impression. The mom in me wishes someone would take her aside and pat her on the back for bringing her best checkers moves and dry her tears while they explain how she got checkmated.

  21. I’m actually going to stand up for Bree on this one. A few centuries ago, the writer Samuel Johnson said that “None but a blockhead ever wrote but for money.” When you make your living by your wits – or on your back – the only product you have to sell is you. No legitimate news organization is going to pay Bree for her story, but the tabloids do pay, and they pay well for the right details. “I was one of Charlie Sheen’s goddesses” is probably a saleable tale. She’s got to make hay while the sun shines.

    And, before we too high on our horses, remember that she used to make her living as an anal queen. 5K for an interview is lot easier than getting DP’d.

  22. @BT

    Lots of rich blockheads out there and lots of grocery aisle mags getting read if not sold this week. Thanksgiving isn’t only the busiest travel week of the year it’s also the busiest week for grocery stores with long lines.

    Nothing wrong with living by your wits, it’s more profitable to make choices with residuals. Next time they want to run Charlie’s Goddesses headlines are they gonna run with still standing by him or still nursing a grudge?

  23. @BT Being critical isn’t necessarily the same thing supporting or not supporting Bree. Luckily she has the privilege of a being an American white woman who is independent and take of her self, and she can choose any manner in which she likes to make a living. The matter is how to deal with all of that, and being knowledgeable about public perception, and using that to your advantage to make more money, not close doors.

  24. @karmafan

    I think this “rep” you are talking about for STI’s and bad hygiene is a PWL thing , am I right? They say that about everyone they don’t like.

    All girls get STI’s multiple times in a career, so she isn’t any different from anyone else in that regard.

  25. Wow, have rates sunk. Those rates aren’t even that high. Belle should’ve been demanding that kind of money, or at least starting high. The girl was selling herself to interviewers and more for free most of the time or for very little money. I don’t see what else Bree’s supposed to be doing right now. Seems like a way smarter move than most girls in the industry thrown in this position would make.

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