Poor Poor Pitiful Bree Part Deaux

Well it certainly seems I struck a chord with a LOT of people on the Bree Olson post and a lot of people pointed out things that I had left out and or forgotten…Like this beauty


That was only a few months back…Bree wanting 10K to be interviewed about Charlie Sheen…or 7K to do it via the telephone.

And remember in the video that Bree claims she can’t get a job in the medical field…well a bit of searching and I found out why…It wasn’t because of porn, I know lots of former porn girls that works as nurses, It is because she was arrested and convicted of DUI

I even noted back in 2009 that she melted down on a radio show


And as others noted she has Numerous posts on her twitter, claiming to be at a hotel in city XYZ, willing to take on strangers bareback etc.

Kayden left Adam and Eve because when she and fellow contract girl Bree did appearances together, Bree made it clear that she was available for sex in the “VIP Rooms” for as little as 200 dollars.  Because Bree was doing it (with Katy Zvolerins and Bob Christian’s at Adam and Eves blessings apparently) the attendees thought Kayden was available as well and got mad at her when she mad it clear that she wasn’t available for “privates”.  This made Kayden uncomfortable, I know this because I was there.

Combine all of this and it just isn’t in me to buy the poor poor pitiful Bree routine.

My advice to Bree….if you really want to change your image, you have that power. Stop whining, start giving to the community, start doing some charity work and actively work to turn over a new you…Instead of the routine with your hand out saying how badly you were wronged…The only person that wronged Bree Olson was Bree Olson….

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Poor Poor Pitiful Bree Part Deaux

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  1. A DUI isn’t an automatic door closer to working in medicine. It may make it harder to get into an educational program but it isn’t impossible. Lots of nurses and docs have DUI and drug arrests on record…short of diverting drugs in a way that puts patients at risk for BBP they can jump through hoops to keep job.

    Porn performance is considered ‘unskilled labor’ because no specific vocational certificate or degree is required. Does she assume retail workers, fast food workers, bartenders, waitresses, hotel housekeepers, or taxi drivers, etc. are treated like nurses with 2.5 kids?

  2. Don’t know the law in every state. My kid is a nurse in a Midwestern state. In that state, a DUI automatically results in the revocation of their license, which is the reason she always Ubers to and from bars on nights out with friends. They can reapply to get the license re-instated.

  3. I knew there was something fishy about her nursing comment. Nina Hartley and Karen Summer both worked as registered nurses. I have witnessed nurses get fired for having a DUI, even after 25 years of service at the same hospital that hired them. Your level of professionalism on the job counts too. You can be fired for making inappropriate jokes around patients and other coworkers. Given this woman’s history of poor conduct, I doubt she’ll score a nursing position. Again, not because of doing porn but because of her Charlie Sheen sherades on the news and bragging about blowing cab drivers for a ride and whatnot. But if she really TRULY wanted to become a nurse, she could enter a program under her real name out of California, adopt a conservative lifestyle, and less people would recognize her than she’d think. Maybe someone would think she looks familiar but unless she introduces herself as “Bree Olson” nobody would need to know during their brief encounters with her at work. It’s all in her own hands at this point, as Mr. South says.

  4. How is the DUI point not valid @lurkingreader? When you apply for a job, you’re employer wants to know what they are getting into. You see a girl, who snapped on a National Radio Show, has a DUI, and used to do porn, well in my opinion that is a little too much baggage. How do I know this person isn’t going to F-Up a 4th time or 5th time. Now if all Bree had was one DUI or some little ticket for marijuana possession, I guarantee you should would be a lot more hireable. People can screw up once or twice and maybe be excused. But she has burned her bridges and then some.

    I actually hope Bree comes back to Porn. I think it’s her best bet to actually have a 2nd chance and save up some money. I know she tried comedy and acting, but unfortunately for her she has the personality of a paper box. If she came back to porn, she wouldn’t make the millions she wants, but she could easily probably pull in 4-5K a week if not more, which is a lot more than what 90% of people on this planet make.

    I will conclude by saying honestly if I were to take a new porn girl and tell her this is how you’re career should go, I think Tasha Reign would be Example 1. She graduated with a degree from UCLA, though it took her awhile, she has her own marketing, her own website and a pretty loyal and huge fan base. Unlike Bree, she seems to have navigated the supposed pitfalls that porn offers. Not to say her route has been perfect, but I think comparing Tasha to Bree (Ying vs. Yang) is a pretty interesting comparison.

  5. All you have to do is type in Bree’s real name (won’t say it but I know it) into google, and pretty much no job other than a porn set would probably hire her.

    She is literally biting the hand that has fed her for years, by posting the video she did.

  6. @mdxxx

    First, I didn’t say it wasn’t valid…I said it wasn’t an automatic door closer. Before she could apply for a nursing job she’d have to jump through hoops to get into nursing school, it’s not easy but it can be done.

    Before she can apply for a nursing job she has to have the credentials. Her experience in porn could qualify her above other candidates for unskilled job positions. As a retail bank manager one of my best tellers worked part time in a strip club (on paper…she also had a porn name and regular clients) her work ethics and superior cash handling skills were an asset that got her promoted while others stagnated. In a nutshell mainstream employers are no different than porn…they want workers who can get the job done.

    Fact is mainstream employers are sued for not hiring ‘rehabilitated felons’ all the time a past career in porn isn’t the door closer many make it out to be.

    Bree is saying she doesn’t want to do porn, she wants to be treated like a nurse with 2.5 kids and chooses not to go make 20k now or 60k in a month. My point is simple…she has to make a choice where her life is going…to the money or the underpaid underappreciated grunt work it takes to achieve the nurse w kids respectability she is idealizing as an object in a shop window.

  7. Same here BT. Our daughter graduates in May after a delay to jump through hoops for a trusting the wrong boyfriend situation that could have landed her in prison.

  8. @lurkingreader I understand what you mean. The thing is, she wants to have her cake and eat it too.

    I think the biggest mistake any human being can ever make in life is over-extending yourself. A couple million dollars should be plenty for any normal human being to get by, maybe even for the rest of their life. Because she spent all her money, she wants us to feel sorry for her?

    Like the NBA players who make 100 million and blow it all, there are probably hundred of pornstars out there who made big bucks, especially in the 90’s and ended up blowing it all on stupid stuff. I’m sure @mikesouth has a story or two he could tell us.

  9. @xxx

    Unless Nina used a name other than her real one she doesn’t have a license for nursing. She has a license for cosmetology going way back that she has been renewing and a marriage counseling one or something along those lines that I think expired. No record is visible of her as a nurse other than her saying and people repeating.

    However, forget Bree’s past scoring her a nursing license seeing as that is jumping the gun quite a bit. She would have to pass the boards first which is probably a much greater obstacle for her to conquer. 😉

  10. @mdxxx

    Not a money thing to me. Bree is spewing ideas that she learned in porn about mainstream. It’s true that some jobs are closed to former porners OTOH how many porn companies seek women her age who branded themselves as homemaker and arent candidates to wear a beauty contest sash? Homemaker wasn’t my first choice but it’s a choice I grew to love and esteem regardless of what anyone else thinks. No one is immune from hurtful opinions or bullshit perceptions about how they ought to live their life.

  11. A quick comment re: the nurse career discussion. I don’t really think Bree wants to be a nurse. Just an example she tossed out about how she want people to think of her, as opposed to her current reality. I don’t really think she has a clue what it takes to become a nurse, or most any other skilled profession, which is a big part of her problem.

  12. @LurkingReader You are right to point out that a DUI won’t hold back a person from getting a nursing job. Anyone who says otherwise has never worked in a medical field. Because when you start classes you HAVE to get a background check, and you cannot graduate the class if who ever is reviewing your file rejects you. What a person CAN do while taking classes, and this is pretty upfront while in class, you have to sign a waiver saying your gonna fly straight and that your bad past is behind you. SO the point is, you cannot get into trouble AFTER you pass your classes. Really important caveat for those who are disagreeing with you.

  13. @ivy

    Might have looked like a disagreement but it meshes. I call it jumping through hoops, BT called it revocation/reinstatement and xxx is correct that employers can use a DUI as cause to fire a nurse. Depends on the specific employer/employee policies and the worth of that relationship to the employer whether it’s a burned bridge or administrative leave pending (license reinstatement) completion of safe driving or substance abuse counseling.

    Toby was spot on that married nurse with 2.5 kids was probably just an example of a career that would be relateable as a ‘respected’ Midwest ‘norm’

  14. 🙂 Yup at the end of the day, every body has to figure out what is the best way to expend their energy. USA really is the land of opportunity, many times my friends who immigrated here said to me, “This is the best country, you can be whoever you want to be. You can remake yourself here” and it’s true. Some people will never have the opportunity to be anything but a grunt or cog in the wheel, whether it’s due to lack of education, opportunity, or generational circumstance. It’s tough to rise above those conditions if you never have a mentor or a guide to help you rise above challenges and obstacles, if you’ve never been told or inspired to get back on the horse after you have fallen. People who have no experience of what it is like outside of the USA, or people who do not have friends who have had the immigrate experience…well it’s easy for them to not understand that is what the USA truly means.
    I’d recommend to anyone that struggles to find their place in the world (and let’s be real here, that is a life long goal!) you have to follow your passion. And if that is not possible, then accept that you can still live a good life by focusing on what you have, not what ya don’t. I don’t hate Bree, I hardly ever paid attention to her unless it had to do with Sheen. But she needs to grow the fuck up and realize how entitled she is. And that’s what all of us here in the comment section are trying to say.

  15. People with good looks get a sense of entitlement and believe the world revolves around them.

  16. Yep, hopefully this is a fleeting chapter of discontent in her life whatever direction she decides to pursue.

  17. I think the problem for young girls who make these decision when they are so young is that porn today is a bell that can’t be unrung. Again, I will admit that my prejudice is related to the fact that I am the father of a 20-something daughter and remember what she and her friends were like 8 or 10 years ago when they were in high school. They simply weren’t equipped to think about the long-term consequences of the stupid things they did.

    The other day, I was surfing and looked at the Girls Do Porn site. The free clip was of an 18-year-old who is legal – she’s 18 – but still in high school. Because of the Internet, that clip is going to live forever, even if she never becomes as famous as Bree. Perhaps you can live down a one-off experience like this, but we’ve all seen the stories of some poor elementary teacher who was fired when it was discovered that she posed nude or did a porn shoot – even if she was a nobody as a porn star acting in B-level porn.

    I didn’t take Bree’s comment as if she wanted to be a nurse with 2.5 kids. Rather, that she says she wants an every day life back in Indiana like the gal down the street whose married, works as a nurse, has a couple of kids and can go out with friends and not worry that every guy at the bar has seen her with a cock in her butt, pussy and mouth at the same time.

    In many respects, Bree is a victim of her own success and the persona she created. Here’s what Bree said when she won best new starlet. ” I know that it’s not because I worked so hard…I took a lot of cocks in the ass for this!” That, my friends, will be her resume for years – she’s the gal who became famous because, in her own words, she took a lot of cocks in the ass.

    I think its easy to deride her now for the choices she made, but, again, maybe its because I have a kid about her age who has been so fortunate to get beyond mistakes she made in her mid-teens and blossom into a beautiful and successful young woman, I feel for her.

    I know I’ve written this before, but its a reason I watch MILF porn and not the hot young thing – I watch 20 years olds and I want to shake them and ask them if they have any idea what they’re doing. I see a 30 or 40 year old and I figure, well, she made her choices. I might as well enjoy them.

  18. I think often about how gender affects people, how Sarah Palin got fucking nailed for being dumb and unprepared but Trump is able to sail along just fine.
    I think about these things thoughtfully and carefully. I read articles, and think some more.
    I’m not going to point fingers and say oh a woman cant recover her image because “you can’t turn a whore into anything but a whore” because that’s crazy sexist.
    To me, my opinion comes from you are who you are. Are you a good person? Or are you a user? Do you actually give a shit about people, or only care about people as far as you can benefit from them? If your a shitty person your gonna have a shitty life because no one will like you, no one will help you if they can, because they hate you, because you are a shitty person.
    I think women and men can do porn and still live a good life. Who cares right? It matters who you are, what your principles are, where your moral compass points you and the choices you make in life.
    I don’t think being in porn makes you a lesser person, or less worthy of a decent life. But again, if you are shitty, you gonna live a shitty life. That’s the way I look at it.

  19. @BT

    Linked up top on Bree part one is a comment you made in 2009 when she cried foul after appearing on the bubba show. If Bree’s Midwest neighbors are calling her names it’s because she ostracized herself not because Midwest suburbia doesn’t accept porn or sexworkers.
    We live in an upscale suburb, noone cares that the ‘internet marketer’ former Ambercrombie model is a sex worker or that the single ‘independent realtor’ makes lots of money but doesn’t attend any of the local realtor networking events. Their lawns are mowed, walks shoveled, house maintained, no loud school night parties and they dress more conservatively walking the trail than the dog walkers.

    The teenagers know exactly what they do and where to find their content and that’s between them and their parents as far as the neighbors are concerned. If the neighbors aren’t inviting her to their Tupperware, candle, or sex toy parties it’s because she made herself persona non grata or simply said no too many times.

  20. I’ve seen on other sites that Bree is making 20k a month on MFC. If thats true how can she be crying and saying she is broke?

  21. Don’t recall her claiming broke, Just watched for third time…IIRC it started with didn’t realize the name calling that she consented to in performances was hurtful in the real world. Doesn’t leave her house, gave up $.
    Narrator asks how she wants to be treated…the way a married RN with 2.5 kids is treated.
    Narrator asks how that would make her feel….so happy never thought about it cuz it’s not going to happen. She learned that no matter how openminded you are other poeople won’t be…strong message not to do porn for young girls….companies can refuse to hire you for any reason, morality clauses.

    It’s a piss poor mixed message PSA. Can’t work in medicine has been debunked…now for work with kids…..plenty of community orgs allow rehabilitated felons including murderers work with kids. There is a male math tutor in south Florida who also ran for a school board position with a porn past.

    at this point I think if she isn’t leaving the house for days/weeks on end its because she is too busy working.

  22. I have to chime in here. To me Sarah Palin comes across someone that has spat out cute (as adult) daughters from her pussy while snorting truckloads full of cocaine and that “white stuff of a powderous nature” has burned out all but a thimbleful of her brain cells, making her as dumb as a truckload of hammers. Donald Trump comes across as a shifty con man that purposely leaves out details as to his plans if he becomes President because he is afraid he won’t get support and votes if he reveals them (he actually reminds me of Adolf Hitler before he gained power in pre-war Germany).

  23. Nina has said she had a nursing license in about 1985. There is a good chance licensing information from that era is not online to verify. There is also a good chance her legal name wasn’t the same in 1985, she has admitted to incorporating herself in the past and that may have involved changing her legal name for some reason. Wikipedia claims she had a nursing license in 1985-1986 but that could have been verified by a manual search in the appropriate agency’s paper records (probably located in Sacramento) — the reference link is a Reddit thread but Wikipedia usually only has one reference link per claim and that a manual search of old paper-based records could have also been performed.

  24. Hey, LurkingReader. I’m chuckling that you found something I wrote in 2009 (which says I need to get out of my basement and get a life if I’ve been writing on Mike South for seven years or more. Oye!). I hope I was consistent. I can’t remember a lot of what I wrote yesterday, let alone 7 years ago. And, feel free to take me to task if I wrote out of both sides of my pen.

  25. Holding someone to an opinion they stated seven years ago is not reasonable in many cases. I know my opinions have evolved over the past seven years — I have become more liberal politically, am more tolerant of the far out there acts in porn, have changed my opinion of a certain flip-flop swinging felon with a pegging fetish (hitting unprovoked a female porn director in the head with a beer bottle, writing exposes with half-truths and outright lies about people and being arrested for beating your wife in anger four times in less than one year tends to do that), etc.

  26. @mharris127 Amen brother. I never lose the hope that people can change and evolve their opinions. I never hold my breath for that possibility, but I never discount that its possible.

  27. @BT – “I see a 30 or 40 year old and I figure, well, she made her choices. I might as well enjoy them.” You have a fantastic brain. That’s hilarious and smart.

  28. @mharris

    Read the post….it’s amazingly current despite being written about an event from 2009. The joke followed with explaination that if she allows people to call her names on set and her brand marketing strategy is participating in a shock jock show it ought to be expected they’re going to follow form. If her schtick were …call me diva Bree…they’d address her as diva…it isn’t and they don’t.

  29. I just read my post from 2009. I’m happy to be held to the opinion. I would’ve written the same thing today.

  30. The biggest mistake a porn girl can do is to become the porn character they have created. Bree Olsen should be a character, something like a WWE wrestler. Yes, you are known by that name and even get famous by that name, but there is a point where you walk away from the name, start out as someone else, and call it even.

    In Bree’s case, she has forgotten to be Rachel, and instead has become absolutely, totally Bree Olsen. For a girl who retired from porn a long time ago, she continues to cultivate and maintain the Bree Olsen persona on social media and such, and the video posted was put up by “Bree Olsen”. It’s a fail from start to finish.

    It doesn’t help her that she has apparently continued to maintain her standing as “miss piggy”, a girl who was a very willing pornstar and got naked and fucked in many questionable places, and who was well known for her “privates” that were, well, very open.

    My suggestion: Stop being Bree Olsen. Turn off the twitter account. Stop playing the character. Go Back to being Rachel, and try to build yourself a life as that quiet girl. Being public as a pornstar long after you stopping taking it in the ass on camera is dumb.

  31. Other than Donny being in the industry you are correct saying that BT’s article is actually quite current even though it was written seven years ago. I don’t personally call women whores while I am sleeping with them (can’t recall ever doing so, actually) but we have to realize that while filming they are actors and what appears on America’s Cutest Miss Piggy Cum Swallowing Gaping Whore Fucking and Puking On The Director For $2500 (purposely a title that has not been used) for Max Hardcore Jail Bird “Let’s Use a Speculum On An 18 Year Old Felon” Pictures, JM “Lets Make Those Chicks Gape” Productions or Rob Black “Male Ass Fuckee” Pictures is not real life and actors should not be held to the persona that is portrayed in such a movie (including Bree). I also agree that Bree needs to become Rachel (or whatever her legal name is) again and learn to live a life outside of porn if she wants to remain outside the industry.

  32. Mike wrote a post along the lines of many porn girls have escaped porn and gone on to normal lives. He is so much closer to this than am I, an observer from afar, but I’m sure that’s true. People like Carmen Luvana, who Mike was close to, appear to have left their porn pasts behind them. Just disappeared from the face of the porn earth. To me, the most interesting story along those lines is Ashlyn Gere, who was at one time my absolutely favorite porn star; there was always a sense of dignity about her, regardless of what she did on camera; she even managed to work for Rob Black without picking up a lot of the dirt although I think it ruined her career; and she left it all behind; moved with her husband and kid to a non-descript town in the southwest; and started a business that is so far from porn as to be unbelievable. If you see fairly recent photos of her, she is the every day small business owner and mom who Bree says she wants to be.

    She did exactly what Rawalex is advising – she stopped being Ashlyn Gere. I think Ashlyn Gere became a star in a different era – she broke out in the VHS age, when guys like me had to go to the local video store to rent her tapes, and was out before the Internet really broke through but especially before Twitter. Porn stars weren’t so out there. But, she did it.

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