Poor Poor Pitiful Bree….

It seems that reitred pornchick Bree Olson made a youtube video where she cried, without any tears mind you, about how bad her life is because of her porn past and how she isn’t getting any mainstream work, and how her past is following her but she gets no residuals…blah blah blah The video got a lot of mainstream attention from TheDailyDot to Fox news.


You can view it here

Under normal circumstances I wouldn’t denigrate a porn chick over this, lets face it on many of her points she is spot on. BUT Bree went to GREAT lengths to brand herself the way she did. What she leaves out is that she actively branded herself as a total slut. Bree subscribed to the idea that anything she did no matter how outrageous, like fucking cab drivers in exchange for a ride, made for a good story to millions of Howard Stern’s radio listeners….You reap what you sow.

There are lots of girls, even popular ones who have put porn behind them and gone on to successful careers, but they didn’t brag about having sex with homeless people to millions of listeners.

Bree was successful at branding herself the way she wanted to and now she is complaining because her branding was effective…Sorry but that rings pretty hollow to me. Are performers treated poorly, yes….should they get royalties…yes…Is the entry bar too low, yes. Did Bree get exactly what she wanted…yes…..Kinda late to be whining about it….It is ALL of your own doing.

And as a side note her mainstream career may be stalled because she isn’t a very good actress, I thought that in chick 101 you learn to always cry real tears…big crocodile ones, Bree needs some practice. (Note my bad she did shed some small ones…I stand corrected on that point)

Maybe I am being a bit harsh here but I think it is high time that the Millennials learn that sometimes…it is their own fault…

132800cookie-checkPoor Poor Pitiful Bree….

Poor Poor Pitiful Bree….

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  1. I can’t stand Bree. Used to have to babysit this entitled bitch on A&E shoots. She blames everything on porn, when the real problem is that she is a shitty, lazy employee with a gnarly addiction problem. I hope she doesn’t start a fucking Youtube channel for money now, like Jenna, Randi Wright (Channon Rose), etc…

  2. She does bring up a good point tho, porn stars should be getting royalties of some kind for their scenes. Not sure how they would do it as piracy has gutted the industry but the talent should be entitled to some sort of royalties.

    Dunno what happened with her and Sheen but would be interesting to know. Did she walk away or did he kick her to the curb? She also has a bad rep with folks for being manipulative.

  3. There is still a mainstream career available to her, a la the Kardashians.

    Kim Kardashian made her name fucking rappers on video, then continued living the high life camera and fucking the same people off camera.

    Bree could pitch a reality show called “This Slut Life”, in which she continues to blow waiters for tips, taxi drivers for fares and whomever else she feels like – also, off camera. The rest of the show, a la the Kardashians, is just her living well and stupid – the new American Dream (apparently – Donald Trump could make a cameo once he lose his Presidential bid).

    I don’t see a mainstream acting career for her, though. Arguing that porn should lead to a real acting career is like arguing that prostitution should lead to an aristocratic marriage. Also, actors always play themselves to some extent, and Bree hates herself.

  4. Mainstream take here…nurses with 2.5 kids don’t bitch that they could make 20k right now and they don’t like have it rubbed in their noses that they’re working 3-4months taking OT shifts to buy any luxury like their kids birthday party to make the same. That’s the shit that undermines workplace morale and gets people fired or rejected real quick in the hiring process.

    It isn’t the porn career it’s the attitude. She doesn’t like “the world created for me” LOL she is just a speck of sand on the beach aka a cog on a wheel within the great mass of gears that keeps the world moving along.

  5. I met Bree on Howard Stern, a few years ago. Fake, unfriendly, entitled, attention seeker, arrogant. She surely wasn’t concerned about making friends then, I must say. I feel for her, because what she says about the stereotypes is true. Unfortunately, I’m afraid that her sad, lubbenish rant is part of that attention seeking condition I mentioned before. I wonder if she would have released an interview with the same tones if her mainstream projects didn’t fail. Money is the key, here. These people are not ready to face problems and as soon as they have some, they blame others: industry, people, society…everybody but themselves. I would like to reassure her, though, if I was wrong and if she was indeed honest in her interview: it’s not true that you don’t have friends, Bree; I’d be happy to work and see if we can become friends. Reach to me anytime you want. I’ll share my friends with you and I promise that they will not judge you for your porn star past. Only for who you are now. Can you deal with it? If we are not too low level for you, our hearts and homes are open.

  6. @lurking


    She made poor choices and is now paying for it, but she claims she has the ability to still make bank.

    Millennials also need to learn that you don’t have to like what you are doing in life, but if you can make that much money a month then shut the fuck up and do it.

    Basically, I see a 30 year-old girl crying about how she can make 60K a month in a legal fashion. The world doesn’t care about your feelings Bree. The mainstream work only happened because of your past and they were shit spots. If you were really that talented of an actress you wouldn’t have had to shoot porn. You made this bed for yourself and according to you that bed is still incredibly profitable so quit crying about how you can’t get a job. Think of all of the ugly men and women with degrees who already have herpes sitting behind a desk everyday making less than your monthly wages. No one cares about your woes when you can still make that amount of money.

    She dug the hole for herself so why not keep digging? If she hits a water main just call it “squirting” and bank off of that as well.

  7. As a viewer, Bree’s scene in Whale Tale has been in my Top 10 since I first saw it years ago. Although I never found another scene of hers which topped it, that one was special to me.

    I have to say that this clip rings hollow to me. I honestly didn’t even know she tried to go mainstream, the last I remember of her was when she was giving interviews when she was one of Charlie Sheen’s girls.

    I specifically remember an interview on Dateline or 20/20 or one of those news shows where the interviewer asked her and the other girl if they’d marry Charlie if he asked them to. The other girl kind of hesitated, but Bree right away said “yes!” I always found that a curious answer. You’re basically a live-in escort with at least one other girl but you’d marry this guy??

    Interesting story: a friend of mine worked at The Standard hotel on Sunset. He was sent to a room because the guest who had been staying there for a few days had her credit card declined. He enters the room and sees a mess. Old room service food strewn everywhere, empty bottles, etc. And there’s a naked girl on the bed, face down and comatose. He initially thinks she’s dead because he keeps trying to wake her and she won’t respond. Finally she opens her eyes just as he’s about to call paramedics. She is totally out of it and asks what’s going on. When he explains that her card has been declined, she makes a phone call to her friend “Charlie” and somehow, magically within 5 minutes, her account is current. The girl was Bree, of course.

    I guess that story was neither nor there, but I always thought it was a fascinating look into what it’s like to be worth a ton of money and always have people asking you to take care of them.

    She seems like she’s not in the best place and that’s too bad. If the mainstream work isn’t happening, hopefully she can find another calling. Apparently Jenna Haze is now 5 years removed from performing anf is in college studying Psychology. Maybe she can be an inspiration.

  8. A Burberry bag isn’t out of the question for a Midwestern nurse with 2.5kids with or without an employed hubby, though it isn’t a seasonal or even annual splurge. Designer bags tend to take a back seat to working appliances, ever increasing property taxes, groceries, school fees and new clothes for the 2.5 kids growing like weeds. Holiday events/meals take priority over a new pair of designer shoes but if the nurse is lucky grandma plays tricky bunny with a footlocker gift card for a new pair of work shoes and packs up leftovers for work lunches that week.

  9. Bree doesn’t really seem to look broke. She’s always traveling around, eating out at fancy restaurants, wearing designer cloths and lives in a nice big house in Fort Wayne Indiana. If shes not doing porn anymore then how is she paying for all this? Wondering if this money came from Charlie Sheen when she was his “Goddess”..

  10. I agree 100% with @mikesouth. I am 28 years old and too many people in my age group want to blame their problems on others. It’s actually kind of out of control and apparently porn is no different.

    Bree Olsen was probably one of the first performers I fell in love with. I was a teenager then and I fell hard for her little squeals and yells of “pleasure” during her scenes. As twitter developed, etc. you could easily see she was a ticking time bomb. Then she met Sheen, quit Porn, and did the whole “goddess” thing.

    I think between the Porn/Dating Sheen/etc. Bree must have easily made millions of dollars, even without royalties. But guess where those millions went? A pair of LV Heels here, a new Gucci Purse there, a little bit of nose candy, and a bottle of vodka and poof…….there goes all you’re money.

    For Comparison’s sake lets look at Bibi Jones. Another Blonde who I fell hard for. She is probably 10x as hot as Bree, made the most out of her time in the industry, married some rich dude and now has the kids and all that. Do you think someone would turn Bibi Jones down for a job because she did some porn 5-10 years ago? Sorry highly doubt it.

    @mikesouth is not being too harsh. In this world you make you’re bed and now you sleep in it. Plenty of teenagers make $8 an hour flipping burgers, and we have Ms. Princess over here telling girls not too do Porn because she F’d up.

    She says she can make 20K a week now doing porn. I would literally love too see that. Would love too. I’d actually be willing to bet 20K that there is no way in hell in her current condition that she would even get a scene with the facial abuse dudes!

  11. @mdxxx Welcome back mdxxx. This may shock you but I totally agree with every word you said (except for the porn stuff I don’t watch porn). And I have nothing to counter with. You can pick your jaw off the floor now. 😉

  12. Right?? Fucking duh. Sorry but come on. It’s so much easier than porn, stripping, and most kinds of sex work.

  13. The overall attitude seems like fuck her and its sad. I think the min age to do porn should be 25 yrs old. Im sorry you can tell me how grown up 18 year olds are but they really arent. They really dont think about the aftershocks. Also a porn actress being wild and porning it up , so how she becomes a big star and companies make all types of money off of her. FYI just because she said she did those things doesnt mean she really did them, remember Bang bus isnt real. Porn leaves a mark. I knew a girl took cheese cake nudes bordered on wholesome. Her job found out and she was fired and she was just some model. Now imagine you are a popular adult performer.

  14. As Mike noted in his original comments, Bree very deliberately branded herself as a wanton slut. Numerous posts on her twitter, claiming to be at a hotel in city XYZ, willing to take on strangers bareback etc. This was in 2009/10/11, before she hooked up with Sheen. Whether it was real or fake, it was a deliberate effort on her part to put herself out there as a warm hole to cum in, and by that point she wasn’t a naive 18 year old any more.

  15. @Brenda

    She doesn’t like “the world created for me” is what she is saying now.
    Everything we experience leaves it’s mark. Whether her attitude is something she brought with her or resulted from porn is more than I could guess. If she wants to be treated like a Midwestern nurse with 2.5 kids it might help to recognize their world and how she not they are closing the door.

    They took out loans and spent two, three, four years or more appeasing professors and hustling for unpaid internships. They bend over backwards to get a great recommendation with daily reminders that a great recommendation isn’t a job offer. Their base pay at graduation won’t earn them 60k a year. If they keep up with their mandatory continuing ED and work overtime they can get a job that does pay 60k a year…if they don’t have to leave to pick up the kids or call in sick when daycare is closed.

    Two girls left the nursing program to try porn, neither was refused readmittance to the program. One treated her time in porn as a lark and settled right back into the grind. The other sowed seeds of discontent and misery and got booted from an internship…she blamed the fat jealous bitch who heard about her porn.

    The first was recognized by patients at the VA …she made jokes about on the job training to look at naked bodies. The second bitched about the low pay long hours and drudgery of nursing and was never recognized.

    Just because someone says they got fired from the mainstream because they worked in porn doesn’t make it so. What this girl is saying today indicates she hasn’t matured beyond a freshman aka 18year old nursing student. She has some fantasy that she’s entitled to walk onto life’s stage and recieve the idyllic perks nurses have earned….it isn’t reality.

  16. As the father of a 20-something who did some incredibly stupid things while in high school (none of them involving porn or drugs, fortunately), thinking that none of it mattered only to find out that they severely impacted her ability to get into college, I sympathize with Bree. I’m so proud to say that my kid found a way to get over hurdles she had herself set up and blossom into a really successful young woman. But, her success was by no means guaranteed.

    I think that Mike is dead on when he says that Bree, like Sasha Grey, established a brand that they are having difficulty over-coming. They both put themselves out there as slutty, extreme and ready for anything at any time. Sasha, of course, had her moment of fame with the Girlfriend Experience and Entourage, but she has never been able to get a role worth talking about that didn’t include her past.

    Marilyn Chambers, Ginger, Jenna, Tera Patrick – sort of like the road to hell and good intentions, the road to mainstream success is paved with a lot of women who gave guys like me a lot of pleasure thinking it was a road to riches. I think Jenna is really the only one who cashed in and look at how that’s worked out for her.

  17. For the record I haven’t run across Sasha Grey complaining about her porn past costing her jobs or boyfriends. The only thing I recall her “complaining” about (if you could even call it “complaining”) was the backlash caused by her reading to kindergartners at a public elementary school through a school district program a couple of years after leaving the industry. The interviews she did seemed to be matter-of-fact, didn’t contain a “woe is me” attitude and the only complaint was that parents were complaining about the situation without realizing that she wasn’t taking about porn or sex to the kids and just because she did porn doesn’t mean she is a bad person that should never be around a kid again (IMO she is correct in that assertion). Bree on the other hand is pissed that the gravy train she was on didn’t continue and no rich guy would marry her and “rescue” her from her plight. She should have spent less on parties, Gucci purses and male hookers and saved her money for the future when she would age out of porn (or leave it voluntarily).

    Admittedly I am kinky anyway (which supposedly Bree isn’t other than evidently wanting to fuck every man that looks at her) but leaving out the fact that Sasha is known to be kinky and Bree isn’t, Bree comes across as a needy, greedy, fucked up in the head woman needing to be committed to the state mental hospital with a horrible sex and alcohol addiction while Sasha seems to be much more grounded in reality and has a more agreeable personality to boot. My personal opinion is that if I had to choose between Bree and Sasha to marry and fuck nightly for the rest of my life Sasha would win, hands (and dick) down. If they both came back to the adult film industry (Sasha is actually still quite cute, we all know what Bree looks like) and I were directing and casting for a film (non-BDSM — since Bree would not likely put herself in consideration for a kinky role) with their current attitudes and reputations Sasha would probably get cast in a porno I were directing and Bree would be referred to Rob Black, Dr. Mercies and the folks at Facial Abuse.

  18. You must’ve missed the interviews where Sasha Grey said she was forced into porn by an abusive boyfriend. She has disavowed her porn past. http://www.tmz.com/2014/08/08/sasha-grey-restraining-order-porn-boyfriend-spy-agent-dia/. Moreover, the porn industry – exemplified by James Deen of all people – disowned her when she disowned her porn past.

    Heck, what do I know, but my guess is that anyone who marries a porn chick thinking that their sex life at home is going to be just like what you see in the movies – please, please, bound, ball-gag me and put 50 drum sticks up my butt – is going to be as unhappy in their sex life as most married guys say they are.

  19. Interesting. If that is true I feel bad for her, no one should have to tolerate a physically abusive (in a non-consensual manner) spouse. Most people haven’t heard of the DIA (I had to look it up, it refers to the Defense Intelligence Agency) and from what I can gather a DIA spy would not be telling ANYONE outside of that agency that he holds that position, including a girlfriend or spouse. If Harvey Levin’s/TMZ’s story were true she should have known that her boyfriend/husband was just as looney tunes as Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, Elmer Fudd and Bugs Bunny combined right from the start — even at 16. I call horseshit at TMZ’s story (and am not claiming Sasha had a thing to do with its release). Sasha may have said she wishes she hadn’t done porn, I don’t know but she comes across as too intelligent to fall for that cock and bull story.

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