Good For Bree Olson

I’m old school when it comes to certain things, you dance with the one that brought ya and you back up your friends.

In the soap opera that has become Charlie Sheen’s life there has been a string of porn chicks who were totally willing to throw him under the bus for 15 minutes of fame.

Then along comes Bree and instead of throwing him under the bus she backed him up, saying she doesn’t drink or do drugs and doesn’t hang out with anyone who does….OK I know she was busted two weeks ago for DUI but that ain’t the point.  The point is, instead of cashing in on Charlie she backed him up…That’s what friends do….Good for you Bree, I know a lot of people in porn could learn something from you on that one.

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Good For Bree Olson

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  1. @MikeSouth1226 Damn straight. A few weeks ago she did 2 radio interviews on InsideStl. When questioned about Charlie she kept mum.

  2. The Today program reported that Bree has left the house. You wanna make book on how long before she a.) runs out of money b.) sells her story to the Tabloids and c.) does the Goddess porn parody? It is inevitable.

  3. Maybe so but this she did the smart thing and made up with Charlie.

    Be interesting to see when this all implodes…I have the high/low at two weeks.

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