Bree Olson Part Trois…This is Getting Interesting..Meet Matan Uziel

Since the whole Bree Olson video started getting attention this thing got more and more interesting.  I got an email that said that Helmy over at XBiz had tasked one of his writers with finding out what my story was so that they could beat me to it.  As usual with porn people they scratch the surface and think they got to the meat…

XBiz found the ESPLER project that is working to make discrimination against sex workers illegal in California.  What they didn’t do is any real journalism.

Whether the ESPLER project just glommed on or whether the involvement was direct is unclear.  What is clear is that an Israeli named Matan Uziel is who actually set up the video and the cameraman and possibly paid Bree for the video.  I say possibly because if she didn’t get the money up front, she may not get it at all.

It seems that Matan has been actively courting a lot of females from the adult and the mainstream modeling industries and several are upset because they haven’t been paid for their work.  According to at least the two I spoke with Matan is doing to them exactly what he is accusing others of doing.

Matan owns a site called and it focuses on the treatment that former mainstream models have endured, they have actively pursued writers in particular and offered one I spoke to a stake in the company to leave her current job and work for him.  When she requested to see the books he refused claiming that she had no need to see the books, even though he had offered her a stake in the company.  A few months goes by and she still hasn’t been paid for the work that she already did, in the form of some articles.

Additionally he had sent her a script to do a video and….you guessed it, it matches up with Bree Olson’s.

Back when Matan tried to get me to do a video similar to Bree’s, which I almost fell for, part of what made him so convincing was the other people that he hired. The director I was supposed to work with was Ole Schell, he was very passionate about righting wrongs and exposing social inequalities. I don’t know if he continued to work with Matan after I addressed my concerns and bailed or not.  Between him and Matan I came very close to filming something I may have regretted.

A third writer mentions that others haven’t been paid

I have had a long argument with him (Matan) today and he is refusing to pay. I think all of us should get together and write a note. A organization that claims to be a watch dog of exploitation, is exploiting its writers. Please let me know who all are with me. I have asked him to take down my piece too.

One of the problems the ladies are having is that Matan is in Isreal and the amounts are small claims that have to be filed in Israel. Matan, when he answers, which is rare is putting the writers off say that they will be paid but “I don’t know when”

Many of the writers are actually recognizable names, Matan even claims to have hired Cameron Diaz publicist to do all of the publicity, a claim that I could not confirm through anyone associated with Cameron Diaz publicist(s).


I hope you are doing fine 🙂

I wanted to follow up regarding the film. We have one more woman to film and we’ll then move to editing. We hired Cameron Diaz publicist to manage all publicity.

If you are still interested to participate feel free to let me or Ole know. If you are not interested at this time, feel free to let us know, it is totally fine:-) I know you have many things to do and have a very busy time.


Matan is also involved in a project called Real Women Real Stories, of which Bree’s video may be the first, keep an eye on that one.

If you are contacted, particularly to do paid work for Matan Uziel, you might want to do some homework, and or get the money up front.

There is a lot more to this and I have emails, tweets and such that backs everything up. I am sure many of you may also have more info on Matan, please send it my way.

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Bree Olson Part Trois…This is Getting Interesting..Meet Matan Uziel

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  1. Wait…Bree was reading a script verbatim, or was playing a scripted character? This drama is so very Porn.

  2. Well that explains the single tear on a heart wrenching emotional reveal ….mixed message PSA. Still not sure if their goal was recruiting teens looking for the money Bree is turning down or trying to turn them off? Who knows maybe Bree will be shopping $7500-10k tell all interviews about the danger of doing I quit porn PSA 😉

  3. Is this Matan associated with ESPLER?

    They’d be shocked to hear how legal homemakers/parents are treated by society as a whole. Seriously it’s as if choosing to raise your children were a crime.

  4. I’m always amazed at the never ending list of scammers and cheats living off the fringes of the porn industry. These guys are like gnats flying around a piece of meat.

  5. I could find no connection between Matan and ESPLER though I wouldn’t rule it out. I just couldn’t find a connection which is why I suggested that ESPLER may have glommed on because all indicators point to Matan as the source for the video

  6. @Karmafan That’s new…every time I browse an industry forum all I can read is how great the people in this industry are and how we have less problems than any other industry and those few that we have we are perfectly capable to solve them by ourselves. Surely we are unbeatable when it comes to autogenic training.

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