Twitter Rips Avenatti A New One #BelieveAllWomen

A brief selection of tweets made in response to Michael Avenatti’s proclamation of innocence on Twitter following his arrest for domestic violence in Los Angeles, Wednesday.

305400cookie-checkTwitter Rips Avenatti A New One #BelieveAllWomen

Twitter Rips Avenatti A New One #BelieveAllWomen

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  1. Actually, at least in court a “she hit me first” defense might work (responding to Denny Pettaway’s Twitter post). A man has no obligation to let a woman beat his ass and has the right to self-defense. I sure as hell wouldn’t let anyone beat my ass without trying to defend myself — whether the aggressor is male or female (as an example my sister can beat almost anyone’s ass as one guy that picked a fight with her found out the hard way a few years back — she can also lift a V8 engine then throw it at someone). He can’t “bring a gun to a fistfight” but he has the right to self-defense nonetheless. I don’t know what the truth of this situation is but if she started it he had the right to defend himself and if it fucked her face up that is on her. If he started it I hope he gets what is coming to him.

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