We are about to enter awards season. Here’s how it all works.

Exactly one week from tomorrow, awards season officially begins in the adult industry. Because there are so many new to the industry, I wanted to take a moment to explain what it all means, how it all works, and what scams and con jobs to avoid.

There are a few adult industry awards show.

  • AVN Awards
  • XBIZ Awards
  • PornHub Awards
  • Nightmoves Awards
  • XRCO Awards

I personally track the winner of every person who has ever won an award at any of the major adult industry awards shows at awards.FameRegistry.com. I list them all by porn star name. For example, if you want to know all the awards Tori Black has ever won, you search Tori Black and it takes you to this page, which shows all the awards she’s ever won

Today we are going to talk about the two biggest awards shows, AVN and XBIZ. On September 1st of each year the “pre-nomination” of the awards begins. This means that anyone can go to their special awards site and pre-nominate themselves in the category they feel they deserve an award for.

For example, say you think you should win a Best Anal Sex scene in a movie you starred in, you go to AVN (or XBIZ) and fill out their form when the time comes. It really is just that simple.

You don’t need to pay some PR or management company hundreds or even thousands of dollars to nominate you for an award. You can do it yourself.

Do not pay anyone money to nominate you for an industry award. #scam


Yes, there are publicists who charge hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars to do this for you but trust me when I say, it’s a scam. Why pay them when you can get yourself nominated. All they are doing it filling out a form that takes a whole two seconds – and it’s something you can do yourself. Don’t fall for this scam. Anyone who charges to get you nominated for an adult industry award is a scumbag. SHAME ON THEM!!

If you want to nominate yourself for an XBIZ award you simply must join xbiz.net (it’s free). Once they verify you are really a member of the adult industry, come September 1st you can fill out their very simple pre-nomination form.

If you want to be considered for an AVN award then make sure you are a member of AVN Stars (it’s free too). Click here to create your account, verify your really who you say you are, and then wait a week for September 1st to roll around. You’ll also need an AVN Stars account when the nominations come out. It will be a part of the fan voting.

Now remember juts because you pre-nominate yourself, it doesn’t guarantee you’ll actually get the nomination. A pre-nomination is simply a suggestion that you (or a scene you were in) should be considered for nomination.

There are certain rules that go with each award category. For example, if you want to win BEST NEW STARLET, you must have started porn within the qualifying period of time. I think for AVN 2021, that means you need to have started your career sometime between October 1, 2018, and October 1, 2019.

But for most categories, it’s one year prior to October 1, 2019, to October 1, 2020. In fact, all awards categories except Best New Starlet, need to be released during the previous year (October 1, 2019 – October 1, 2020).

So for example, if you want to submit a scene you starred in to win the best blowjob scene, it would need to have been released from October 1, 2019, to October 1, 2020. Note this is the release date of the scene, not when it was produced.

This policy is pretty much the same for the AVN Awards and the XBIZ Awards.

The PornHub awards bases their nominations and awards on performance on their website. So if you want to be considered for a PornHub awards nomination you’ll need to be active on the PornHub website.

  • Prenominations take place from September 1st to September 30th.
  • Nominations are announced just before or just after Thanksgiving.
  • Award winners are announced in January for both AVN and XBIZ.

Almost all the nominees are announced around Thanksgiving, except for the “fan awards” part for AVN. Those sometimes come around I think December 1st. Maybe a little after.






651650cookie-checkWe are about to enter awards season. Here’s how it all works.

We are about to enter awards season. Here’s how it all works.

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