Adell’s Win Honored In Georgia

As you all know Adella won the pick the AVN Award winners contest.

I felt that this achievement should be honored with more than just a Lucite figurine so I sprang into action.

I petitioned the Georgia legislature (I’m a powerful man in my country) and insisted that they do something worthy in recognition of such a lofty achievement.

They agreed and they immediately founded a town in honor of Adell

I didn’t have the heart to tell them they spelled it wrong…they were so enthusiastic. They even named her honorary police chief and gave her her own car…Along with a back up for if the first one breaks down.

Proud of their new city and mascot  people have all started wearing these:

They are anxiously awaiting her visit, where they will show her into her new office at City Hall. and they are considering naming a wing at ABAC after her.

And if she brings  Chanel Preston with her they have vowed to erect her own executive outhouse, a two seater with a wall between and a hole cut in the wall so she and Chanel can hold hands…

Congratulations Adell! You’ve come a long way

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Adell’s Win Honored In Georgia

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7 Responses

  1. OH DB yer just sad cuz adella outpicked you….after adella had picked you said she only three picks were right….obviously she had way more than 3 right meaning that you had more wrong that she could have….

    Besides Dirty Bob, Georgia would not be a good name for a town.

  2. I have to disagree with one thing, I think “Dirty Bob, Georgia” has a GREAT ring to it! Sure beats the hell out of Intercourse, Pennsylvania….

  3. DB….NOPE because Adella got 6 or 7 correct…way over half which means if you were correct you had at least 4 or 5 wrong which would have put you well behind adella and me and others…sorry dude better luck next year.

  4. And here I thought they named Pusyville, PA after you, South?

    Here in PA, we’ve already named a town after DB…Jugtown. The town they named after me is, of course, Stalker, PA.

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