Today is a Big Day For The Internet:

Today is the Markman Hearing, the first in what promises to be a long court action that will determine the future of audio and video over the internet.

AVN did a really good story CLICK HERE to read it.

My Buddy, Who Shall Remain Nameless For Obvious reasons Writes:

Hey Mike,
Just ready your bit about the Cubans. As you know I travel to Cuba about every 4 months (and I will move there the DAY I am legally allowed). Havana is one of the greatest cities on earth IF YOU HAVE MONEY. Anyways, I spend much of my time hanging out with my Cuban friends and you would be shocked at how these poor people manage to survive in that island. yes, it is rich with music, art and culture, but the normal Cuban gets the equivalent of $10 USD given to them by the government and a ration book for milk, flour, old meat and rice. It’s just enough to feed your self for a week at best.

There is a black market in Cuba where most of the Cubans buy fresh fish (batteries, medical supplies, clothes…) with hustled US dollars, another items they can not get from the government. Much of these items are sold by wealth Cubans and brought in my by people like me. 🙂 It’s a sad sight but mothers will offer you their daughters for prostitution ($35 USD all night) and that will feed them for the month.

The Cuban people are split. You have your wealth Cubans who want for nothing and love the island as is. Why change when they have free health care and their children get a free education? But the younger generation is ready for a change and I personally know of several plots to escape in the near future to neighboring islands (Haiti and the Dominican Republic as well as the US). Many Cubans will risk their life for what they believe is freedom, or at least what they think freedom is. If you speak out against Castro, not only YOU but sometimes 2 generations of your family go to prison. Living this life, with polica literally on every corner, they are ready to die for a TASTE of what we have, which is slowing be stripped away in the name of “national security” while we grow fatter, complaining about our internet connection and turning blind to the big picture of losing every thing our ancestors have fought and died for.

Cuba is the safest country I have ever stepped foot in and the most alive with energy & passion. My extended visits have humbled me and enlightened me to just what freedom is, and I see it slipping through my finger tips one day at a time. I for one hope that freedom, true freedom is given to the Cuban people someday, and you can bet that I will be a PROUD ex-pat by the time that happens. My days are numbered here in the USA, but even then… that beautiful “freedom” even follows you via the IRS when you live abroad. Yes, you get an $80,000 exemption but the point is we are born into “freedom” in this country and can never escape it no matter how far we run and hide. Uncle Sam always has his hand on you no matter where you are on this earth and I don’t like that. Hell, I’m not even allowed to visit Cuba says US law, and they can impose a hefty fine ($7000+) on me AND imprisonment for “trading with the enemy”… That is not freedom. That is sugar coated slavery. Either I am a free man, or I am not.

I’ve rambled enough… this shit just rubs me the wrong way. 🙂

Have a good one, hope all is well,

I say It’s Time To Penalize The Media For “Piling On”;

In an effort to capitalize on all the hoopla surrounding the unleashing of Janet Jackson’s Brown nosed puppy during the superbowl even the FSC has jumped into the fray. Admitted they had nothing of substance to say but say it they did.

“It is significant that this show was produced by MTV, not by any adult-oriented group. The adult entertainment industry would never have offered such titillating fare for a family show. There is a time and a place for adult entertainment and the Super Bowl is neither.”

The above statement being from FSC HWWIC Kat Sunlove. It’s funny really because anyone who knows the people in todays adult industry knows that had we produced the half time show we would have had Max Hardcore verbally abusing some girl dreesed like a 12 year old and then making her vomit and eat it as he urinated on her, true it wouldn’t have been Janet Jackson…I mean for Gods sake she is near 40 years old.

Meanwhile Rob Black would be trying to outdo Max by having her shove pages from the bible into her ass and Brandon Iron would be somewhere in between, we won’t even mention the retards like Kahn Tusion.

AVN would then heap applause for the show pointing out what a genius Rob Black is for bringing all this attention to our industry.

Hell I think I’m gonna go vomit….

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Today is a Big Day For The Internet:

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