The Free Speech Coalition Never Learns

Did anyone else note that when AVN reported last week that Peter Ackworth of got arrested on cocaine charges at his studio, the article just omitted his role as a board member at FSC?

They went into great detail about all the rest of his goings on. generally someone might consider resignation under those circumstances. But I guess you can’t flunk out of porn.

Much more interesting though is is last weeks article in the Chicago Tribune on Jesse Jackson Jr. who had to resign right after the election, and is facing a corruption trial.  The good old Free Speech Coalition had a prominent spot in that story.  Seems Jesse jr gave the FSC 5000 dollars for a table at an FSC banquet last year in Los Angeles.

The Tribune called FSC and spoke to Joanne Cachepero who told the Trib that Congressman Jackson did not regularly attend events of the FSC. But they also said they had confirmed that he had settled a $1,000+ hotel tab in LA a couple of days after the FSC event. Though it was all murky, the implication is that Jesse Jr. sponsored a table but did not attend, but that someone linked to him in the corruption trial, a furier who supplied furs to the Jackson mistress, attended, on the Jackson campaign tab. Does the FSC regularly speak freely to the press about who does and who does not attend these events?  I don’t think that’s discrete or appropriate.

I think it is clear to people in the industry that the FSC is a royal fuck up but nobody cares enough about it to clean house over there.  I have heard a lot of people who say hey, at least they are trying to do something we should be more supportive.  The obvious hole in this logic is rather simple.  If the Free Speech Coalition is your retarded baby, you see it playing with a fork and it’s about to stick the fork into a light socket.  yes it is about to learn something that it will learn in no other way, do you stop it or let it learn?  Now in the case of the Free Speech Coalition, they are too dumb to learn from their mistakes.  case in point they failed on Measure B so what tactics do they use when the measure goes state wide?  If you guessed the same ones you win the fork in the light socket award.



72380cookie-checkThe Free Speech Coalition Never Learns

The Free Speech Coalition Never Learns

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7 Responses

  1. In this case seem most industry is very happy keep FSC fucked up. Why else would you keep Diane Duke in charge of FSC give her pay raise for all fucked up thing happen to them as head FSC in past??? To most people companys failure disappointment not be celebrate yet FSC use failures as excuse fail some more be happy about it. May be is time for porn industry make fresh start on this issue fast before it find self gone done in buy the actions of FSC. All dirty laundry get exposed out in public well not win any friends voters FSC cause.

  2. Mike, what doyou expect from AVN. For years their number one reporter, none other than Mark Kernes himself has been a board member of the FSC, yet he NEVER identifies himself as such when he writes about the FSC. This is a blatant disregard for the most basic and fundamental responsibilities of any journalist. But calling Mark Kernes a journalist is an inusult to every real journalist.

  3. I agree with you jilted Avn does do much fair honest reporting on porn indusrty any more. Special sent most people work for them now days have two jobs one pretend be journalist other being ass kisser to very people that are fail industry are out right destroying with there actions. These are same people who had award show this year gave out porn award for best web site showing stolen free porn content on.

  4. I for one would be very interested in seeing a legitimate accounting audit of the FSC. They need to look closely for transfers to Diane Duke’s mortgage and car loan holders and cash withdrawals to Diane Duke. The Performer Subsidy Fund would be a great section to audit as well — I think that may have all went to Diane for junkets in Thailand complete with ladyboy sessions, her mortgage and car payments and trips for lobbying to Washington DC where she didn’t do any lobbying. I know I didn’t hear of any performers receiving payments from this fund.

  5. mharris,
    What about that $75,000.00 refund to Froytal Services by the No On B committee. Of course, follow the money.

  6. According to the FSC 1099 filings Dianne Duke is paid a $150,000.00 salary. This does not indclude insurance, travel expenses etc. It is about 25% of all the money donated to the FSC, and that is a HUGE salary for a non profit. ( its free)

  7. Your right that lot money FSC waste on Dianne Duke who done not alot for them jilted. Yet reward her with pay raise made head FSC next few years again. I guess for FSC and board of directors it ok fail porn industry and performers as long as they can get way skim money off there supports donations well tell them fairy tails about what doing for them.

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