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For all the fawning that AVN and others do over this Snoop Dog nonsense has anyone bothered to ask the question if this guy is such a famous pimp, with girls all over the world who do whatever he tells them to, whenever he tells them to…blah blah blah why is it only pornchicks appear in his videos? I will tell ya why…thats the only way he gets it…he ain’t a pimp he is a pretender.

Have y’all seen Matt Ramsey….uuummmm Peter North’s latest releases? In them he pimps for a product called “volumizer” or some such nonsense that will make you shoot buckets of jizz just like he does. OK so this begs the question howcum the OTHER guys in his videos can’t muster up a thimble full of jizz between em? Is old Matt ummm Petey to cheap to feed them the product he so whole heartedly endorses or maybe….It doesn’t work…Imagine that…a scammer in porn.

Speaking of scammers in porn I was contacted by someone doing a story on how the poor v ideo porners are being ripped off by unscrupulous people on the net and it set me to thinking. I compared my experiences in video porn to my dealings with internet porners.

In video porn I have ripped of by numerous distributors who bought my product and never paid for it, or filed bankruptcy only to reopen under a new name. The best paying distributors ran 90 days late and one of the biggest was consistantly 270 days late, then bounced checks.

I have had my titles resold at catalog without my permission by Arrow, who promised to make good and do the right thing but never did.

I have had titles duplicated and resold in clamshell boxes. I have been lied to and cheated and swindled all by people who pretend to be my friends.

I am not saying everyone in the video biz is a con artist but by god we have more than our quota.

On the other hand I have scumbags like personalporn rip off my content and resell all the while Jill Kelly is their spokesperson, when I asked Jill about this she said she knew Personalporn was ripping us off but hey they paid her…

BUT I have also done business with a LOT of net porners who are completely honest, always pay on time, never bounce a check and are good businessmen and women.

All things being equal I prefer to do business with the net porners, and it seems the ones who are con artists and scumbags…well lets just say they learned from the best.

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Some Random Observations:

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