Fixing immigration

Fixing immigration requires new ideas

Fixing immigration is one of those subjects that polarizes the general public. On one hand, there’s a segment of the population who acknowledges the valuable contribution immigrants have given to Western society. Unfortunately, a very vocal portion of this group are simply virtue signaling (SJWs), who are more worried about how others perceive them than doing anything about the problem. This later segment makes having a calm and rational exploration of the situation almost impossible, while maintaining the public divide.

On the other hand, there’s a second segment who correctly points out the financial burden and stress that immigration can have on a nation. These are the working class, often struggling themselves, who resent the money being wasted on “refugees” whom they prefer to call “illegals”. Within this group lie a vocal portion that are indeed racists, despite public claims to the contrary; which are necessary to remain a voice these days in the public (social media) spheres. They too can be accused of virtue signaling, only they do it under the guise of patriotism.

Fixing immigration need not be difficult

At the heart of the problem is the politicians and the immigrants. In the 1990s’ most rational people were aware of the self-serving and narcissistic behavior of politicians. Both sides, conservative and liberal are quick to say and support anything that will put large sums of money in their pockets. A broken “system” promises the most potential for money. Because government can point to the problem and claim to be working to fix it. When government fixes something it requires money and awards contracts to those who it likes. In simple terms, politicians give themselves pay raises and accept kickbacks from companies in exchange for a contract. If nothing gets fixed, then all the better because it can be a political issue that requires even bigger expenditure!

Today, despite the overwhelming evidence of corruption, people continue to support it this political system. It’s mind boggling to witness the public’s memory loss and willful gullibility. The painful reality is government corruption is at the very heart of how all governments work. It’s also the reason for the rise and collapse of great nations. What’s happening today is nothing more or less than politicians looting and very few care to even point it out and even less can be bothered to try and stop it. In this mass immigration catastrophe, we need to acknowledge that the migrants are just tools being used by both sides of the political isle, Republican and Democrat.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but always expecting a different result. Sadly, it’s also the very definition of democracy because the public continues to vote for the next egocentric political candidate, expecting that they’ll fix the problem. This moronic behavior has resulted in $100k homes of the 1990s now selling for $1 million and other inflationary situations. Plus erosion of individual freedoms by laws passed and government’s never ending exploitation of new technologies. Bodily autonomy, freedom of association /speech /travel /religion were all under attack during covid and the political elites made no effort to hide that they wanted to enslave everyone. While never suffering the consequences themselves because it’s one set of rules for us and another for them.

The migrants do bear some responsibility for their image. Their biggest fault is failure to learn the dominant language and tendency to self-imposed cultural segregation. Too many come to a new nation and instead of making every effort to become part of this great potential, they form little communities of others from their nation, making a mini nation within this one, never learning neither the language or the customs (beyond hyper consumerism) of America. While pockets of somewhat homogeneous cultural centers have been found throughout the cities of the USA since it’s inception, there was a common desire to communicate that in the past allowed these diverse influxes to become American. Today, we prevent those who want to attain the American dream of success through hard work from having the opportunity to “legally” enter. So only those persecuted (read trouble makers) in their own nation can come. It’s a crazy situation, and it’s consequences have yet to be fully realized.

What is a possible solution?

First keep in mind that there are NO borders for anyone who’s rich. Second, you also need to acknowledge that anything that can keep someone out, will without problem keep someone else in. Therefore a border wall won’t solve any problems, but it can make them worse. Maybe in a distant or not so distance future, Americans might find themselves leaving the USA for a better life or worse, to flee persecution. The past three years have shown us that persecution is a very real possibility in the United States.

The border needs to be completely dismantled and left open for all. As already stated, when you’re rich, you can cross any border you want unhindered. Society has to be fair to everyone by demanding from the wealthy nothing less than what’s demanded form the poor and working classes. Furthermore all wild animals cross borders without restriction, making humans the only species on this planet that is not free to go where they want. Freedom of movement is the life blood in the veins of all living creatures in this world. Without freedom of movement, society becomes a prison. The 1981 movie, “Escape from New York” can easily become a dystopian reality.

Immigrants coming here would only require declaring their desire to relocate to this great country. Once they do this, they’re given a tax number and told that they have 6 months to find accommodations and a job. They will have no access to social services and they’ll have to pay a premium in taxes. Given the health care situation, making sure that people have health insurance when they enter would be advisable too, Not only will this improve the drain on the emergency system, but it will establish that America is NOT a socialist nation where the government takes care of you from womb to tomb. Finally, they have 5 years to learn the language and demonstrate that they’re valuable members to society. Which, is a polite way of saying that they speak English and they never get into serious trouble with the law, and maybe even contribute to their community through volunteer work.

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Fixing immigration

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