Warning, This is Going to Make You Mad

You have been warned.

In February, In Columbia Missouri, a SWAT team in full riot gear executed a search warrant on the home of Jonathon Whitworth.

These police stormed the house in the middle of the night, while children were present, they filled the home with gunfire, shooting the family pets in the presence of the children.

And what you ask was the payoff? They found “a small amount of Marijuana”.

But they couldn’t just walk away that empty handed so they charged the parents with child endangerment.

Just so you get this right in your head, the family is endangering their children because the had a joint, but the police, who storm the house shooting and killing the family pets is not a problem.

There are 100-150 of these raids every day in America, the vast, vast majority like this one, to serve a warrant for a consensual crime.


Does this disgust you? It should. This is the end result of “The War on Drugs”. If you have a joint in your house, this can happen to you too. Grow some balls America, our government has gotten out of hand, it’s time to reel it in.

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Warning, This is Going to Make You Mad

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  1. I refer to supposed officers of the law as KILLERS. This is a prime example. I would say I hope the victim had the means to sue the pants off of the local PD…but I honestly think it would do him no good. Mad, disgusted, and scared thinking of what people in a position of power can get away with.

  2. Ya i was livid when i saw this. But it’s not really the cops that piss me off more than the actual laws they’re tasked to enforce. If anyone seeing this video really want meaningful change they can start by advocating for marijuana reform laws.

  3. Brother i am with ya on that one, think about the damage this does, that guy….how does he feel now about the police? what about his wife? and most importantly his kids…Coco thinks of Law Enforcement as killers…I will bet you a dollar to one hundred she has had a similar experience with the police.

    The problem is the Protect and serve creed, when it referred to the citizens it was good, but now the only people they protect and serve are their masters in government, with no regard for the average citizen who has been made a criminal with unjust laws. I hate to use the whole Nazi analogy but its one everyone can can understand….those guys tossing bodies in the ovens were just upholding the law….

    My brother sat on a jury on a simple possession charge, Marijuana. Not one other person on the jury knew that they had the right and the DUTY to nullify a law that they did not believe to be just.

    My brother explained jury nullification and the vote went from 11 to 1 in favor of guilty to not guilty but only after my brother and a few others resolved to hang the jury. I was proud of him, like me he doesnt use any drugs at all but my Libertarian views have rubbed off on him…or maybe its just how we were raised.

    It is time we took back this country…It can be done, and the concept of jury nullification and informed juries would be a HUGE step in the right direction.

    I also like the concept of loser pays, if the prosecutor fails to get a conviction his budget must pay the defendants attorneys fees.

  4. “Not one other person on the jury knew that they had the right and the DUTY to nullify a law that they did not believe to be just.”

    And here’s the real kick in the ass… The defense attorney is NOT ALLOWED to inform the jury that they can nullify. They also can’t inform the jury of what kind of punishment the defendant may receive.

    Lets say a kid in his mid 20’s is busted with 10 pot plants, small enough that they all fit in a small baking pan (maybe 2-4 inches tall). The jury is thinking, “okay, this is the kid’s first offense, no previous criminal history, the judge is going to give him a couple of years probation. That’ll teach him his lesson and he’ll probably never do it again… GUILTY”

    The jury can NOT be informed that the feds calculate what those plants MIGHT have grown up to produce and sentence the kid accordingly. If they knew the kid would spend the next 20 years in a medium security prison, they may just decide to nullify the verdict…. if they knew they could that.

    Why do the authorities wish to keep jurers in the dark on matters of such importance when citizens’ lives are at stake?

    Mike, kudos to your brother for having the knowledge and making a stand. That’s a real man, and a real patriot for ya!

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