Is AIM Going To Go Under?

According to the 800 lb Gorilla:

“As of now, AIM has unpaid debts arising out of this case in excess of $170,000, and if those debts are not paid, AIM’s clinics face the very real possibility of having to close its clinic’s doors for good within before the year is out.”

First I will bet anyone, right now, any amount, that AIM is still open on January 1, 2010, hell I will even bet they are still open February 1, 2010.  You just can’t kill a cockroach that quickly.

But lets ask ourselves a question here, seriously, what damage would it do if AIM ceased to exist?

Well it would put Mitch in the unemployment line for one, because she won’t fool anyone else with that bullshit “Phd” she claims to have.

Performers would have to get tested elsewhere,  hmmm would that be a bad thing?  You may argue that AIM protects the industry by tracking who has been exposed, if so you obviously forgot the last one, they never released any info about who was exposed so performers had no idea and no way to know if who they were working with was exposed.  So there goes that argument.

Most likely something would pop up to replace AIM, dare I hope it would be a professionally run organization with real doctors and phlebotomists, maybe they would even implement on location testing so talent can test 20 minutes before they shoot simply using a test kit that is no more complicated than an at home pregnancy test.

The more I think about it the more I think maybe we should tell AIM don’t let the door hit you in the ass…..

29870cookie-checkIs AIM Going To Go Under?

Is AIM Going To Go Under?

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3 Responses

  1. “something would pop up”

    I love that. how long before this new thing pops up? a month? six months? a year? why don’t we have something in place *before* we get rid of AIM.

  2. i know this is old but bear with me.

    We allknow how Mike feels about AIM, he has made no secret about it. But what about talent testing Service.

    They have NO doctors at all….They are a ‘self referral’ testing faciltiy. They have NO doctors of any kind on their staff. If you test postive for an std they do NOTHING for you. You have to go to another doctor, pay the doctor visit and get a prescription,,,,,,and most doctors will not write you aprescription without FRIST having you take another test.

    AIM has several doctors on their staff,,,not including mitch,,and actual M.D. doctor is on the premisis everyday at AIm.
    talent testing Service has NO DOCORTS, no counselors, nothing. There is one persone who takes your blood, a phlebototmist, and that is it. TTS is actually owned by the same people who own the lab that runs their tests. How is this better than AIM mike?

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