AIM Says We’re Open…Eh Not So Much

AIM says they are open but you have to read the statement carefully to determine that they cant perform tests, that has to be done by a licensed clinic (AIM is calling them satellite clinics)

Be smart people, go elsewhere until this is sorted out.

There’s more to this than a simple name being wrong on paperwork, bet on it.

44330cookie-checkAIM Says We’re Open…Eh Not So Much

AIM Says We’re Open…Eh Not So Much

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5 Responses

  1. Mike,
    Enough with the wishful thinkng false information already.

    The sattalite locations are LABCORP draw stations, and EVERYTHING they are doing is legal.

    This is all about an incorrectly filled ut government form,,nothing else.

    The county and State are fully aware that AI is using the satalite locations.

    Give it up already, youre making a fool of yourself.

  2. I’m not as willing to accept the word of AVN on this when it has been reported elsewhere (The LA Times) that the LA County Public Health people closed it for other reasons. It makes no sense it would be shut down because some box wasn’t checked.

    and yes any licensed clinic can do the draws but why send it through AIM? Thats like me going to Cali to buy Georgia Peaches….

    And Bobbys home is not a licensed draw station….manuel quickly made all his tweets private when I pointed out what he was saying. Doing that is stupid in anyones book.

    The sad part of all of this is the writing has been on the wall for a long time and AIM took NO steps to resolve the problems, AHF did so now Porn Valley (not me) is gonna be stuck with a situation they don’t want. All because they never listened when I said get control of yourself or government will do it for you.

    The responsible thing for AIM and porners to do right now is go condom only across the board until we as an industry can work out a viable system. Show some effort, at least give the illusion we are acting responsibly.

    And this advice is against my self interest….If Porn Valley dies off, I’m going to benefit, but I really don’t want that to happen.

    I have had dozens of calls and emails today and not one performer or director has come out in support of AIM, every single one has said hey they are fuck ups but its the best we have….Problem is thats true it is the best we have and thats a damn shame because we could have done a lot better.

  3. Mike, if you dont want to take AVN’s word for it perhaps a quote from Al Lundeen, deputy director, California Department of Public Health will help. “AIM had this morning already provided the additional information needed.”

    And please again, stop with the misinformation about drawing blood in the employees home. It is 100% legal, and you can bet if it wasnt that the authorities would be all over it. Of course nobody has done anything to stop it becuaseit is completely LEGAL. Bobby could legally draw your blood in the middle of the freeway if she wanted to. Nice try Mike, but epic failure.
    Your attempts to RAT them out on this will not be forgotten.

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