If You Thought Moving To Nevada Was Going To Solve The Condom Problem Ya Might Wanna Rethink That

From The Las Vegas Herald Online

AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) filed a formal ‘Notice of Alleged Safety or Health Hazards’ complaint last week with Nevada OSHA (Nevada’s Department of Industrial Relations, Division of Occupational Safety and Health), the state’s health and safety regulatory and watchdog organization, against Bay Area adult film production company Cybernet Entertainment LLC, also doing business as Kink Studios, LLC and Kink.com (as well as DBA Hogtied.com and DBA Behindkink.com), over recent filming that may have exposed employees—adult film performers—to infectious disease by exposure to blood and other potentially infectious materials. In this complaint, dated and filed July 25, 2014, officials from AHF asserted:

“On June 8, 2014 in Las Vegas, NV, employees engaged in acts for an adult film owned and operated by Cybernet Entertainment LLC titled Hogtied Whores that resulted in exposure to bloodborne pathogens and other potentially infectious materials (OPIM). The website, Hogtied.com, which is owned by Cybernet Entertainment LLC, contains still images, video footage, and a film trailer that clearly demonstrate Cybernet Entertainment LLC allowed, and upon information and belief may have encouraged, employees to engage in activities in Las Vegas that are highly likely to spread bloodborne pathogens and OPIM in the workplace. Federal and state governing measures must be taken to control the spread of bloodborne pathogens and OPIM, which include, but are not limited to, HIV, hepatitis C, and syphilis in the workplace.”

“Under the guise of his various Kink and Kink.com adult film businesses and brands, owner Peter Acworth thinks he and his companies can simply ignore the Federal OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Standard with regard to required condom use in his adult film productions shot in Nevada. This new complaint in Nevada is based on the simple fact that they cannot hide from federal law there, or anywhere in the U.S.,” said Michael Weinstein, President of AIDS Healthcare Foundation. “When we first proposed the Los Angeles City bill, the industry said they’d film in other L.A. cities. When we proposed Measure B for L.A. County, the industry said they’d film in other counties. And when we proposed AB 1576, the industry said they’d film outside of California. Here, Mr. Acworth will no doubt find out that both Nevada and Federal OSHA statutes apply as well. Are workers in Nevada any less entitled to protection from harm than those in California?”

In August, 2013, AHF filed a similar ‘Notice of Alleged Safety or Health Hazards’ complaint with officials at the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health targeting Kink.com and Kink Studios LLC over California filming that may have exposed performers to HIV. The complaint was filed after the entire industry halted production and declared a moratorium on filming after a female performer involved in a Kink filming in San Francisco disclosed that she was HIV-positive and had apparently sero-converted in the window period between two of her industry-mandated HIV tests—and a time period during which she continued to work as a performer in the industry. On January 30, 2014—citing numerous workplace safety violations—Cal/OSHA issued fines totaling $78,710 against Acworth’s Kink Studios, LLC and Kink.com—a record fine for a porn producer. (chart of itemized fines).

Read more here: http://www.heraldonline.com/2014/08/06/6210287/ahf-targets-kinkcom-withnevada.html#storylink=cpy
107820cookie-checkIf You Thought Moving To Nevada Was Going To Solve The Condom Problem Ya Might Wanna Rethink That

If You Thought Moving To Nevada Was Going To Solve The Condom Problem Ya Might Wanna Rethink That

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27 Responses

  1. Take special note of one ite in the ‘Chart of itemeized fines”

    Kink does some REALLY hardcore stuff, and they did not even have a simple first aid kit. Oh yeah, Kink is all about safety for the performers who are getting whipped, electocuted, tightly bound, and they dont even have a first aid kit.

  2. Nevada’s another planet. The good ol boy network out in Nevada could care less about the AHF. Nevada OSHA have better things to do than waste time with false complaints.

  3. I’m wondering how they used flexible cords and cables in a manner that was not permitted. Were they flogging people with them?

  4. Of course Kink will go through the OSHA appeals process, just like they are doing now with their Cal-OSHA citations. BUT, when they loose those appeals, as every single adult company has in the past when cited, will they then go further and take it to the state, and now federal courts.

    NO other adult company has ever gone to the courts after loosing the OSHA appeals, simply because none of them want to be responsible for setting a precedent.

    But lets see if Mr. Bigshot Ackworth will have the balls to take this on in FEDERAL court. If he does, and wins, he’s a hero, if he looses he is known as the idiot who set a federal precedent. But like all other producers before him there is no way he goes beyond the OSHA appeals board, simply because he has GOOD LAWYERS, and any good lawyer doesnt pick a fight he knows he will never win.

  5. CPan,
    Remember a few months ago when Mike posted the picture of the burned up porn studio in Vegas. THAT is why OSHA gives citations for things like improper extenstion cords, etc.
    But your joke is very funny, flogging people with them.LOL

  6. If they thought that AHF was going to stop being (insert term here) because they moved out of state, they were wrong. Not sure that I am really liking AHF’s tactics, however. They seem more intent on shutting down the industry than doing any good.

  7. If the industry thinks that it is in the right on these workplace, health issues, then why dont they seek out a legislator like AHF did and have him/her craft a bill to suit their agenda. Nothing is stopping them from doing this.

    The law is the law, if you dont like it then do something to change it. Just saying its unfair, and then ignoring the law does not make it right.

    As far as ‘shutting down the industry” if you mean making them follow the law will shut them down, well then you can make that statement. Are you implying that violating existing law is the only way the industry can survive,,,,if so, then get your own peice of legislation and change the law.

    What is stopping the FSC from crafting their own peice of legislation and getting and assemblyman, or state senator to introduce it as a bill, or is the FSC just to incompetent to do this, or crreate their own refererendum, gather signatures, and get it on the ballot. What is stopping them, except of course their sheer incompetence?

  8. We’ll talk about putting the heat on the other companies who are there and trying to stay off the radar. These fools decide to head for Vegas and have to cops and everybody else with enforcement abilities just start tracking and citing. Thanks Peter Ackworth you piece of shit.

    I feel for Lee Roy Myers who moved out there to void all the LA bullshit and do his thing. Give it more time and it will make national news and everybody that has moved to Vegas will be running back to California.


  9. Run! Run! Go to New Hampshire. You can film cheap and condomless and don’t have to worry about nobody finding you out there.

  10. Did AHF file other complaints as well, IIRC they had 16 company’s they were following for OSHA violations. With this latest complaint it’s obvious they aren’t limiting their f/u to Porn Valley.

    Peter Acworth’s Armory is a unique building but that doesn’t exempt it from taxes, building or zoning regs. SMH at FSC/stakeholder arguments that porn is unique…if it creates revenue via commerce with a repetitious process (despite creative variances) it isn’t unique or exempt.

    FSC/stakeholders telling OSHA that they are exempt from BBP works as well as a restaurant deciding their protocols exempt them from BOH (board of health) inspection and grading.

    Wouldn’t it be nice to be a fly on the wall at ongoing Labor/OSHA discussions mentioned by Hall /AHF & Tynan at Monday’s Senate hearing? (Might work better if some of the arguments didn’t make me ROFLMAO)

    As for sponsoring legislation….FSC/stakeholders either prefer judicial legislation over the ballot/legislative process or have full plates trying to juggle all the pending legal cases.

  11. Well, this should assist lawmakers who were on the fence about the financial impact of porn leaving CA for NV.

    Although, I doubt there were many on the fence in the first place…

  12. @CPan-
    I would guess using them as restraints to tie hands, feet, legs, etc. together? If they’re using cattle prods & electrocuting people, the idea of using cords and cables as a prop seems rather tame. Hahahah.

  13. And to Mr,. Ackworth and his spokeshole who sometimes posts here, “You’re Welcome.” Looking forward to ‘working’ with you in the future. Slow and steady wins the race.

  14. Maybe if I let some of the Nevada State officials fuck me up my ass
    with a strap on and I’ll blow the Gov. Sandoval in his oval office they
    make some exceptions to filming here in Vegas. ?? just a thought guys..

  15. @lurking

    What if dangerous wiring is part of ones’ fantasy? I think this an issue of Free Speech. I don’t know about others, but over-crowded electrical sockets get me all hot and bothered. Petey was merely catering to my fetishes. Should he not be allowed to make such artistic expressions?

    If he would cover the ground of his shoots in broken glass along with the used condoms from the gay shoots then I would buy a membership for his site tomorrow. The straight performers are tested. It is safe. Throw in some guns and coke and it’s a party!

  16. @cpanz

    Did ya have to get me going with guns & coke…now I’m thirsty for an icy cold cola …???????????? or I’d share w/ everyone what a charge it gives making silver foil paint flake off pirated UL tags on surge protectors ???????? sans condoms.

    Edit….seems WP doesn’t like emoji 🙁 first set of ?? See no, speak no & hear no evil …second set = scrunchy face w/ zig saggy mouth 🙂

  17. @CPan @Lurk –
    Lurk & I were just talking about this same scenario the other day….

    You know, those with an Ebola fetish should get on that… now is the time with the greatest chance of contracting Ebola in the last Century. They only need one infected and then they can just pass it around within the 14 day window. Well, I doubt they test for Ebola so the testing window in non-applicable in this case.

    Either way, the spreading of Ebola is considered freedom of expression and a fundamental right of sexual freedom.

    That sure does sound really fucking idiotic, doesn’t it?

    I had someone the other day trying to explain to me how fast Ebola could spread within the adult industry… I must admit, it was rather humorous in a sick sort of way…

  18. Still want to know how they plan to reconcile 21 day Ebola window with producing movies like “fuck like there’s no tomorrow” “Anal blood sports” “Lolita’s first and last fuck”

    Headaches would become the reason to have sex with or without analgesics whose marketing guru’s will cry seeing years of effective advertising go down the drain. Comics will replace index cards with ‘headache no sex’ to ‘ headache..Ebola..must have sex…get ass in here’ 🙂

  19. Big deal. So instead of industry workers having to drive from LA to Vegas, they’ll now have to drive from LA to Tijuana. Let’s see what kind of luck the AHF has getting the Mexican government to require condoms. Hasn’t anyone noticed how may production companies are now headquartered in San Diego so they can just cross the border to film? And look at how many scenes are being filmed by companies like X-art in places like Prague, Czech republic. The AHF has to accept the fact that there’s always someplace else to go.

  20. @Lacey

    I hope Kink didn’t buy the domain Ebolagloryholes.com yet. We could really cash in. I’m sure places like Kikwit in Zaire don’t have things like OSHA or the AHF that could stop us. I bet Petey is already scouting the area though. We gotta move on this!

    Evil Angel could shoot a new film called Ebola Enemas where girls are given enemas with liquid regurgitated from an Ebola-infected individual. Fans would only be able to view the stars bleeding out from the hemorrhagic fever with a website subscription though.

    I feel bad for Petey on this one. I imagine he is there sitting at the armory all distraught over the AHF and OSHA as he yells out his safeword and wondering why they won’t stop.


    Anal Blood Sports was good. Not sexy enough though…

    “Bleeding Out of my Mouth and my Ass”
    “All Holes Filled and Bleeding”
    “Black Ebola Loads” (Interracial film predicated on racism, of course)
    “Blood Squirting”
    “Bleed Out in my Ass” (Gay industry)
    “Elderly with Ebola” (I can see that as a Heatwave title)
    “My Stepdad is Cumming Blood”

    Those are more porn-sounding titles that will leave the consumer feeling amorous upon reading them. In fact, I’m going to take about 15 minutes to myself right now.

  21. @nunyabiz
    Are you serious,,tijuana. LOL,,,,you obviously havent been to TJ lately. LIke the federalies are going to stand by and let the california porn biz just waltz in and do their thing. This is one of the most ridiculous things ever written on this site. In Prague and Chech they aint using americal girls, or guys. The average porn performer cant afford gas money to go to Frisco for the weekend. LOL

  22. Those are good 🙂

    Riding the crimson tide…just cuz spinning off old movie titles is such a winning marketing strategy

    Wow…new names too
    Ebola Lola

  23. Lol…cheaper to pay for testing and edit out condoms than pay graft to never ending hands reaching into pockets

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