Ageism is Age Discrimination

Ageism is promoted in our culture.

Ageism is both highly profitable and furnishes government with an absurd amount of control over its citizens. I’m a businessman, and porn just happens to be the product that I sell. Under normal circumstances I believe that all businesses should remain neutral when it comes to social issues. But when it comes to commerce, math takes precedence over common sense. So solely from a marketing perspective, being seen as an enterprise with a heart of gold, can significantly increase interest in your product…. Notwithstanding the tax benefits.

Unless a company has deep financial pockets like Disney, and relatively no competitors, it’s foolish to associate with any issue that may polarize public opinions. For example, support PETA and risk being boycotted by farmers. The fight against age discrimination is literally everyone’s fight because from the day you’re born, you’re getting older. Plus for the adult industry, the consumers who still pay to view pornography greatly skew towards the over 55 group. Therefore, taking a stand against ageism is a potential win-win situation for a pornographer.

Political Correctness

In this PC era rife with social justice, ageism is overlooked.   Age discrimination is highly profitable, but moronic for the layperson. This prejudice is illogical since we eventually become members of the generation we rejected. Those profiting from ageism, elevate youthful optimists to focus resources on this easily manipulated group, while blatantly ignoring or negating the experienced voices of reason as being phobic to change. Governments use divide and conquer politics to keep the youth from learning from those who are older, while corporations use ageism to sell their products

The entertainment industry is intrinsically linked to state propaganda.  Big business and government work together to control our behavior. Save for the adult industry, that titillates its consumers precisely by breaching age gap taboos. The long list, from teen starlets paired with men twice their age (or more) to MILF (Moms I’d Like to Fuck), and GILF (Grandma) genres. But this breach of cultural norms is a double edged sword. A 60 year old might be sexy, but then again is she really 60? Probably not. Conversely, is showing an 18 year old, who appears younger, helping pedophiles fight their drives, or creating new ones? Therefore, porn is NOT the avenue to rectify ageism, it just has too many negatives to be a viable solution.

A social revolution or a cultural war

Call it a social revolution or a cultural war; wokeism is oppressive in its desire to destroy thousands of years of hard learned social wisdom. Western culture seeks to divide a child from its mother before it’s even weaned. From daycare, throughout our school years, age division structure is reinforced. As we reach adulthood, social groups and government programs abound which continue this separation. It’s no wonder that ageism has become ingrained into society; our limited inter-generational interaction means we fail to relate to one another. As the focus continues to shift from family and individual success, to group identity, the governments’ self-serving policies exacerbate the social problems which it claims to be addressing.

Ageism impacts everyone

Despite widespread protest of the various prejudices, ageism which affects all races and sexes is not only ignored, but promoted. Government programs are short sighted, especially when government greed and exploding property taxes rob retirees on a fixed income of their homes. Their solution is to sequester the elderly among their peers and deny them the right to have their grandchildren live with them because children are not welcome to reside in HUD senior accommodations. When a government sanctions programs by age, they are practicing ageism and they are further isolating and making vulnerable the older population.

Society regards the elderly as losing their cognitive function (a consequence of isolation), having poor physical health, and being unproductive. Except an octogenarian given purpose, regular exercise and nurturing relationships can have the same vitality as a 30 year old. We expect less in physical and mental health of individuals as they age. Similarly we expect less maturity and independence from minors than we did just decades ago. People will live up to those inadequate expectations. Those believing this fallacy, slow down, becoming a self fulfilling prophecy. Culturally embracing ageism has consequences to everyone.

Where we are today

The definition of insanity is repeating an action while expecting a different result. Since history too repeats itself, society is insane for not learning from its failures. Allowing the media and government to promote a culture praising the inexperience of youth, fearing aging and shunning everyone over a certain age makes true progress impossible. In a moral society, we see each other as individuals, not by categories. Group identity politics is the most bigoted evolution of society. Ultimately, all that counts are a person’s knowledge, skills and accomplishments. So if a 60 year old can pass ALL the tests required of a 20 year old to join the military… They should be let in; ageism be dammed!


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Ageism is Age Discrimination

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