Supporting a Cause

Supporting a cause has become popular for many businesses


The last thing to come to mind when faced with a pornographer (or sex worker for that matter), is a militant in “supporting a cause”. Well, in retrospect, most people think that we are just greedy whores, so if we have a cause to fight for it is going to be something like free speech or abortion; because these seem to be self-serving. Truthfully though we can be some of the most impassioned people, and our perspective causes are just as varied.

This fervor backfired recently when at a networking event, I made a flippant remark that maybe what was needed was some porn made for charity. Always guilty of elaboration to a captive audience, I went on with my tirade of possible charities to the potential financial investors I faced. Experience should have made me more cautious, especially in mixed company. But before long rumors were circulating out of control as to my political motivations and several backers took their money elsewhere. The jittery financiers erroneously believed that I was supporting a cause which went against their particular interests.

Everyone is supporting a cause.

The whole idea of using porn for supporting a cause actually came from the talent. Really consumers just want to get off, and with blood flowing to their naughty parts, they only think of supporting a cause as an after-thought. So it would take some changes and sacrifices from talent to make this a possibility. Which brings us to the second problem. In the bi-partisan environment that currently exists, talent too is diametrically opposed in their social-political views. Which usually isn’t a problem because up until now, without supporting a cause, these views were kept off set and the two sides could mix freely.

The obvious solution would be to let the leftist social justice warriors literally fuck for their cause. They could forgo their talent fees, which would then be allocated to supporting a cause of their choice. Furthermore, we would make the scene reflect their cause. For instance, taking a stand against racism, would have all female talent penetrated by men of color, while white males in the scene would be reduced to sniveling cuckolds tied into a chair and forced to watch in an atonement for their white privilege and toxic masculinity.

On the patriots, right wing side of things, we can forget getting them to do a scene without payment. But much like how our last election was decided, we can let the postal service take care of their needs, by putting their paycheck in the mail. For the sex scenes I anticipate orange fake tan lines, and the loud enthusiasm reminiscent of Alex Jones. As for supporting a cause, we’ll showcase their gun collections and attach a copy of the second amendment to model releases. A potential porn plot would see our male talent as border guards who illicit sexual favors from would-be migrants only to laugh and send them packing once the deed is done.

Charity is a serious business

Just to be clear, I am being satirical and politically, I support anarchy (a society without authorities or a governing body.). I don’t really expect talent to work for nothing, Being someone who still gets in front of the camera, I need not alienate my co-workers. But we should take heed that when supporting a cause as a business model, one needs to choose their charity wisely. The most well intention generosities are sure to displease someone somewhere, even if it’s only that they believe the money should have gone to a different cause. Given the current social/political divide there are fewer truly neutral options available for those hoping to entice followers with their virtue signaling. So as I learned in my early years as a meat puppet, it’s best to keep your opinions to yourself and leave social and political controversies to the politicians, and their boot-lickers. Lastly, look around before you crack a joke, because your professional success is no laughing matter.

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Supporting a Cause

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