All Southerners know about cockroaches, and one thing we know about them is they HATE it when someone shines a light on them:

Crickett, who is a damn good writer, was fired from her job reviewing movies for AVN today. Why? Because of the comments she had made on wherein she explained the nominations process as she knew it. She didn’t impugn AVN or anyone there and she mentioned that she was rather careful about giving out pre-noms because she felt a pre nom really should have a shot at a nomination and should be an extraordinary video.

I can only surmise this was a little too much light somehow and now, over a week after the bit appeared, she is fired. Sounds like more chicken shit from the desk of Connelly to me, he hates it when AVN staffers write to other industry sites.

Truth is Crickett is far too a good a writer for AVN anyway, she is hip and highly intelligent, she writes more in the style of Maxim or FHM than in the mundane and often illiterate (reference Jenna being “to” [sic] racy for whatever HEADLINE a week or so ago) style of AVN.

When I spoke with Crickett she didn’t have anything bad to say about AVN and wouldn’t tell me who fired her just why she was fired and that she was caught totally by surprise on this one.

Too bad really, that’s a big loss for AVN and probably will be a big gain for someone else.
Steve Writes:
Russ Hampshire spent years in jail so that one of his staff wouldn’t have to. Short memories indeed. Russ has given so much in time and money throughout the years it would make your head spin. He just doesn’t announce that he’s a hero on a website about it. God this pisses me off.

What about all the talent that was black balled for working with Rob. Careers ruined. But hey glad AVN likes Rob again

Ya know, thats one of the things that really pisses me off about all of that too. And Byron needs to stick to what he does best, which these days is to “bottom” for Rob Black.

Tom Byron Writes on Adultdvdtalk:

“This whole indictment thing, despite Rob’s perceived bravado, has really been a harrowing experience for everyone. A potential 50 years in prison and the loss of everything you have is indeed something that will make you sit up and take stock of your life.

Sorry Tommy if it’s empathy for your daddy Rob you are fishing for here you won’t get it from me.

Rob has made mistakes, a lot of them.
He realizes that, and he has made sincere efforts over the last couple of years to correct them. (Despite what Jewel says, he hasn’t bounced a check for a long while.) He’s made tremendous strides in healing some of the wounds that he and others have inflicted, from making up with Paul and AVN, to re-asserting his position in the marketplace, after losing almost everything with his ill-fated wrestling adventure. It’s been a incredibly tough road, but he’s finally beginning to see some light at the end of the tunnel.

Let’s just tell it like it is here Tommy, Rob hasn’t done one fucking thing to redeem himself, he used his friendship with Tim Connelly to weasel his way back into good graces at AVN. Besides that what exactly has he done? Has he paid the people he fucked for thousands of dollars? No…Has he made good on a single bad check? No. Has he apologized for dragging us into a battle with the Justice Department because he couldn’t keep his fucking mouth shut? No Has he even apologized to you Tommy…for completely ruining a decent name that you spent years building…Put down the bong and look in the mirror Tommy…He fucked you over good and hard…If you are comfy with that God bless ya but don’t expect everyone to be as dumb and blind as you apparently are.

OH WAIT here is what he has done to redeem himself…TODAY…
Black called Larry Flynt “a fucking piece of shit” on ynotradio
on the same show he slams Paul Cambria saying, to the effect, that Cambria was taking a hammer to his own balls because he was too greedy to take Black’s case.

That should read Cambria expected to be paid by a check that wouldn’t bounce for his hard work.

In many ways I feel like a protective parent with an unruly child. So I tend to take things a little personal when I see Rob attacked,justly or unjustly. He has a rather small circle of close friends who know, as I do, what a really good guy he is, deep down. I mean, I love the guy, and despite whatever people say about him, all he wants to do is make his mark in the biz and have a successful life and take care of those who he cares about.

Oh yes, he is a really good guy, hell maybe we should canonize him? Sorry Tommy Rob has proven over and over to everyone he does business with that he is nothing but a scumbag piece of shit whose dady will usually bail his dumbass out. And guess what Tommy you aren’t the Parent, you my friend are just the BITCH..and it’s a sad thing to see.

Moreover, I’ve ALWAYS thought obscenity laws were complete horseshit. Remember, I was around during the last battle with a Repub Justice Dept. I remember feeling very helpless and frustrated that the Government was steamrolling over the industry, and no one seemed to want to stand up and say ENOUGH, this is BULLSHIT, they just wanted it to quietly go away, hence plea bargains, etc.

I believed then, as I do now, that if enough (sane) people were aware of what their Government was doing, they would not stand for it. But, in order for that to happen, someone had to be willing to put it all on the line, and fall on his sword if necessary, something I didn’t see Steve Hirsch or Russ Hampshire doing.

You didn’t see Steve Hirsch or Russ Hampshire trying to drag the entire industry into a fight with the government so that they could capitalize at the rest of our expense…then whining like a little fucking bitch when we chose NOT to give them money to fight because they let thier fucking mouth write a check thier wallent couldn’t cash.

So, right or wrong, I’m extremely proud that Rob has been willing to do that. Time will tell if his method will serve our industry. I ultimately believe it will. To people who say Rob’s tactics will help the Gov. shut down the industry, I say if a pure right is not worth fighting for, it’s not worth having. I believe you have to earn your right to be in this business. You can’t just pick the fruit off the tree and be unwilling to defend the forest.

Hmm you earn this right by fucking over the people in this business…to the point that they lose thier livilihood? By causing the divorce of a man who tried to help you? Fuck You Tom Byron and your Daddy Rob Black neither one of you has one ounce of integrity.

And Finally Black also mentioned that he’s going to start a family and have a bunch of mini mes.

If only we could get Darwin to step in here, I’d personally be thrilled to nominate Rob Black for a Darwin Award, stupid people really shouldn’t breed….


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