Allan Gelbard Isn’t Just Going After LA Direct Using Natasha Starr

Does Allan Gelbard really approaches his female porn star clients with offers for free representation in exchange for elicit favors as a payment method? Using Natasha Starr formerly of La Direct facilitated by Raul the pimp husband ? You decide for you self. It has been reported to me that he has done this to another agency prior, the prior agency quietly released the girl. Why would Allan Gelbard do this so often against so many random agents. I believe is you know anything about this lawyer you will easily conclude the reason or reasons.

Much of this shit storm was created as a back fired conspiracy by Raul also known as Sidney Natasha Star the oldest of the two sisters. Raul The Pimp and wishful thinking and self proclaimed “manager” of this wife. Raul the pimp has already been exposed so no news here. So has Raul walked into Gelbards office with a proposition towards Gelbard with his wife as we all know he so often does >
I say this because Tee Husband of the eldest Star Sister quite often does. A story appeared on the dirty a while back illustrated his mantra of pimping and pandering his wife in the most indiscreet and ill mannered ways.

Allan Gelbard
Allan Gelbard

We hope there is hope for the wonderful half of the sisters being Natalia who is being manipulated by her brother in law and pimp Raul Mocca as he sometimes calls him self

Now one thing I generally don’t care about is who escorts and who doesn’t, the girls have to make a living these days and face it, why is it illegal to sell something that it is perfectly legal to give away? But any assertion on Gelbards (or Raoul’s) part that The Starr sisters don’t escort through Pamela peaks is rather disingenuous. After all this is right there on the public page. It ain’t like anyone with a computer can’t find it.

Star Sisters Escort Ad from Pam Peaks Site
Star Sisters Escort Ad from Pam Peaks Site

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