Contract smontract … who cares about a little thing like the law?

The adult industry is funny when it comes to things like that law and legally binding contracts. They just don’t seem to think that something like that law applies to them.

Look at what Trinity St. Clair did to Matrix Models and LA Direct Models. Who cares that the models she worked with had legally binding exclusive contacts, Trinity ignored those and did what she wanted.

I had a legally binding contract with Bluebird Films, still, in the end, they owed me $10,000 of which I never relieved. Still 6 years later, not a single dime.

The law says it’s a criminal offense to act as a talent agent in the state of Florida without a valid license, punishable by actual time in jail (it’s actually a felony in Florida). Riley Reynolds of Hussie Models has been working as a talent agent in Florida for how many years now without a license?

A guy who used to work for Elegant Angel (prior to the company being sold) once took a copy of all the content and tried to sell it to people. No, he didn’t own said content, but he felt entitled to do this because he was fired. I mean heck what’s a little thing like the actual law to matter?

Speaking of content, that’s actually what my article today is about.

Kemaco is a content company from Spain. They sell amateur and pro-am content. They seem to have sold some of their content to a company named Sascha Productions out of Germany and during that transaction they included “full resale rights”.

Now for those of you not up on the content game, it basically is a deal where a company not only sells a copy of their content but also allows the buyer to resell it to others. It’s not common but it does happen from time to time. In fact, Anarchy Films did several deals in the early 2000s that included full resale rights.

Apparently, Kemaco offered full resale rights for their content in exchange for some content that they wanted from Sascha Productions, which also came with full resale rights.

Next Sasha Productions made a deal with another company (MVG Productions out of Italy) which also included full resell rights for about 520 Kemaco scenes. That company then quickly turned around and did a deal with Adult Film Star Content (AFSC).

Confused? I know, there are a lot of people in the chain and it can be confusing but long story short, each time they all entered into legally binding contracts with each other that all go back to the original agreement that Kemaco signed giving Sasha Productions full resell rights.

Nobody had a problem with this deal until Adult Film Star Content sent out an email advertising a special package deal, where it a website owner could license 1,500 HD videos for $1,125 – that’s less than a dollar per scene.

While an incredible deal, Kemaco wasn’t happy to find out their content were some of the scenes being offered in the discount package. They were offering their content at a rate of 50 for 999€ which works out to be about $1173.25 or $23.47 per scene.

So as you might imagine, most people would prefer to pay $.75 per scene instead of Kemaco’s price of $23.47. I mean, wouldn’t you?

Now in any other industry people would get that they have to stand by any legally binding contracts they signed. But in porn it really does seem like nobody cares about little things like that law.

So what does Kemaco do?

They go around to industry boards and make up lies to try and defame their competitors saying things like — “Don’t buy our content from AFSC they don’t have legal rights”.

First, they sell full rights with resell, in exchange of content with same rights, and now that they’ve got what they want, they go around trying to say that AFSC doesn’t have the rights to sell their content, implying they are selling stolen content.

I’m not okay with that. That’s some shady shit right there.


When you sign a contract, you are legally bound to stick by it or at the very least have to go to court to try and break what you originally agreed to in the first place.

This kind of shady underhanded bullshit isn’t okay. You can’t go around making up lies about companies just because you wished you didn’t enter into a contract.

I decided to get my hands on the contract to make sure this deal is legit and in fact, it is. And that’s why I am making this post.

Far too many times in our industry people turn a blind eye to things like the law and I for one am sick of it.

Companies like this shouldn’t be able to get away with slandering others just because they didn’t think through what they were signing.

Fuck that and fuck them!



197790cookie-checkContract smontract … who cares about a little thing like the law?

Contract smontract … who cares about a little thing like the law?

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