Adell’s Win Honored In Georgia

As you all know Adella won the pick the AVN Award winners contest.

I felt that this achievement should be honored with more than just a Lucite figurine so I sprang into action.

I petitioned the Georgia legislature (I’m a powerful man in my country) and insisted that they do something worthy in recognition of such a lofty achievement.

They agreed and they immediately founded a town in honor of Adell

I didn’t have the heart to tell them they spelled it wrong…they were so enthusiastic. They even named her honorary police chief and gave her her own car…Along with a back up for if the first one breaks down.

Proud of their new city and mascot  people have all started wearing these:

They are anxiously awaiting her visit, where they will show her into her new office at City Hall. and they are considering naming a wing at ABAC after her.

And if she brings  Chanel Preston with her they have vowed to erect her own executive outhouse, a two seater with a wall between and a hole cut in the wall so she and Chanel can hold hands…

Congratulations Adell! You’ve come a long way

7 Replies to “Adell’s Win Honored In Georgia”

  1. MikeSouth

    OH DB yer just sad cuz adella outpicked you….after adella had picked you said she only three picks were right….obviously she had way more than 3 right meaning that you had more wrong that she could have….

    Besides Dirty Bob, Georgia would not be a good name for a town.

  2. Goddess

    I have to disagree with one thing, I think “Dirty Bob, Georgia” has a GREAT ring to it! Sure beats the hell out of Intercourse, Pennsylvania….

  3. MikeSouth

    DB….NOPE because Adella got 6 or 7 correct…way over half which means if you were correct you had at least 4 or 5 wrong which would have put you well behind adella and me and others…sorry dude better luck next year.

  4. Goddess

    And here I thought they named Pusyville, PA after you, South?

    Here in PA, we’ve already named a town after DB…Jugtown. The town they named after me is, of course, Stalker, PA.

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